Ali: Fear Eats The Soul #MovieReview

Film 311 in the ‘1001 films to see before you die’ challenge is 1974’s “Ali: Fear Eats the Soul”. Or as it’s known in German, “Angst essen Seele auf”. Directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, this German drama is about an almost accidental romance that is kindled between a German woman in her mid-sixties and a Moroccan migrant worker who is twenty-five years younger than her. They abruptly decide to marry, appalling everyone around them. Appalling isn’t the word I would use to describe how everyone felt about Ali and Mrs Kurowski getting married. The word ‘racists’ is a lot more appropriate. The amount of racism in this film is through the roof! Just because Mr Kurowski, a white German woman in her mid-6o’s, got married to Ali, a black Moroccan man in his mid-30’s, doesn’t mean the two have to be avoided like the plague. The only thing missing to put a cherry on the racism cake is the N-word. Next thing I wanna talk about is the love story between Ali and Mrs Kurowski. I mean… What the fuck?! They met up in a bar, had a one night stand and then Mrs Kurowski said she’s engaged to Ali to avoid having the two get evicted from their apartment. Also, they could’ve at least shown up the wedding. It went from “we’re getting married” to “look kids, we’re married” within the space of one scene. Then, in the next scene, they tell us that 3 months has passed. How? There was nothing that indicated a passage in time. Thirdly, the title of the film has Ali’s name in it. Ali’s does nothing in this film! This film should’ve been called “Mrs Kurowski: Fear Eats the Soul” as she’s more involved in the story than Ali. Lastly, the barmaid can’t be the same actress playing her. No woman I know can one day have small boobs one day then be triple the size the next day. Do they do emergency boobjobs in Germany back in the mid-70’s? If you haven’t figured it out yet, I hated this film yet somehow managed to watch just under an hour of it. I have no idea how but I did. When this film was released, Variety Magazine had this to say about the film, “Technically flawless, deceptively simple, and avoiding excesses, it is about problems that are timely and timeless in implications.” Fun Fact – This film took 15 days to make. Reportedly, Fassbinder made this to fill time between making “Martha” & “Effi Briest”. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1974’s “Ali: Fear Eats the Soul”.

Film – Ali: Fear Eats the Soul (Angst essen Selle auf)
Year – 1974
Director – Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Written by – Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Staring – Brigitte Mira, El Hedi ben Salem, Barbera Valentin
IMDb Rating – 8.1/10
My Rating – A racist hellride
Length – 94 min (1h 34min)
Genre – Drama

A film all about love at first sight? Haven’t I seen plenty of these films before?

“Happiness is not always fun” – Nice way to open by making your audience feel sad

The opening credits is just a shot of a puddle in a pot hole in the road

We open with an old woman entering a restaurant and bar

You really think this fake tit blonde bitch really cares about your story about avoiding the rain

Why is everyone looking at her?

Must’ve been nipply on set? – I can see her nipples through her top. I’m not complaining

Hold up! You’re “cock is broken”!

9 beers for only 10 Euros! Bargain!!!!

Shout out to Coca-Cola in glass bottles

Shout out to the Fanta sign in the background

A man asks the old woman for a dance to Enrico Caruso

“Half of life consists of work”

STOP STARING AT THEM!!!!! You never seen people dancing in a bar before?

Thanks for telling us about the history between Germans and Arabs

A little over 8 minutes and I know the man’s name – El Hedi ben Salem M’Barek Mohammed Mustapha

Or Ali for short

There is nothing to indicate that it’s raining outside – Neither of them are wet and their coats are dry

The old woman tells us that she’s a part time cleaner

So… Wearing dark coloured clothes makes you sad?

Coffee? No! Brandy? Hell yes! I’m already on 9 beers and a coke so why not

14 minutes in and I know the old woman’s name – It’s Mrs Kurowski

These two women are racists – They said “white German women should never go out with blacks”

Let’s get romantic by talking about Adolf Hitler

Mrs Kurowski lets Ali sleep at his because, according to her, having 6 men sleep in the same room is a bit odd

Wait… Where did he get those pyjamas from?

HOLD UP!!!! They spent the night together in the same bed? And why are they both nude? Did they? NO!!!!

Stop speaking in the 3rd person, Ali!!! – Only one person speaks in 3rd person and his name is Zlatan!

She’s acting like she’s a sex god! YOU’RE 65!!!

And all her co-workers think all men are sex pigs!

Cut to a random couple watering flowers arguing over who gets the beer

Turns out the woman is one of Mrs Kurowski’s children

If you have a fever and a cough then you shouldn’t be drinking and smoking

Hang on! He’s taking drag after drag of that cigarette and no smoke is coming out of his mouth

Mrs Kurowski admits shes in love with Ali – EW!!!

Why do I have “Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye stuck in my head?

Better head back to the bar where two men play table football

Wait… Is that the same woman who was behind the bar last night? She looks nothing like what she did earlier

Fuck your Coke! I’m outta here

Better spend another night at Mrs Kurowski’s

Mr Gruber arrives and tells Mrs Kurowski that Ali can’t stay

WHAT!!! You’re getting married? When was this announced?

Back to the pub where they celebrate their wedding engagement much to the dismay of the prostitute

For a film set in Germany, why does it have Moroccan music?

There is no rain in sight! Why put the umbrella up?

Also, why does the rain sound like a bonfire?

More romantic talk about Hitler – This time over dinner… in an empty Italian restaurant

HOLY SHIT!!! I have watched 41 and a half minutes of this film! How?

Clearly you have never ordered steak before

Also… What Italian restaurant serves steak?

So… They wedding has taken place and we never saw it!

These gloom looking faces are what they were all thinking when they read this film’s script

So… Because she married Ali all of her kids just disowned her! WHAT THE FUCK!!!!

You just called your mother a whore! HOW DARE YOU

Eugen doesn’t give a fuck

You don’t serve my husband!! I’ll show that shopkeeper

Mr Angermeyer is racist to foreigners

Why did we need a scene about arguing over butter brand names?

Now all the maids are forcing Mrs Kurowski to clean all the stairs in their apartments because she’s married a black man


Wait… How are you getting rich? What have you done?

Cut to Ali naked having a shower

Paula arrives and says her sister just died


And Paula also hates Ali because of his race

I just had a thought! What has Ali done in this film? He fell in love & got married! That’s it!

This film has been all about Mrs Kurowski

If my wife’s a whore then why do you dress like one?

And this film has just accused all Arabs as terrorists

The cleaners just complained about the music so the police arrive to tell them to turn it down

And they’ve all just be-friended Mrs Kurowski because she’s married to Ali




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