The Big Sleep #MovieReview

Film 307 in the ‘1001 Films to See Before You Die’ challenge is 1946’s ‘The Big Sleep’. Directed by Howard Hawks and based on Raymond Chandler’s novel of the same name, this crime mystery film-noir is a private detective (Humphrey Bogart) in a story about the “process of a criminal investigation, not its results” (I got that from Wikipedia). Well then, that was different. Let’s start with the bad part (there’s only three). First of all, the amount of loopholes this film jumps through is one too many. Everything seemed to be wrapped up an hour into the film. It was if the director realised the film wasn’t long enough and needed more things to add in at the last minute. The second bad part is Mrs Rutledge. She has to be one of the most unlikeable characters I have seen in all the films I’ve watched. They change her act from bad to good too many times for my liking. Have her start off bad then have Bogart’s character change her which is what the film ended up doing but they kept changing her character constantly. Lastly, I have to talk about Carmen. What her character suppose to be? She just seems to be in the film because there wasn’t enough characters in it already. Where they trying to play her off a ‘dumb blonde’? Or as the girl who gets too drunk and snorted far too much cocaine on a night out that she doesn’t remember what happened? The only real good thing about the film was Humphrey Bogart. I thought he did a great job in this film by making his character believable to the audience. This entire film felt like a L.A. Noire case where they try to solve The Black Dahlia. Enough about games, overall this film was enjoyable and one I would recommend.  Fun Fact of the Film – Bogart’s automobile in this film is the same one he used in 1941’s ‘High Sierra’. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1946’s ‘The Big Sleep’

Film – The Big Sleep
Year – 1946
Director – Howard Hawks
Written by – William Faulkner, Leigh Brackett, Jules Furthman
Based On – “The Big Sleep” by Raymond Chandler
Staring – Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, John Ridgely
IMDb Rating – 8.1/10
My Rating – 7.1/10
Length – 108 min (1h 48min)
Genre – Crime, Film-Noir, Mystery

We open at Sternwood’s as Marlowe arrives and starts chatting up a girl in a short skirt

Brandy mixed with champagne?!? – So a champagne cocktail (thanks Jamie Oliver)

So… you need heat… and you spend your days in a greenhouse… yet you still sit under blankets?!?

Wait… you paid $5000 to someone so they would never see your daughter again?!?

Don’t you hate it when someone leaves without saying goodbye?

Marlowe is sweating buckets compared to the old man in blankets

How does someone sit on your lap when you’re stood up?

That’s the old man dealt with… Now to see what Mrs Rutledge wants

Is it a requirement for every room in his house to have booze?

Better visit the library to do some research

‘I collect blondes in bottles’

No one will know who I am with these sunglasses on

Why does he want Ben-Hur book from 1860 3rd edition?

‘I’m a dick on a case’ – That sounds rude

Fuck it! Shop’s shut so we can have some rye

Now to follow Geiger to his house

Erm… Isn’t it a requirement to have your headlights on when driving at night?

Also… Who leaves their cars unlocked at night?

That is the worst window kick I’ve ever seen

You don’t seem to concerned that Geiger was just shot

Interesting… but who hides a camera in a statue’s head

Yep… She’s drunk and high as a kite

Don’t you hate it when people write messages in codes

‘I don’t slap this hard at this time of the evening’

Now that she’s back home, I’m heading back to Geiger’s house

27 minutes in and I’m still interested

Wait… Where’s Geiger’s body gone?

So… Why would a man from Homicide drive me to Lido Pier for an abandoned car in the sea

Turns out it was Owen Taylor in the car, an old Sternwood chauffeur

$5000 for that?

Why do I get the feeling The Sternwoods killed Owen and Geiger?

Is it common for detectives to prank call police HQ?

No film-noir film wouldn’t be complete without gambling

Hmm.. Something fishy’s happening at Geiger’s bookstore

Maybe they’re packing up because they’re going out of business

Well.. Better made a taxi driver follow a car for me to Randall Arms

Wait… Joe Brody? Why does his name ring a bell?

Wait… What’s Carmen doing back at Geiger’s house?

Carmen says Brody killed Geiger before she got hammered

The landlord arrives to check on Geiger’s house and chat to Marlowe

This music tells me something isn’t right – and so does Marlowe who heads straight to Brody’s apartment

That bitch!! She is in on this!!!! I knew it!!!

Better talk to Brody to see what he knows

Joe’s a very quick thinker with his answers

CARMEN!!!! Why is she here? With a gun?

Too much fast talking makes my head hurt

Someone just killed Brody!!!!!

Wait!! It’s the guy from the bookstore! Why would he shoot his boss?

Well I got him and now I’m making him drive me back to Geiger’s house

One boot to the face and this guy is out

Well… Since he’s out, better tie him up and have a look around

Wait… Is that Geiger in bed?

Back with Mrs Rutledge at a bar meeting Marlowe for dinner

$500 for solving the Geiger case!

So… There’s about 45 minutes left of the film and all the cases seem to be dealt with

Now for a whole new case on Eddie Mars

Let’s visit him first and chat at a party at his house

What house has a casino and a lounge bar in it?

Oh…. Hello Mrs Rutledge… We meet again

Who is this Shawn Regan?

$14,000 max bet on red

And she wins! 5 Red and Mrs Rutledge is a rich woman

You hide guns in your car stereo?

I seem to be collecting a lot of guns lately

I thought hijacking involved cars not purses

I’ll talk now that you’ve kissed me

Well… That relationship lasted as Marlowe no longer cares for Mrs Rutledge

Carmen? What she doing in Marlowe’s apartment? And why has died her hair brown?

How dare you wake me up at 2pm

Nothing like breakfast at 3pm

Shawn Regan’s been found! He’s been in Mexico all this time

Who the hell is Harry Jones?

And Marlowe just got his ass kicked by two men in an alley

Oh.. He’s Harry Jones

Right then Harry explain yourself

Thanks for the update on Agnes

So.. Agnes has Eddie Mars’s wife and will give her up for $200

Wait… Who’s this guy confronting Harry?

Did he just poison Harry?

Hello Agnes here’s $200 now give me Eddie’s wife

So… Eddie’s wife is tied up in a junkyard outside Realito

HOLY FUCK!!! He’s put his headlights on in the dark! He’s learnt

Don’t you hate it when you get a flat tire in the middle of nowhere?

And Marlowe’s just been beaten up again

Hello Eddie’s wife… Wait… you’re not with Shawn Regan


Do me favour, light me a cigarette my arms are tied up

Wait…. Is Shawn still in Mexico?

Stop making the characters good then bad and back to good

Rule 101 when being a criminal – Never be afraid of guns

Just shoot Mrs Rutledge already! She’s been a complete bitch this entire film

And Canino’s dead

Wait… Shawn’s dead? And she killed her!

This just got real confusing really quick


10 minutes to think of a plan to take out Eddie

So… Carmen killed Shawn Regan?!?

And Eddie’s hired men have just killed him

One last kiss and that’s it



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