Fritz the Cat #MovieReview

Time for the next random film selection in the “Dan tries to watch a film a day in 2017 but is already a day behind” challenge. Today’s random film is 1972’s “Fritz the Cat”. This adult animated comedy drama was written and directed by Ralph Bakshi and is loosely based on Robert Crumb’s comic strips of the same name. The film stars Fritz (voiced by Skip Hinnant), an anthropomorphic cat in mid-1960s New York City who explores the ideals of hedonism and sociopolitical consciousness. The film is a satire focusing on American college life of the era, race relations, the free love movement, and left/right-wing politics. At least that’s what Wikipedia tells you. That was one of the worst films I’ve seen in a long time. There was no story to this film. It had scenes for the sake of having scenes. Was each scene meant to feel like a comic strip? On top of all that, it felt like they stereotyped a lot of things in this film. I will give the film one thing. The stills were nice to look at but they went on for so long. If you were to remove them, this film would probably me a little over an hour in length. It felt like Ralph Bakshi drew them and told the audience, “Hey, look at my drawing. Doesn’t it look good?” For a comedy, this film didn’t make me laugh one. It made me question why this film was ever made. The only way you can laugh at some of the things in this film is if you were one of the hippies stoned. Overall, this film was not fun to watch. Very hard to sit through. There are other things to do in life than waste 76 minutes of your life watching this. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1972’s “Fritz the Cat”


Film – Fritz the Cat
Year – 1972
Director – Ralph Bakshi
Written By – Ralph Bakshi
Starring – Skip Hinnant, Rosetta LeNoire, John McCurry
IMDb Rating – 6.3/10
My Rating -2/10
Length – 78 mins (1h 18min)
Genre – Animation, Comedy, Drama

We open in mid-1960’s New York with three construction workers on lunch break
One decides to take a piss which hits a Hippie below
They are very focused on this yellow coloured piss stream – That means lack of fluids in that construction worker’s system
Fritz has his own theme song?
Worst guitar playing ever
The cameraman is very focused on those asses
Wait… 30 seconds of performing knackers Fritz and his friends???
“Why does James Earl Jones have to always play black men?” – Excuse me while I check IMDb
I’m not liking all this race talk
Now Fritz is playing the sob story to impress the three women
Quick question – Does rubbing human boobs sound like balloons rubbing?
Somehow that sob story worked and Fritz takes the girl to a room full of Hippies
And now for an orgy in the bathtub
So.. Police in this film are pigs? Obviously
Now more people are getting involved in the orgy which is making Fritz mad
“I’m a failure as a pot smoker” – Is that a thing?
These have to be the worst police I’ve ever seen
Fritz hides in the toilet while the police run in on the drug filled orgy
Why did Fritz shoot the toilet?
Cut to a Jewish Synagogue as three old lions try reading without their glasses
Why is Fritz at a Synagogue?
I have no idea what’s happening
And Fritz escapes from the police… Again!!
22 minutes and all I’ve seen is piss, drugs and orgies
And long still shots of buildings
Fritz returns to his dorm at New York University
You spend years and years, with your nose buried in these goddamn books, while the world is passing you by”
Fritz decides to quit university after burning all his notes and decides to be a revolutionist
Does this film have a plot?
Cut to someone snapping his fingers to music while another long still shot zooms closer in bigger
Cut to three crows in a bar having a drunken conversation
He just stuck his hand between her legs!!!
Fritz is also at this bar and clearly doesn’t fit in
That ball clearly doesn’t want to go in the hole – Is that a metaphor for something?
And that’s why you don’t wanna piss off the bartender
35 minutes in and I still have no idea what’s happening
Rule one when owning a car – Never leave the keys in the ignition
So Fritz thinks he’s a crow now?
And back to the idiotic police pigs
One gets hit by a speeding Fritz and flies through a church window which tears his pants off
And everyone’s acting like they’ve never seen a dick before
39 minutes for me to finally know Fritz’s crow friend’s name – It’s Duke
Cut to an apartment with a giant hole in the roof in Harlem
Who keeps blunts in their knickers?
Fritz them smokes 8 blunts at the same time and gets high
Does every woman in this film have big boobs?
And now for interracial sex in a junkyard
I can see now why this film is X Rated
Is that meant to be a drawing of central park disguised as a junkyard
In the middle of having sex, Fritz decides to tell everyone about the revolution
And the police arrive just in time to get mobbed by the crows
And Duke has been shot and killed
This would feel more dramatic if it was in a completely different movie
So is this portion of the film meant to discuss hate crimes and racial profiling?
Wait.. They brought on the US military to bomb Harlem?
Cut to Fritz’s girlfriend, Winston who finds Fritz in a trash can in the alleyway
The two decide to move to San Francisco
Why does Winston have her own theme song?
Does Fritz want to be a truck driver now?
Cut to a heroin addicted Nazi rabbit biker in the desert
Back with Fritz and Winston as their car runs out the gas in the desert
Fritz just admitted that he’s not a mechanic
And now for animal cruelty with a hillbilly dog who tells Fritz that they ran out of gas
After an argument, Fritz is sent to get gas but decides to abandon her and head out on his own
Now we have a theme song for the rabbit biker’s girl
The rabbit decides to take Fritz to his revolutionist gang hideout in a crypt
The rabbit is called Blue
The Revolution decides to have a meeting while Fritz jerks off in a bed
And now for man on woman abuse followed by presumably rape as we cut away
The Revolution decide that they will blow up a power plant – Why?
Fritz decides against being a revolutionist but gets blown up in the process
They could’ve drawn an explosion but instead they used stock footage
Time for one more long slow look at a drawing
Cut to Fritz in the hospital wrapped in bandages as the girls from earlier and the hippo pray for him
Time for one last orgy to end the film


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