The Incredible Shrinking Man #MovieReview

Film 310 in the ‘1001 films to see before you die’ challenge is 1957’s “The Incredible Shrinking Man”. Directed by Jack Arnold and based on Richard Matheson’s novel of the same name, this sci-fi drama thriller is about Scott Carey (Grant Williams) begins to shrink because of exposure to a combination of radiation and insecticide. He then realises that medical science is powerless to help him. Overall, this started off great but really started to lose me towards the end. I liked what they did to make Scott look smaller to others but you could tell it was all filmed in front of a green screen. This was really noticeable in some scenes. I would complain about it but in 1957 they didn’t have the technology we have nowadays. One thing I will complain about are some of the props. Especially the food Scott eats when he’s trapped in the basement. All the food looked like torn off pieces of sponge of the inside of an Malteser, or Whopper depending on what country you live in. This film started off as a sci-fi thriller but quickly turned into a survival drama. I much enjoyed the sci-fi part but the survival part really started to drag after a while. Would I recommend this film? Probably. It’s a film to watch just to say that you’ve watched it. That sounded better in my head than on text. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1957’s “The Incredible Shrinking Man”

Film – The Incredible Shrinking Man
Year – 1957
Director – Jack Arnold
Written by – Richard Matheson
Based On – “The Shrinking Man” by Richard Matheson
Staring – Grant Williams, Randy Stuart, April Kent
IMDb Rating – 7.7/10
My Rating – 7/10
Length – 77 min (1h 17min)
Genre – Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Nothing like a sax solo to get us started

We open with Scott Carey & his wife, Louise, sunbathing on a boat in the middle of the sea

Not to be offensive but his wife looks like a twig

WHAT!!!! NO BEER!!!!

Huh? What’s this strange cloud of smoke that’s coming so quickly towards me?

If you ever get covered in radiation just whip it off with a towel

6 months later and the milkman’s here

Don’t you hate it when you’re clothes no longer fit because you’ve lost weight?

So… How has he gone from 6’1” to 5’11”

So… We decrease in size as the day goes on?

I can tell that I’ve shrunk! My wife no longer steps on her toes to kiss me

Just sit on the cat why don’t you! And throw it off the bed recklessly! – Scott is a dick to cats

Turns out Scott is shrinking

Radioactive Iodine, electrodes, test and paper chromatography tests all to see Scott is shrinking


I’ve shrunk again! Look! My wedding ring fell off my finger

Charlie arrives and tells Scott to sell his story about shrinking to the press

AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! Scott really has shrunk

Since when was I a tourist attraction

I think I’ve figured out how they’ve made Louise look like a giant in the same scene as Scott – Green screens

Better make a novel out of shrinking

It’s been a week and I have stopped shrinking!!! Now to grow back to normal

Scott decides to leave home and walks by a freak show at a circus

One of us, Scott! You’re one of us! – I’m talking as one of the freaks at the freak show

We meet Claris at a cafe and says midgets are cool

A little over 28 minutes in and Scott has found a new lease on life knowing there’s other people the same size as him

Wait… He’s shrinking again! How?

Wait… Is Scott living in a dollhouse?

Not think Barbie would live in this house?

THERE’S A MONSTER IN MY WINDOW!!! Oh wait! It’s just the cat

That shot of Scott opening the door to see the cat made me laugh

Also… Why is the cat attacking Scott?

WOW!!! Look at that green screen

Scott doesn’t have any nipples!

How to take out evil cats with Scott – Drop a lamp on them

Louise returns and thinks Scott’s been eaten by the cat

So… The cat has been kicked out of the house for “eating” Scott

Scott is alive! He’s inside a wooden box trying to escape

Well… That was easy to get out off. Good thing there was a crack in the box otherwise I’d be screwed

I know back in 1957 the green screen wouldn’t be bad but in 2016 it’s really noticeable

What is that random splashing noise?

Oh! It’s water from the boiler leaking onto the floor – Pretty sure that’s a bad thing

Well… Best make this box of matches my new home

Erm… Why is he shoving a nail between his legs?

Charlie’s pretty much told Louise “You’re husband’s dead! Get over it!”

Why is Scott now dressed like a poor person?

Hmm… Cheese on a mousetrap! What could possibly go wrong?

That cheese doesn’t look good close up. It looks like sponge

Damn! The cheese has fallen down the grate!

Also… Who has grates in their cellars?

Have I accidentally put Eight Legged Freaks on?

Spiders! Why did it have to be spiders?

I have found a new home with the sewing machine accessories

Can’t… bend… pin

Wait… Did he just made a homemade grappling hook?

Wouldn’t it be better if you’d did all your knots first before lighting the match?

Now for some rock climbing… Well… kind of…

I’ve heard of hanging on by a thread but this is ridiculous

Now I have a newer home on top of this cabinet with all the paint

My plan to use the stick with paint as a springboard almost backfired on me

Hey look! It’s that piece of cake Louise left over from an earlier scene

Even the cake looks like sponge

Now for a new challenge – Break through chickenwire

Who needs all the cake when I can just feed on crumbs

EW! You ate cake that had a spiderweb on it!

Now I think about it, the cake crumbs look like the inside of a Malteser/Whoppers

How dare that spider try and steal my matchbox home!

That leaky boiler’s getting worse

Like I said, that boiler leaking was getting worse! Now the basement’s flooded – That’ll explain the grate

No one can hear me because I’m so tiny 😦

Oh pencil, you’re my only friend now

Charlie and Louise leave not knowing Scott was alive in the basement

That bloody spider will be the death of me

Didn’t I see this exact same scene/shot a few minutes ago

So… Scott’s plan to kill the spider is to impale it on a pair of scissors and knock them off the ledge

Well… That didn’t work! May as well just stab at it

That didn’t work either!

After getting kicked a bunch, Scott kills the spider

Now I can have what is mine! A mouldy looking cake covered in spiderwebs

That camera shot makes the cake blend in with the dirt in the background

Scott, somehow, has shrunk even more. So much that he can escape the basement to his garden

Cut to shots of space


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