Super Size Me #MovieReview

Up next in the random film a day challenge is my first documentary of the challenge. 2004’s “Super Size Me”. Written and directed by Morgan Spurlock, this documentary follows Morgan as he eats nothing but McDonald’s food for 30 days (February 1 – March 2 2003). His reason for doing this was because of an increasing spread of obesity throughout the United States, and the corresponding lawsuit brought against McDonald’s on behalf of two overweight girls, who, allegedly, became obese as a result of eating McDonald’s food. McDonald’s won the case by the way. It’s odd watching this in 2017 knowing that most of the issues covered in this documentary are still happening today. They noted that Houston was the fattest city in America back in 2003. In 2016, it was announced that Memphis is the fattest city in America. It’s clear that a lot of research went into McDonald’s, from business to food. As a Brit, it’s somewhat of a good thing to know that half of the things McDonald’s serves in The States never makes it overseas. Like the McRib for example. Or the McGriddle. Even today, there’s suspect that all McDonald’s food is made out of nothing but pink slime. As a documentary, this is one I have seen a lot. I’m not sure why. Is it because everytime I see it I want to walk to the nearest fast food place and order something. It doesn’t help that I live within a minute of a Burger King. This is definitely a documentary to watch if you haven’t already just to see how much fast food companies as a whole have changed. This film would inspire the BBC to make “The Supersizers”. A TV show that looks at eating habits during certain times in history. One episode entitled “Edwardian Supersize Me” made people eat Edwardian meals (5 meals a day heavy in meat and pudding which add up to 5000 calories). If you have seen this documentary then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 2004’s “Super Size Me”


Film – Super Size Me
Year – 2004
Director – Morgan Spurlock
Written By – Morgan Spurlock
Starring – Morgan Spurlock, Alexandra Jamieson
IMDb Rating – 7.3/10
My Rating – 8/10
Length – 100 mins (1h 40min)
Genre – Comedy, Drama, Documentary

I always hated the fast food song
“Look after the customer and the business will take care of itself” – Ray Kroc, McDonald’s Founder
Over 60% of American’s are overweight – Probably more nowadays
Americans are only good at one thing…. SUING
And here is the McDonald’s lawsuit summed up in a nutshell
There’s probably more McDonald’s now then what that map is showing
Who build’s a McDonald’s in a hospital?
And there is the inspiration for this film summed up in one quote
Shout out to Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls”
Before anything can happen, Morgan gets three doctors to look after him
So that’s what a prostate exam looks like
So everything is off on a good note with these results
Why does this doctor always look nervous?
And now for the key part – The weight-in
Morgan is starting the challenge at 185.5lb – That’s 13st 2lb for us Brits
Wait… There’s a magazine that specialises in walking???
83 McDonald’s in Manhattan alone? – Probably more I’m guessing
I like that refer to Morgan’s girlfriend as “Healthy Chef Alex”
“Day 1”
“It’s every 8 year old’s dream to eat McDonald’s for breakfast” – Really? That wasn’t mine
First order of food – An Egg McMuffin, Sausage biscuit and a coffee
The French women explains that the small cups in America are large sized in France
And now for a Big Mac – I would’ve waited until the end to have one
I have no idea what this man with the cowboy hat is on about
Hello John F Banzhaf III, the man who sued tobacco companies and won his case
Is John saying that having playpens, toys and Ronald McDonald is bad for kids?
Hello Samuel Hirsch, attorney who’s helped the two obese girls who sued McDonalds
Shout out the old school computers with old school Microsoft Windows
“Day 2”
Double quarter pounder with cheese meal
Those are some big ass fries
15 minutes and Morgan still hasn’t finished but he does have stomach pains and is sweating
After nearly an hour, Morgan’s stomach gives in and he pukes
“We live in an environment that makes us sick”
“Day 3”
Starting with pancakes with syrup
Morgan has a weird feelings in his penis?
“Day 4”
Thanks Morgan for telling us that smoking is bad for us
“Obesity will overtake smoking as the leading cause of death in America”
Did the guy in the red cardigan say that we should fat shame people?
And this is why playpens are designed for kids
And here is a list of all the problems that link with obesity and diabetes
Time for a bit about diabetes
Cut to a 16 year old girl who says every teen girl inspires to look like a model
It the man from Subway, Jared Fogle – Wait, didn’t he do a bad thing not that long ago?
Yeah… Jared was arrested for pedophilia in 2015 and went on to sue his victim’s parents
Meet John Robbins, the son of one half of the Baskin-Hobbins ice cream owner
“Day 5”
2 cheeseburger meals? – Surely that’s not good
EW!!! There’s a hair in his sundae! SUE THE BASTARDS!!!!
In 5 days, Morgan has put on 10lbs jumping his weight to
“25 minutes on that treadmill plus a McDonald’s will keep that weight down”
Day 6 and Morgan is now in Los Angeles
And he’s about to have Nuggets
And now for a cartoon on how McNuggets are made
Day 8 and now it’s time to eat a nasty looking fish fillet
Day 9 and the food is making Morgan depressed and he’s bored of the food
Meet Don Gorske, a Big Mac enthusiast
741 Big Macs in one year? How are you not… Bigger?
Shout out to all those old food commercials
Time to test kids on who they recognise
First up is George Washington – Some know who he is but not sure what he did
Next is Jesus – No one knew but one kid said it was George W Bush
Next is the Wendy’s mascot – Mixed response
Finally is Ronald McDonald – Instantly recognisable
And now for a look at how much companies spend on direct media advertisement
Day 10 and Morgan explains what makes ketchup is made from
And it’s time for his first McDonald’s salad of the challenge
Morgan decides to see if anyone has a nutrition information leaflet
Why would you hide the nutrition information in the basement?
2nd weight in and Morgan’s weight is now at 203lbs – That’s a 17lb increase in 12 days
And now for a look at what schools serve kids
Having French Fries is not a vegetable!
So this school doesn’t sell Coke but it sells Gatorade – Doesn’t Gatorade have more sugar than Coke?
What is a sloppy Joe’s?
So… A school for bad kids gets better healthier food than most schools
Day 13 and Morgan is now in Texas
Day 14 and it’s a visit to Houston – The fattest city in America back then – In 2016 it’s Memphis
And now for a look a how much exercise schools give kids
Wait… They use exercise bikes as controllers for MotoGP video games
Time to discuss George Bush’s “No Child Left Behind”
Let’s see if anyone knows what a calorie is – Turns out no one knows
Thankfully Marion Nestle PhD explains it for us
Cut to New York in a snow blizzard on Day 17 as Alex tells Morgan to become a vegan after this experiment
“Ham is the greatest thing ever. Ham and heroine are not the same thing”
Thanks Alex for telling us that Morgan is as active as he one was during sex
“Day 18”
“My body officially hates me”
Turns out Morgan isn’t getting the vitamins needed
3rd weigh-in and Morgan has lost 1lb of muscle fat
165 to 255 in cholesterol
The doctor says that the food is doing more harm to Morgan’s liver than alcohol would
Thanks doctor for explaining what an addiction is
McDonald’s has a university?
Turns out that the health clinic Morgan was using has gone out of business
Which leads into advertisements on weight loss
Meet Bruce Howlett, a diabetic who is about to have a gastric band
And we will get to see it in all it’s gory detail set to classical music
Day 21 at 2am and Morgan says it was hard to breath during his sleep
And now there’s a risk of gout and kidney stones
Dr Steven Siegel?
The GMA? What’s that?
“We’re part of the problem”
Now to try and arrange an interview with the CEO of McDonald’s but to no avail
Now pledge allegiance while I eat this food that is slowly killing my insides
“At the end of this month, I will have eaten as much McDonald’s as most nutritions say you’re meant to eat in 8 years”
Judging by this, Lisa Howard doesn’t like answering her phone
After 13 phone attempts, he finally gets through to her
“Day 30”
Alex already has Morgan’s detox diet planned
The challenge is over!! Let’s see the damage it’s done
Nice underwear
The final weigh-in is 210lbs – That’s an increase of 24.5lbs in 30 days
Thanks for zooming in on Morgan’s penis in that graphic
It’s clear that eating McDonald’s for 30 days is bad for you
30lbs of sugar and 12lbs of fat in 30 days
“The big question is, who do you want to see go first, you or them?”
And now for the post film info
“John Banzhaf III continues to fight the nutrition labelling in restauraunts and a ban on junk food in schools”
“Don Gorske has eaten 19,852 Big Macs” – Probably double or triple that now
“Bruce Howlett lost over 100lbs”
“In March 2004, Congress passed “The Cheeseburger Bill”, which makes it illegal for people to sue food companies for making them obese”
“Detroit is now the fattest city in America” – It’s Memphis in 2016
14 months later and Morgan lost all of the weight he gained
“6 weeks after this movie premiered at Sundance, McDonald’s announced they were eliminating Super Size and introduced go active”


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