How Green Was My Valley #MovieReview

Film 335 in the ‘1001 films to see before you die’ challenge is 1941’s “How Green Was My Valley”. Directed by John Ford and based on Richard Llewellyn’s novel of the same name, this family drama is about a Welsh family that work in a mine in the 19th century. What in the hell did I just watch? This is something that all the family can enjoy? Sure! Bring all the kids around to see an old woman and her son almost freeze to death because they fell through ice. I seriously could not keep up with this film’s pace. One minute everyone’s singing having a good time then 2 seconds later everyone arguing and I haven’t a clue why. Another example of this film going too fast to focus on what’s happening is when the new girl arrives and in the next scene she’s already getting married to one of the sons. Huh? Why? I really did feel like I had missed important things but it turns out I hadn’t. If this film has taught me anything; it’s that being a miner is hard and I should probably learn Welsh since there was a lot of Welsh singing and there wasn’t any subtitles to translate what they were singing. One other thing, this film tries to pretend the audience has a short attention span. Let me explain, just before Mom and Huw fell through ice, Mom was giving all the miners the riot act because of how they had treated her husband who owns the mine. Then, 5 minutes later, she’s all smiles and says she’ll cook supper for everyone! Are we meant to pretend everything we say prior to that never happened? Overall, I felt like nothing was explained and if it was then they did it so quickly that I didn’t catch it. Fun Fact – This film beat Citizen Kane to win the 1942 “Best Picture” at the Oscars. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1941’s “How Green Was My Valley”
Poster - How Green Was My Valley_02.jpgFilm – How Green Was My Valley
Year – 1941
Director – John Ford
Written by – Philip Dunne
Based On – “How Green Was My Valley”  by Richard Llewellyn
Staring – Walter Pidgeon, Maureen O’Hara, Anna Lee
IMDb Rating – 7.8/10
My Rating – Huh?
Length – 113 min (1h 53min)
Genre – Drama, Family

We open with man telling us that he’s leaving his family while packing a sack

Thanks for telling me about how coal mines are made

£3.07 for a day’s shift? – That’s £675.80 in today’s worth (Thanks

So… Is this Welsh singing?

Why are they giving money to a random woman sat on a stool?

Jeez! All the kid wanted was a slice of bread

What the hell is this woman who owns the sweet shop wearing? – She looks like a witch

Huw, aren’t you’re a little too young to have love at first sight? – Ah what do I know

Also, all these Welsh names are gonna be hard to spell

Everyone! Come meet your new step-sister

Wait… They have 9 people living in that house?

Time for more Welsh singing

Wait… We’re at a wedding?

Wait… Bron’s getting married? TO IVOR!!!!

Wait… You can study to be a priest at Cardiff University?

WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? I haven’t missed anything have I?

More Welsh singing


Is he drinking beer out of his hat?

Erm… Why are all the women getting over excited about a three layered dress?

Did they invite everyone from their village to their wedding party?

Reduced wages!!! FFFFFFUUUUU…

So… The miners are getting reduced wages because ironworkers from up the road had their factory closed and took their jobs?

Wait… Is there now 10 people living in that house?

So… All the older sons have decided to leave because of how their dad is being treated in the mines?

Is it obvious that I haven’t a clue what’s happening?

So… All the miners are now in strike? Or has the mine been closed down?

A 22-week strike?


So.. Rather than take the safe path home in the snow, Huw and his mom chose a unsafe path and by doing so they both fell through ice

Is it really safe for your doctor to be drinking on the job?

So… The doctor claims that Huw has been paralysed

So…. They only use morse code now?

Mom can walk again! HOORAY!!… But Huw can’t

So… Everyone in the village has arrived to sing Huw and Mom well – It’s been 6 months since they fell through the ice!!!

And the sons have returned home

So… We’re just gonna pretend everything we saw earlier never happened?

You are joking? You’re cooking food for everyone in the village? WHY???



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