Jackie Chan’s Project A #MovieReview

Film 291 in the ‘1001 Films to See Before You Die’ challenge is 1983’s ‘Project A’. Directed and staring Jackie Chan, this action comedy is about… that’s the thing. I couldn’t find any plot synopsis. All I could find on IMDb was ‘Fighting against pirates in “old Hong Kong”. Chinese costume drama with plenty of over-the-top tongue in cheek action and music.’ There wasn’t so much music but there was a hell of a lot of action. From well choreographed fight scenes to the scenes where Dragon (Jackie Chan) has to avoid bad guys in the alleyways on a bike. One thing I thought was a tiny bit odd was that they did a replay of Dragon falling 60ft off the clockface and landing on his head. Did they do that to show how painful it look? If so, they accomplished because that looked like it hurt. It was hard to write anything about this film because I was so hooked in. I know that I have one more of these style of films left and it’s directed by John Woo. So I’m expecting the same thing but with added doves. Overall, this is a film that I would definatly recommend especially if you want something to laugh at. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1983’s “Project A”

Film – Project A
Year – 1983
Director – Jackie Chan
Written by – Jackie Chan
Staring – Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung Kam-Bo, Baio Yuen
IMDb Rating – 7.4/10
My Ratng -7.5/10
Length – 98 min (1h 38min)
Genre – Action, Comedy

We open with a war meeting on how to defeat pirates

I know this is dubbed but it’s done badly


Dragon arrives with news that the Navy wants more ammo

‘No more guns! We’ll run at them instead’

Jackie Chan doesn’t look like a sailor

Those are some foamy beers

Does the Police hate the Navy?

How to disrespect someone in a bar? Pour beer on their head


Now their just throwing furniture at them?

Don’t waste the wine!

There’s an awful lot of stunt work for just one scene

Don’t you hate it when you get your hand trapped in a door

Fight’s over when the general arrives

Time for The Navy to set sail against The Pirates

Anyone have a motto for when we get captures by Pirates? No? Good!

Huh? Who invited The Scottish?

Great! Two ships have been stolen and two more just exploded!

The Pirates meet a man who wants 100 Police rifles as a reward for blowing up ships

The Chief tells The Navy that they have to join Police as The Navy is no more

Wait… Isn’t that the guy who I got into a bar fight with last night?

WHAT?!? You shot him because he laughed… Or you could let him escape

Time for hand grenade training

We have to arrest Chan Ho… dressed like rich golfers

Has no one in the VIP Club never seen a police badge

Well then… this is easy… or not

Time for another fight

One chair to the head and Dragon goes flying down the stairs

And Dragon just quit his job

Who knew coat hangers were deadly weapons?

And Chan Ho has been caught

Turns out Dragon’s old friend knows about the news about the rifle deal

How to settle who pays for food – Whoever loses Rock Paper Scissors has to pay

We find the rifle deal in the sea on a boat

Dragon and his friend now have the rifles

Turns out his friend sold everything to The Pirates but Dragon has other ideas

How to impress a woman – Practise your Martial Arts skills

41 minutes in and I’ve not said a whole lot

And now we’ve got another fight

So… I know who the hero is but who’s the villains

Now’s a bad time to get a sprained ankle in a chase

Better hide in the mannequin store

How the hell did he do that?

Either way, that was funny

Who knew bikes were good for kicking buckets

Good thing for these tight alleys otherwise all of this would be impossible

Don’t you hate it when your bike seat falls off and you end up sitting on the pole

You’re never truly friends until you get into arguments and kick everyone in the face together

‘All us fat guys lookalike’

Well.. He’s up there! Now how’s he gonna get down

Oh… That’s how! Through the clock tower

Wait.. Who shot the bad guy

Wait… The police are now good!??!

And Dragon just fell 60ft on top of his head – That looked painful

Here come The English!

Shit!!! THE PIRATES!!! And they’ve taken all our women!

Meanwhile, Dragon sneaks into the war meeting

So… Are the Police and Pirates working together!??!

Dragon confronts the head of Police and calls him a coward for not going to war with The Pirates

So… Dragon is now in charge of the Navy

Meanwhile, Simon chats with Elizabeth in his rocky cabin until Dragon steals Simon

Nothing scarier than being beaten up by four shirtless men for answers

Dragon is now on a pirate ship

FATS!!!! What are you doing here?

All Fats wants is the rifles while Dragon wants the hostages

How did he keep that pigeon under his hat for so long?

Why are The Pirate guards dressed like Ninja Turtles?

Dragon meets with Sam in Sam’s lair

Wait… Fats has disguised himself as a Pirate!

Time for us to save everyone and defeat the Pirates

Fats has his guns!

What kind of password is ‘Beat Me’?

How many times can I get the password wrong?

And Fats has escaped with his guns

We eat meat with our samurai swords

Now this film just turned into ‘Over the Top’

Fats decides to save Dragon as the evil villain has arrived

That beard is clearly fake

Dammit Fats! You ruined everything!

EXPLOSION!!! And Fats just fainted

Two policemen just managed to beat up every Pirate with guns and knives

Now Dragon fights with Sam after everyone else is taken care of


Now we have a sword fight

Also… Why is Sam covered in black paint

Ok – On a closer look there actually tattoos – They’re badly designed

Dropkick by Fats just rocked Sam

Better blow Sam up while we have him wrapped up in a rug



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