Frenzy #MovieReview

Film 305 in the ‘1001 Films to See Before You Die’ challenge is 1972’s “Frenzy”. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock and based on Arthur La Bern’s novel entitled, “Goodbye Piccadilly, Farewell Leicester Square”, this crime thriller is about a serial killer (Barry Foster) who is strangling women with a necktie. The London police have a suspect, but he is the wrong man (Jon Fitch). Dun Dun Dun!!!! As a plot on paper, it sounded good. As a plot on screen, not so much. Don’t get me wrong, this film wasn’t bad. It was just lacking a certain something. What that is I’m not entirely sure but it’s missing it. If this film has taught anyone anything, it’s that you shouldn’t hide in potato trucks and then wipe yourself down with brushes used to scrub floors with. That and you shouldn’t go around murdering innocent women because you’re a little sexmad (I’m amased that’s a word). The acting was ok but nothing special. The real interesting part for me was seeing what London looked like in the early 1970’s, especially Covent Garden. Overall, this film was ok but not something I would recommend to buy. This is a film I would recommend renting or borrowing off a friend.  Fun Fact of the Film – This was Hitchcock’s penultimate film. And the first of his films to feature nude scenes. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1972’s “Frenzy”

Film – Frenzy
Year – 1972
Director – Alfred Hitchcock
Written by – Anthony Shaffer
Based On – “Goodbye Piccadilly, Farewell Leicester Square” by Arthur La Bern
Staring – Jon Finch, Barry Foster, Alec McCowen
IMDb Rating – 7.5/10
My Rating – 6/10
Length – 110 min (1h 50min)
Genre – Crime, Thriller

Welcome to London

This music’s too “Disney” for a crime thriller

Cut to where, nowadays it would be, a McDonalds on the River Thames where a crowd gathers

Is this guy The Prime Minister… Or Mayor of London?

Erm… Why is there a dead naked woman in the river?

Thanks for the info on Jack The Ripper

Cut to two men who works in a pub

It’s a little too early to be talking about fingers up there

Wait… Who’s side is she on?

So… This is Covent Garden back in the early 60’s… Very different nowadays

Rule 101 when selling fruit – Don’t smoke near the fruit! It ruins the freshness (or so Wikipedia tells me)

Now to win easy money in this film – Bet on the horses at Cheltenham

Is it common to have cheese and shepherd’s pies with pints in pubs?

Rather you say that line than us

Also… What pub in Covent Garden serves booze at 9am?

What a waste of grapes!

We then follow Dick to a Friendship and Marriage Bureau to visit his ex

Thanks for the favour. Here’s a free newspaper

Good night? It’s 4:30pm and sunny as hell outside

You can clearly tell Dick is a murderer from his acting

Also… Dick looks a lot like CHIKARA wrestler Pinkie Sanchez

So… They’re divorced but still act like a couple?!?

How much eye shadow is she wearing?!

“If you can’t make love, sell it”

Wait… It’s against the rules for men to wear coats in this restaurant?

How big are those notes of money?

So… She’s saying Mr Robinson likes sluts?

Well… This just got creepy

30 minutes in and only one death so far

Remember how I just said this scene was getting creepy… Well… He just forced himself on Brenda

Saved by the bell… Well, telephone

He’s already sweating and he’s not even started…. well… I wanna say the word but we all know what it is

Can you stop saying “Lovely”

“Women! They’re all the same”

AHA! Dick isn’t the murderer!!!!!!! Mr Robinson is!!!!

And Brenda is dead!

Rule 101 on how to be a murderer – Hide all evidence you were in the room

As Mr Robinson leaves, Rick arrives to see that the office is locked

Dick leaves and the secretary arrives to see her boss dead in her office

Secretary then reports to the police… who are quick to arrive

She says Dick is the murderer because she say him leave the office and recalls yesterdays argument

We’re in London yet we use American weight measurements.


So… All bachelors sleep in hostels?!?

£10 for a double bed room hotel in London! Why can’t I get offers that cheap nowadays

Do me a favour will you… While I shag my bird can you get my clothes washed

The newspapers just revealed Dick as the murderer! – Yet the audience knows that’s not true

Bloody receptionist is gonna blow our cover before the police even turn up

Hmm… Somehow Dick and his missus have escaped

Dick is making sense about being clear of murder

Look… I know everyone’s looking for you for being accused of murder but I still what you

Who’s this man?

And who’s she?

So…. Hetty and Johnny are keeping Dick in their apartment because Johnny and Dick are old mates

‘I’m going shopping’ – Code for “I’m telling the police I’m keeping a murderer in my apartment”

Johnny’s idea is for Dick and Mrs Mulligan to hide in The Cotswolds and move to Paris

Nothing like a Full English Breakfast with a side of buttered bread to get the day going


I’m back and we’re talking about breakfasts

So… Dick’s fingerprints are all over the money in Brenda’s handbag

Forsythe rings the police about Dick

“Women abandon their honour over their clothes nowadays”

We find Mr Robinson at Forsythe’s pub chatting to strangers while Mrs Mulligan returns

Mrs Mulligan quits her job and is immediately chatted up by Mr Robinson who’s moving “Up North” tonight

Hitchcock’s cameraman can’t be bothered filming sex anymore and is now more focussed on stairs

Soupe de poisson – There’s fish heads in that soup

How to act like you’ve eaten everything – pour the food back in the pot behind your wife’s back

Shout out to Waitrose

So I looked up the soup she’s made and she’s clearly got it wrong – Thanks BBC Good Food

‘Smelts, ling, conger eel, John Dory, pilchards and frog fish’ – I just threw up

Quail with grapes for a main course

Even the wife of the detective says Dick is innocent

Meanwhile, that night, Mr Robinson is doing some late night shifting with potato sacks

So… We’re just gonna assume that Mrs Mulligan is dead

How to invite women over to your apartment with Mr Robinson – Pork pies and white wine

Whoops! Someone’s lost their tie accessory

Yep! Mrs Mulligan’s dead! Otherwise why is he keeping all her stuff in his draws

Don’t you hate it when the person you just killed takes something off you while she’s dying

Also.. Don’t you hate it when the truck the dead person’s in drives away with you on board

Also… Who buries someone in a sack full of potatoes?

This truck driver is clearly deaf if he can’t hear Mr Robinson screaming and throwing potatoes on the M1

Let’s not bother checking which sack has burst and just carry on driving

Perfectly placed potato covering the… downstairs area

How to pry items off dead people – use nail clippers… that break easily

Or you could just break all her fingers

Right then… How do I get off this truck on the middle of the M1 and get back home

Simple! – Wait for the driver to go for directions and escape casually to the gents

Again.. World’s worst driver as he didn’t even check his truck before leaving

Whoops! Mrs Mulligan’s bodies hanging out of the truck

Wait… Hetty seriously thinks Dick killed Mrs Mulligan and drove all the way to Lincolnshire to hide her body and get back home before sunrise – We haven’t seen Dick drive once throughout the film!!!!

What’s more important – A trip to Paris or your friend’s life

Cut to Mr Robinson & Forsythe chatting at Covent Garden Market

Wait… How did Dick get inside Covent Garden without getting spotted?!?

Just act norman and no one will suspect a thing

Mr Robinson lets Dick stay at his and leaves

And Dick is quickly arrested

THAT BASTARD!!! He turned on his mate!

Wait… Mr Robinson hid all Mrs Mulligan’s stuff in his bag!!! BASTARD!!!

One of the detective have taken Dick on his word and starts inspecting Mr Robinson

I would’ve thought that the secretary would’ve taken time off after seeing her dead boss

Did Dick just throw himself down the stairs to avoid jail?

Should’ve listened to the wife, detective!

Time for another crappy meal – Steak and baked potatoes – Actually that sounds good

Sorry it’s “Pied de porc a la mode de Caens” – That’s a mouth full

So… She’s taken pigs feet and just covered them in tripe

Do all detectives talk about crimes they’re solving to their wives?

Aha! So the woman at that truck stop just got Mr Robinson, sorry Rusk, caught red handed

Evidence – scents of potatoes on a brush he used to clean himself

At the hospital and everyone’s aware that Dick is there

Wait.. They all drugged the policeman so they all could escape hospital… and jail!!

Whoops! Should’ve melted those sleeping pills a little bit better

Doesn’t matter as Dick has escaped!

Better steal a car to avoid everyone and sneak into Rusk’s apartment to kill him

Why you sleep with an unlocked door in the middle of London?

Bet that’s not Rusk in bed

Yep! It’s a dead girl with a tie

Look I would arrest you but I need to figure out this banging noise

Well then, Rusk… YOU’VE BEEN KNICKED!!!




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