My Left Foot #MovieReview

Film 317 in the ‘1001 Films to See Before You Die’ challenge is 1989’s “My Left Foot”. Directed by Jim Sheridan and based on Christy Brown’s book of the same name, this Irish biographical drama is about the story of Christy Brown (Daniel Day Lewis), an Irishman born with cerebral palsy, who could control only his left foot, who grew up in a poor, working-class family, and became a writer and artist. As soon as heard this film made the list, I was a bit iffy about watching it and I don’t know why. Was it because no one I knew had seen it so I had no one to tell me if it was good or not? I don’t think that question has been answered now that I have seen it. First of all, let’s talk about Daniel Day Lewis. I can now see why people regard his as a great actor. Why it took me this long to find out is a mystery to me? Now I’m looking forward to seeing him in other films he’s in in this film challenge such as ‘Gangs of New York’ and ‘There Will Be Blood’. I did find the film hard to watch when it got started but once it got joining I really started to like it. Overall, this is a really enjoyable film and would recommend. Especially to those who are really into biopics.  When this film was released in 1989, Hal Hinson from The Washington Post had this to say about the film, “Jim Sheridan’s ‘My Left Foot’ must be the most passionately emphatic film about a psychical affliction ever made”. Think that quote sums up what I had to say. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1989’s “My Left Foot”

Film – My Left Foot
Year – 1989
Director – Jim Sheridan
Written by – Shane Connaughton, Jim Sheridan
Based on – “My Left Foot” by Christy Brown
Staring – Daniel Day-Lewis, Brenda Fricker, Alison Whelan
IMDb Rating – 7.9/10
My Rating – 8/10
Length – 97 min (1h 37min)
Genre – Biography, Drama

We open with a foot putting a record on

Off to a party we go that has a Punch and Judy show

So… They left Christy out of the party?!?

So… Christy just carries his book on him at all times… and a bottle of gin

Not really a whole lot to say so far

This wouldn’t be an Irish film without Guinness

“A shut mouth catches no flies” – What?

Got confused for a second but I’ve now realised that we’re having a flashback to Christy’s childhood

Time for porridge

I don’t know why but I’m finding this hard to watch – Not because it’s bad which it isn’t so far

Christy can’t be that heavy can he?

Did Ma just fall down the stairs?

Yea.. She did! And she ain’t moving!


AND FUCK THIS NAN! She just called Christy a ‘Gobshite’

So… These kids find Christy to be a hero and the adults find him to be…. useless?!? – I couldn’t think of a better term

Did that kid say that it only takes 30 minutes for a woman to have twins?

You do realise that you have to feed him? He can only move his left foot

So.. The parents think Christy is into porno magazines and have hired a priest to sort him out


So… Ma thinks praying will help Christy with his problems

So… They celebrate Halloween and Bonfire Night on the same day


Stop drawing on the floor

JESUS!! All he did was ask what was up

How many kids do they actually have?

Christy just wrote ‘Mother’ on the floor and now the family accept him as there own

Back to modern time

Hang on… She was at the end of the book when she walked in and now she’s in the middle of it? Is she reading backwards?

Cut to Christy’s 17th birthday

Did he swallow a candle?

What a save by Christy in goal

Handball! PENALTY!!! And it’s gonna be Christy to take it


Now for spin the bottle truth or dare

Cut to Christy painting with his foot

Dad breaks the news that he’s been fired from his job for throwing bricks at his workers

And Rachel just rejected the painting because… well…

All we live off is bloody porridge!

Dad is a bit of a dick isn’t he

Don’t you hate it when you can’t sleep because someone in the other room is shagging


SHIT!!! Christy’s savings are in the fire and no one bothered to take it out

What’s more important – Food or getting Christy a wheelchair

WOW! I’ve done 45 minutes! I’ve barely said much

So… They sent everyone away to that the parents can plan a 3 day wedding for the daughter because she’s pregnant

And Dad has officially lost it

And Christy has lost it as well

And back to modern time and Christy wants a light

Hang on! He’s drank all that gin!

Back to Christy’s past and he’s now 19 and Ma is looking for a suitable wheelchair for him

Dr Cole arrives and offers Christy a free visit to a cerebral palsy centre

You can teach me how to say “fuck off’ more clearly? Then please come in

Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to cook and someone’s blowing bubbles in your face

Dr Cole then tells Christy to stop self-hating himself and read Hamlet

When did Dad return?

Dr Cole then tells Christy that he’s been offered a place to exhibit his painting

And Christy is speaking without slurring his words and thinks Hamlet is a dick

Time for the exhibition

‘There’s only two types of paintings – Religious and the circus” – Christy Brown

Wait… Who’s Peter?

WHAT!!!!!! You’re marrying Peter? But you said you loved me!


And Christy has turned into a drunk

Well then… That I did not expect to happen

Sorry I was too busy reading what Christy wrote to realise that he’s about to kill himself with shaving knife

Turns out Christy’s fine! He’s just hungover

Is Ma digging a grave?

So… Ma has decided to build Christy his own room in the garden so that he can find inspiration to paint again

Turns out Dad has been attacked at home and Christy decides to sing Dad’s favourite songs in the pub


Even the old ladies are getting involved

Benny then visits Christy to give him some confidence but to no avail

Christy then asks Benny to help him write his autobiography

Is Christy giving relationship advice?

Wait… Where is Christy get £800 from?

Is there a pink and green ice cream?

That looks like Monopoly money

Christy gives Ma the money

Dr Cole returns to pay a visit to ask Christy to come with her to a manor party

And back to modern time

Wait… She’s at the start of the book! She’s can’t read books!

She started to the front then the back then the middle and now back to the front

And the nurse has left Christy after she refused to go for a drink later

When did Christy write that in the book?

She got changed quick!

Why are they saying ‘night’ when it’s broad daylight outside?

So.. She cancelled her original date to go out with Christy in the mountains

Thanks film for telling us that Christy married the nurse



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