Shaun of the Dead #MovieReview

With it being October I’d thought the next random film in my challenge should be a horror film. But I don’t want to be too scared just yet. So why not start off with 2004’s “Shaun of the Dead”. Directed by Edgar Wright, this horror comedy stars Simon Pegg as Shaun, a man attempting to get some kind of focus in his life as he deals with his girlfriend, his mother and stepfather. At the same time, he has to cope with an apocalyptic zombie uprising. It’s been awhile since I last saw this film. I remember watching the hell out of it to the point the DVD I had at the time got so scratched it became unplayable. And I can see now why I watched it so much. It’s a fun enjoyable film with many quotable lines. Especially the Winchester Meme. Now that I’m older I have managed to find one or two things I don’t like about the film. One of them is Shaun’s parents. I understand why Shaun would save them but character wise, they don’t do anything. Phillip’s a miserable bastard and Barbara is clueless about anything. If anything, the only real characters you’re meant to like are the only three that are seen on the posters (funny that I’ve used the “other” poster where at no point do they venture into the London Underground). As for the other two characters, Diane & David, again they don’t do a whole lot until towards the end of the film. Is this film worth watching? Absolutely. There’s a reason this film has made it on to many top films lists (somehow it never made it onto the “1001 films to see before you die” list). From Quentin Tarantino saying this is one of this top 20 films, since 1992, and in March 2011, BBC Radio 1 listeners ranked this film second as the best of all time losing to “The Shawshank Redemption”. Again, go out and watch this if you haven’t already. Or watch it again for a laugh tonight. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 2004’s “Shaun of the Dead”


Film – Shaun of the Dead
Year – 2004
Director – Edgar Wright
Written By – Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg
Starring – Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Kate Ashfield
IMDb Rating – 8/10
My Rating – 8.5/10
Length – 95 mins (1h 35min)
Genre – Comedy, Horror

We open with “Ghost Town” by The Specials

Shaun… Stop staring into my soul

Ed is typical person you’d find on the slot machine in pubs in England

Don’t you hate it when you have serious conversations with friends?

No films complete without a trip to Asda

Is Pete Shaun’s other roommate?

Don’t think Ed is the sort of person who needs a backseat gamer?

He was speeding Shaun, not your fault

Hmm… Zombie Nation playing??? I sense something’s about to happen

Now for the normal team meeting

“You got red on you”

Don’t you hate it when you’re at work and you’re parents walk in to see you?

Don’t you hate being outsmarted by a teenager?

Is that a zombie or a crazy hobo attacking pigeons?

And this is why I stop travelling by bus

To this day, I have still haven’t figured out what game Ed is playing

He did tell you that he’d come through the window

How am I meant to like anyone when all they do is shout?

Whenever you’re sad, just get a mate to mock everyone at the pub

YAY!!! “If You Leave Me Now” by Chicago

“Who the hell put this on? It’s on random! Oh for fuck sake!”

Cockasidal maniac???

Back in the day when you could smoke in pubs? Bloody hell it’s been nearly 10 years since the smoking ban

She snogged him so hard that his head came off

Well… That’s one way to stop someone from playing music loudly at night

Shaun now has his own version of a mood board

Hmm… Didn’t I see this exact same scene only slightly different less than 10 minutes ago

Shout out to Diet Coke and Cornetto

When in doubt, have Jeremy Thompson from Sky News explain everything to you

Wait… How did she get in the back garden?

Also, isn’t that the girl from behind the Asda counter during the opening credits?

Wait… If she’s not drunk… Then she must be…. A zombie!!!

How can 999 be busy? Thought they would have tons of operators

How to kill a zombie with Shaun and Ed – Lob Carling beer cans at it

If that doesn’t work…. Mash an ashtray over it’s head

And lob anything hard and blunt at them

Well that didn’t work… Lob record vinyls at it

And well everything fails…. Cricket bat and a spade

“So.. What’s the plan?”

“Take car. Go to Mum’s. Kill Phil – “Sorry.” – grab Liz, go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all of this to blow over.”

Well I guess I don’t need my name badge if I’ve got the day off

Do you really need seat belts on when in times like these?

Who knew Renaults were deadly?

Now for a quick visit to Mom’s

Is Phillip watching the religious channel?

Out of all the words not to say near your mother, “Motherfucker” isn’t one

Ed doesn’t care, all he wants to do is drive fast in someone else’s Jaguar

This bit feels like a scene in a video game… Dead Rising maybe?

Now for the next part of the plan… Get Liz… And the others!

Hockey stick… OK… Umbrella… Sure…. A stick…. Not quite sure on that

And this is why you don’t have seven people in a four seater

And Phillip’s dead

SHIT!!! The child locks!!! Our only weakness

Hey!! It’s the man from The Hobbit!!!! And the fat one from Little Britain!

When in doubt…. stick a zombie in the chest with pole

Yeah… There’s defiantly lots there

Now to act like a zombie to bypass everyone

ED!!!! Now’s not the time to answer the phone…. Thought old Nokia’s had silent mode?

Well that’s one way to get a horde of zombies to follow you

How does Barbara know that those flowers in the bin are for her? Could be for anyone’s mum?

Wait… How did Shaun get inside without anyone seeing him or making a noise?

Thanks Shaun for explaining how you got inside

Whoops! Didn’t think about what to do after we got to The Winchester

Whoops! Turns out they followed me to the back entrance

Bloody hell! Back when we have Bravo TV! Don’t remember anything on it

DAMMIT ED!!! You’re need for gambling just gave away our whereabouts

Now for a boss battle to Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now”

Nice to know that the shotgun behind the bar actually works

Oh no!!! Barbara’s been bitten!!!

And now she’s dead

Do we need this situation right now? Liz seems to be only one making sense now

Sorry Mom but I have to blow your brains out now you’re a zombie

And there goes David

When in doubt, just batter everyone with your ex’s leg

And Ed’s now been bit


Well.. I guess we’re all trapped

Look I know you quick smoking yesterday but I have some cigs on me in case of emergency

Ed had to let out one last fart before he died

And there there were two

Hey look it’s the British Army….  And Yvonne!!! With a walking cane for a weapon

It’s been six months and zombies are being used for TV

Wait… Was that Coldplay?

Wait… You married a zombie…. ON TRISHA??? – The 2000’s version of Jeremy Kyle

Shaun and Liz are back together… And Ed is still around playing PlayStation 2 games chained up in the shed???




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