WR: Mysteries of the Organism #MovieReview

Film 314 in the ‘1001 films to see before you die’ challenge is 1971’s “WR: Mysteries of the Organism”. Directed by Dušan Makavejev, this Serbian fantasy comedy drama is about the relationship between communist politics and sexuality, as well as exploring the life and work of Austrian-American psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich. Well then… This was something. Fantasy comedy drama? This was none of them. This was a documentary that was badly edited together about Wilhelm Reich and how women masturbate in weird positions such as handstands and with your feet. This film didn’t make any sense. Who is this man walking down the street with a gun that no one seems to mind? Who is Wilhelm Reich because this film doesn’t tell me? Why is this film swapping between English and Serbian languages? Why are these women dry humping beds and chairs while a doctor tells them how to do breathing techniques? And how do you have sex under the carpet? All of these and many more questions were never answered. Overall, this film was a complete mess that made no sense unless you really want to know how to masturbate while a doctor tells you how to breathe correctly during it. If you wanna watch sex then watch porn. Doesn’t matter what type as they all have better acting than this film! I managed 35 minutes before I gave in. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I managed to say while watching 1971’s “WR: Mysteries of the Organism”

Film – WR: Mysteries of the Organism
Year – 1971
Director – Dušan Makavejev
Written by – Dušan Makavejev
Staring – Milena Dravic, Ivica Vidovic, Jagoda Kaloper
IMDb Rating – 6.9/10
My Rating – Watch Porn
Length – 80 min (1h 20min)
Genre – Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

Not entirely sure what I’m about to watch

We open with two dogs having a nap outside a cafe

This film quality is terrible

Cut to a man putting on a suit, helmet and mini rocket launcher which a woman strokes a baby doll’s ass

So… The opening credits is just three people playing with an egg yoke

3 and a half minutes in and we already have sex through a kaleidoscope

Yep… They are actually fucking in a field – Is that sexy?

This kaleidoscope idea isn’t working

Also… Stop giving me close ups of the man’s ass!

Now for a lesson about Wilhelm Reich

Just realised that this film mixes between English and Serbian

So… Wilhelm made a homemade one person sauna?!?

“You can see the cut on my finger there’ – No I can’t

How to waste time in this film – Film close-ups of walls and doors. That’s it

Cut to a machine moving trash from one place to another – What does this have to do with orgasms

Cut to Wilhelm’s wife who says real creativeness is killing our planet

Shout out to the Coca-Cola radio advert

Ah… So organism means something else in this film. It has nothing to do with sex

Cut to The Ouks Brothers who work at a market

Cut to a deputy sheriff who says he was Reich’s hairdresser

Is this a comedy fantasy drama? This is none of these so far! This is a documentary!

Now for a tour of the Wilhelm Reich’s museum

Erm… Is she dry humping a chair? Defiantly sounds like it

Somehow I’ve done over 19 minutes and have no clue in what’s happening

We interrupt this interview to show you a woman dry humping a bed as a doctor watches and tells her how to breath

This isn’t sexy at all unless you’re really into breathing

Cut to Betty Dodson who tells us that she has had masturbation lessons

I’m pretty sure that’s not how to masturbate – She’s shouting “GIVE IT TO ME”

Nothing in this film makes any sense

Back to the man in the suit and helmet from earlier walking down a street carrying a gun

Now to watch a woman crack open eggs

This is the first bit of acting I’ve seen throughout this entire film and it involves a man rolling a barrel down a street

Shout out to the Maybelline & Sun Cream radio advert

Cut to two women licking ice cream

Wait.. They are both men!

So…. You’re waving a gun around in front of the police and they don’t bat an eyelid?!?!

And now for sex as the camera zooms in on a photo of Wilhelm

Meanwhile, their roommate is trying to make tea while smoking a cigar

Should there be that much hair down there on this woman?

Back to Betty who talks more about masturbation

She’s clearly not enjoying this sex at all

Erm… Well then…. There’s a first…. Having sex under the carpet

Meanwhile the roommate is giving a speech outside the apartment while the crazy man from earlier is being dragged home by police




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