Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid #MovieReview

Film 334 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1969’s “Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid”. Directed by George Roy Hill, this biographical western crime film is about two Wild West outlaws Robert LeRoy Parker, aka Butch Cassidy (Paul Newman), and his partner Harry Longabaugh, the “Sundance Kid” (Robert Redford), who are on the run from a crack US posse after a string of train robberies. Overall, this film was fun to watch. It had a little bit of everything; great acting between the two leads, some comedic moments (mostly from watching Butch kick someone in the balls at the beginning (never gets old)) and a film that stills holds up after 47 years. I will confess now that my DVD did skip a good 7/8 minutes and from what I gathered, all I missed was the police and sheriffs meeting up to suggest how to deal with both Butch & Sundance. Is this a film I can recommend? Absolutely! I was told by the guy behind the counter of a charity shop that if I liked this film then I will like another film with this pairing of Newman & Redford in 1973’s “The Sting”. But that’s a film to watch further down this list. Fun Fact – Robert Redford later named his Utah estate and film institute “Sundance” after his character in this film. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1969’s “Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid”.
Q_Butch_CassidyFilm – Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Year – 1969
Director – George Roy Hill
Written by – William Goldman
Staring – Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Katharine Ross
IMDb Rating – 8.2/10
My Rating – 7.7/10
Length – 104 min (1h 04min)
Genre – Biography, Crime, Western

“The Hole in the Wall Gang” – BRING ON THE WALL!!

This opening reminds me of “The Great Train Robbery” from 1905

First film I’ve seen with a sepia filter

Slowest card dealer ever

Well that’s one way to disarm someone

They rode those horses for so long the screen turned from sepia to colour

No one wants to rob banks anymore and now want to rob trains

Time for a knife fight to see who becomes the new gang leader

Rules? Who needs rules when you can boot someone in the balls

We don’t care about EH Harriman!

And the DVD just skipped from the 17th minute to the 25th

If I missed anything important then can someone let me know

Funny enough minute 25 is….. “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head”

How to impress girls if you’re Butch – Ride a bike while planking

And that’s why you don’t ride a bike backwards

Wait… They went on a date while Sundance was asleep

Why isn’t Woodcock fired for letting Butch rob him… TWICE!!!

You were only supposed to blow the bloody safe door off!

What an odd clustered train schedule

Well that’s one way to hide bounty hunters

Think leaving horse trails in the sand is a bit of a giveaway as to were you are

You go on watch for cops while I kiss the prostitute

And the bounty has got Sundance…. Or so I thought

The two then decide to make camp in the desert

Don’t you hate it when you’re being stalked by people on horses carrying lanterns

Wait… Ray wants to be gagged by Butch and Sundance?

So… Butch wants him and Sundance to enlist in the army?

I feel like I’m watching a western version of Catch Me If You Can

Well if that didn’t give away where they are then I don’t know what will

So… The bounty hunters hired an Indian Chief named Lord Baltimore to help trade Butch & Sundance?!


Right then… If we stay on top of this cliff then those hunters can’t follow us

Two options… Jump off the cliff or surrender

So they jump but not before Sundance admits he can’t swim

Did they seriously ride the river back to Etta’s?

I don’t know why but Redford hair makes him look a little like Brad Pitt

Wait… EH Harriman set up the hunters and formed it out of Butch & Sundance’s old friends

The two then decide to escape to Bolivia with Etta

She’s dressed a little bit fancy for someone why’s fleeing to another country

And now for a slideshow

Wait… If they’re heading to Bolivia then why are they at Coney Island?

Ah ok… They had to travel to New York so they can get a ferry to Bolivia – Makes sense now

Welcome to Bolivia

A train station with a built in farm – That’s a first

Probably should’ve learnt Spanish before trying to rob a bank

Good thing Etta knows

Let’s try this again! Now that we know (hardly any) Spanish

That was almost a rinse and repeat of what we saw earlier

Sundance and Etta then rob another bank by pretending that they want to open a bank account

And rinse and repeat the robberies and chases again

You have got to be kidding us! Those hunters from America have followed us down to Bolivia!!!!

The two then decide to get jobs working in a mine

Can you stop spitting everywhere?

Thanks for shooting him mysterious person

Thanks for telling me now Butch that you’ve never shot a gun before

Give up robbing and become farmers?

Etta then suggests that the three return back to Utah in the morning

Does that horse have an A branded on it’s backside?

How dare someone ruin our steak dinner with bullets

All that gunfire and not one animal goes crazy?


And both men have been shot and are now wounded

Did they bring the entire Bolivian army catch these two?

Yeah… They’re screwed!

You really want to go to Australia? If so… how?

Yeah…. They’re dead



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