Good Morning, Vietnam #MovieReview

Film 322 in the ‘1001 Films to see Before you Die’ challenge is 1987’s “Good Morning, Vietnam”. Or, to quote the film, “Goooooooood morning, Vietnam!”. Directed by Barry Levinson and loosely based on the life and experiences of AFRS radio DJ Adrian Cronauer, this comedy war drama is about a radio DJ named Adrian (Robin Williams) who worked on the Armed Forces Radio Service, who proves hugely popular with the troops, but infuriates his superiors with what they call his “irreverent tendency”. As someone who has worked in radio I was curious to know what it was like working in a radio station back in the 80’s. Especially in the Army. Nowadays we have CDs, MP3s and downloads whereas back then there was nothing but vinyl records. So I very much enjoyed all the studio scenes. As for everything around it… It was alright. I didn’t really care for the love story because it felt irrelevant to everything else that was happening. There were several points throughout the film where I did feel like I was watching a Robin Williams stand up comedy show but in this film that’s a good thing. It’s a little sad knowing that this is the only Robin Williams film to make the 1001 Film list because I had a lot of people ask me, “Is Good Will Hunting on the list?” “Is Dead Poets Society on?” “How about One Hour Photo?” Sadly, none of them made the list. Not even “Aladdin” made the list. Overall, this film was fun to watch, mostly for Robin Williams and mostly for my work in radio in the past. Fun Fact of the Film – Twice in the film Adrian is seen pulling out the Beatles “Help!” album from the stations collection, but no Beatles songs are ever heard on the soundtrack. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1987’s “Good Morning, Vietnam”.


Film – Good Morning, Vietnam
Year – 1987
Director – Barry Levinson
Written by – Mitch Markowitz
Staring – Robin Williams, Forest Whitaker, Tung Thanh Tran
IMDb Rating – 7.3/10
My Rating – 7/10
Length – 115 min (1h 55min)
Genre – Comedy, Drama, War

We open at a radio station as the host reads some PSA’s

Don’t you hate it when your radio broadcast gets cut off by a plane arriving?

Adrian arrives and meets with Garlick

Don’t you hate it when you see a lady on the side of the road but your mate driving won’t stop to get a better look at her?

What is Adrian wearing?

You spelt “Hawk” wrong

Dickerson’s being a bit harsh for someone who’s just hosting a radio show

Who’s idea was it for me to do radio shows at 6am

Fastest typewriter ever!

Don’t talk to me when I’m about to go on air

And now for the first of many Robin Williams improv

Fuck that record! Gimme another one!

Hauk agrees with me that The Marx Brothers are rubbish

Naked kids! Didn’t need to see that!

Seems like everyone likes Adrian’s show

“I hate that no one ever salutes me” – Because you’re annoying

Shout out to the James Dean poster in the background

Nixon’s coming?!?!

Huh? What did he say?

Now to visit Jimmy Wah’s

Does Walter Brennan have nude pics for sale?


Who puts formaldehyde in beer?

Adrian is a little bit obsessive about this woman

Also, who rides a bike with no tyres?

We see that the girl is taking English lessons

Me and Garlick have no idea what Adrian is up to

All those bikes and Garlick picks the one with no tyres

Don’t you hate it when you find a girl but she has an overprotected brother?

Me and Garlick have the same problem when it comes to women

Hasn’t Adrian technically paid for those women?

Was Garlick playing peek-a-boo?

This feels like a biopic more than anything

“We can’t say dyke or lesbian on the air” – You just did!


Bit of James Brown? Why not!

Are those two meant to be twins?

Do they teach swear words in English class?

Who invites their entire family out on a date?

What is “Puff the Magic Dragon”?

So this is how they get their news? Nowadays we wait for news to break on Twitter

No news? Well I’ll just make some up

If they didn’t want this type of music played then why haven’t they removed the records from the studio?

“Mr Nixon, how do you describe your testicles? Soft!”

Go on a date or go on the air at 4?


How can I do the show after what just happened at Jimmy’s?

Well that’s one way to stop him

Wait… The Americans blew up Jimmy’s!?!?

And that bit of truthful news gets Adrian suspended and replaced by Hauk

Oh no! Oh God no! Hauk that was terrible

Meanwhile, Taum has taken Adrian to his village in the woods

Well that’s one way to stop a kid from crying

Was that child pissing on a chicken?

Great week – Suspended from my job and now dumped by the girl I love

What’s with the Benny Hill music?

Turns out Hauk isn’t liked on the air and everyone wants Adrian back

Adrian’s been reinstated but he won’t go back on because of all their rules

Who needs a studio when Adrian can do his show in a traffic jam in the back of a Jeep

This feels like a Robin Williams stand up show

Now for jokes with condoms

Well that’s was one way to get your confidence back

And he’s back on the air! HOORAY!!

Really? Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World”? Ah why not

This song doesn’t suit these shots of the riot

So… They’re sending Adrian to a place that just got taken over by Vietnam Army


Did Tuam really steal a van carrying eggs?

And he’s found them! But the van won’t start!

Good thing there’s a helicopter here otherwise we’d be screwed

And Dickerson has demanded Adrian leave in the morning because he’s friends with Tuan

That and he doesn’t like him

And Dickerson has been transferred to Guam!

Meanwhile, Adrian and Taun’s sister have to rescue Tuan before he’s killed by the army for bombing Jimmy’s

And the chase is on… Right until we find what looks like a trap

So… Who’s the enemy?

It’s the next day and Adrian’s leaving to head home

Before I leave, better teach my English class how to play baseball

I’ve decided that Wilkie wins Best Actor in this film – Him or Jimmy Wah

Adrian has one last request for Garlick – A song to play on the air to say goodbye

That song …. We’ll never know




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