Sleeper #moviereview

Film 299 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1973’s ‘Sleeper’. Directed and starring Woody Allen, this sci-fi comedy is about the adventures of the owner of a health food store, Miles Monroe (played by Woody), who is cryogenically frozen in 1973 and defrosted 200 years later in an ineptly-led police state. Anyone who has followed his series of reviews will know that I am not a fan of Woody Allen films. After previously watching ‘Annie Hall’ and ‘Manhattan’, I was not feeling overly confident going into this one. And it shows as I lasted 27 minutes before I quitted the film. First of all, all the comedy in this film is really out of date. The only chuckles I got from this film was then convincing me that fudge and cigarettes will be considered good for your bodies and that everyone who’s been in Playboy magazine are nothing but blow-up dolls. So Chyna was a blow-up doll? (shakes in fear). Second, is it me or has Woody Allen put out the same performance in every film he’s been in. He shows up, he complains, rinse and repeat in the next scene. The final nail in this film’s coffin was seeing a man wearing both Jewish and Nazi clothing for a party. Now, I’m not religious but that had me shaking my head in my hands. Overall, this is another Woody Allen film I will not remember by the end of the day. Fun Fact of the Film – Luna’s rebel song is the same as Esposito’s rebel song in Allen’s earlier film, 1971’s ‘Bananas’. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I watching 1973’s ‘Sleeper’

Film – Sleeper
Year – 1973
Director – Woody Allen
Written by – Woody Allen, Marshall Brickman
Staring – Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, John Beck
IMDb Rating – 7.3/10
My Rating – I QUIT
Length – 87 min (1h 27min)
Genre – Comedy, Sci-Fi

So far in this challenge, I’ve hated every Woody Allen film I’ve seen. So my hopes aren’t high for this

Quick question – Diane Keaton has been in every Woody film I’ve seen. Where they a couple back in the day?

This opening credit music has already given me a headache

How to make someone look from the future – Dress them all in black and wear sunglasses

So… It’s the year 2173?

And Miles has just been awoken after being frozen for 200 years

Nice to know that he left his glasses on when he was frozen

So that’s what Woody Allen’s cum face looks like

And Miles just ate a rubber glove

Is running over someone in a wheelchair meant to be comedy?

Also in the future, everyone will drive the exact same car

Wait… fudge is considered health food?!?!

And Miles has turned back to normal… and is already bitching about life

So… America will have a nuclear war in 2073?!?

His brain is his second favourite organ?! – I think we all know his first 😉

Wait? What? Cigarettes are good for your health in the future?!?

Nice to know Miller Beer still exists in the future

Wait… All girls in Playboy magazines in the past weren’t real! “They were blow-up dolls that you blew”

Haha. Chattering teeth

Shout out to Muhammed Ali

Wait… Criminals are forced to watch Muhammed Ali lose every boxing match he ever had

And cue the robot butlers

So… They defrosted Miles so he could be used as a spy on an underground project

Nice to know ladders are still a thing in the future

Well… If I can’t drive then I’ll use these crappy jetpack

What security guards are trusted with rocket launchers

How to fly – Flap your arms around in a flying motion… and get stuck in a tree

And now Miles has locked himself in a van full of robot butlers

It’s pretty easy which ones know a robot – None of them have glasses or dark ginger eyebrows apart from Miles

That’s…. er…. That’s a lot of pudding

26 minutes in and the title of the film is exactly how I’m feeling right now

Oh No! May have just seen a Jewish man wearing Nazi symbols!

And it’s at this point where I quit the film… so… I QUIT

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