Peter Ibbetson #MovieReview

Film 323 in the ‘1001 films to see before you die’ challenge is 1935’s “Peter Ibbetson”. Directed by Henry Hathaway & Ray Lissner and based on George du Maurier’s book of the same name, this romantic fantasy drama is about two young lovers who are separated in childhood and then drawn together by destiny years later. Just reading that plot made me already hate this film. And my feelings towards this film didn’t improve. First of all, no one in this likeable. The kids are annoying (then again, they are kids), the carers are assholes as they drag Peter (sorry Gogo) to see his mother dying in her bed and Peter’s Uncle is a dick because he cares about himself. The next problem I have is the amount of questions that were unanswered. Why do these kids have stupid names (Gogo and Minsy)? Why are all the adults in this film dicks? Why are the kids arguing over wood? Who’s this random Frenchman who shows up to talk about dismounting his horse? Who? What? When? Where and why? 7 people were really hired to write this film? *sigh… Overall, this film just annoyed me. I managed 20 minutes before I gave in. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1935’s “Peter Ibbetson”

Film – Peter Ibbetson
Year – 1935
Director – Henry Hathaway & Ray Lissner
Written by – George du Maurier, John Nathaniel Raphael, John Meehan, Edwin Justus Mayer, Waldemar Young, Constance Collier, Vincent Lawrence
Based on  – “Peter Ibbetson” by George du Maurier
Staring – Gary Cooper, Ann Harding, John Halliday
IMDb Rating – 7.2/10
My Rating –
Length – 84 min  (1h 24min)
Genre – Drama, Fantasy, Romance

The plot of this film does not sound interesting


We’re in Paris in a house run by posh Englishmen

This kid is far too young to be talking about girls

This little girl’s hair is terrible

Wait… The little boy’s name is Gogo?!?

What’s with these kids acting like a couple

Why are they arguing over planks of wood?

What’s the point in a fence if the kids can easily fit through the gaps

Is it Gogo or Gugu? – Either way it’s a stupid name

Look I know my mum just died but… Can I use the wheels on her wheelchair for my wagon?

Also, the last thing that child needs to see is his mother dead in her bed – These carers are dicks to kids

So… The two kids got along and decided to make a pram out of the wood?

Who’s this random Frenchman talking about dismounting horses?

Forsyth arrives and decides to take Gogo back to London

You can’t be Gogo’s uncle!

Gogo refuses but none of the adults care about him


Gogo and Minsy decide to run away but he gets caught

Minsy’s her name? – Another stupid name

Uncle decides to rename Gogo to Peter Ibbetson because Gogo is a stupid name

Now we’re in London at a architect’s office

Wait… THAT’S PETER?!?!?


That has to be a sharp feather if it can stick into the wall

Peter decides he’s had enough and quits his job so he can move to America



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