Laura #MovieReview

Film 288 in the ‘1001 Films to See Before You Die’ challenge is 1944’s “Laura”. Directed by Otto Preminger and based on Vera Caspary’s novel of the same name, this romantic mystery crime drama film-noir is about a police detective who falls in love with the woman whose murder he is investigating. Overall, this was a very interesting film. It did it’s job at telling the audience who the real murderer was while trying to convince everyone else that it was someone else. It really played tricks on me. I knew who it was halfway through but film was going, ‘No, no. You don’t really know who the murderer is now do you? Not this early?’ If I was to complain about one thing, it would be that this film started to drag at certain points. Especially in the middle. Apart from that, this film was fun to watch and something I would recommend. Fun Fact – The portrait of Gene Tierney as Laura can be spotted in 1951’s ‘On the Riviera’ and 1954’s ‘Woman’s World’. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1944’s “Laura”

Film – Laura
Year – 1944
Director – Otto Preminger
Written by – Jay Dratler, Samuel Hoffenstein
Based On – “Laura” by Vera Caspary
Staring – Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews, Clifton Webb
IMDb Rating – 8.1/10
My Rating -7.6/10
Length – 86 min  (1h 26min)
Genre – Film-Noir, Mystery, Romance, Crime, Drama

We open with a monologue from Waldo

What office has a bathtub for a desk?

‘Misquoted man in America’ – Really?

Who changes a book review into a report on Laura’s murder?

Back in our day we had to put these tiny balls into holes on a wooden block

I feel like this is what L.A. Noire would look like as a film

Who is Laura? – We’ve gone 10 minutes and we’ve yet to see her in a flashback

A detective, a writer and a hotel manager all solving Laura’s murder? – Bet one of them is the killer – I’M LOOKING AT YOU WALDO!

Is Laura the sex symbol of this film?

Wait… A concert changing their set list during the performance?!? Like that ever happens in real life…

Board games keep me calm during murder cases

Were Laura and Waldo in a relationship?

Flashback to when Waldo and Laura first met – Waldo hasn’t aged in five years

I’m calling it now, Waldo killed Laura – There I just saved myself 86 boobless minutes

Lunch is more important than love?!?

A..a.a.a.a.a. Just break into a ad agency why don’t you

Don’t you hate airing your dirty laundry in front of everyone at your job

SEE!!! WALDO JUST THREATENED SOMEONE WITH DEATH!!!! – I am the best detective ever!!!

Back to present time only to go back to a flashback of Laura not calling him on Tuesday

Ah.. I do apologise Waldo… THE PAINTER KILLED HER! But I’m still keeping my eye on you

Chicken livers at a party?!?

Waldo… Stop being a creep around Laura

That hat makes her look homeless

Fuck sake Waldo!!!! LEAVE THE GIRL ALONE

H..H.. How quick? You and Shelby are getting married next week?

How does Waldo know about everyone’s lives better than he knows his own

Guess the wedding’s off then

So… Whoever went to the countryside with Laura killed her

Back to present day to find the detective calling a liquor store

Betsy arrives and tells the detective off for reading Laura’s diary

So… She put that expensive wine in her cabinet the night of Laura’s murder

So… Rather than leave the evidence she cleaned it

I know Laura’s dead but she paid me a week in advance so I have to keep the apartment tidy

Why does the wine sound like lemonade being poured

Halfway through and still no entirely sure who killed her

Also, I have no idea what the detective’s name is still

From the sound of this music I feel that something bad is about to happen

Just waiting for Waldo to arrive – I know it’s coming

Just as I predicted… WALDO’S HERE!!!

Is Waldo accusing the detective of murdering Laura?

AHA!!! Waldo just threatened the detective!!! I ALWAYS KNEW IT WAS HIM…. BASTARD

Wait… Laura’s alive!

The detective’s name is Mark – 48 minutes

So… Laura’s been in the countryside this entire time and someone *Waldo* started a rumour about her being dead

Wait… Is she isn’t dead… Then who is?

Aha… So Dianne Redford died in Laura’s apartment… You don’t think?

Wait… Did Laura and Shelby work together on the murder of Dianne?

Wait… Why did Shelby buy Laura a shotgun?

Shelby’s lying! Lying only means one thing if LA Noire has taught me anything

I’m leaving and I’m taking your shotgun with me… just because

Hello Betsy! Look! Laura’s alive!

Why did that kiss sound like fingers snapping

Waldo arrives… and faints at seeing that Laura is alive

Well… Better celebrate the fact that Laura is alive

Who is she?

Wait.. Is she Dianne?

So… That shotgun was used to kill whoever died on Friday night

Wait… This entire murder was a set up… That what it sounded like by that girl

So… Mark has decided that Laura killed someone

So all this time… Laura was the murderer

What a punch by Mark

Laura spills the beans about everything

Wait… Laura isn’t getting arrested

So all this time… It was the rat-faced motherfucker Waldo all along

Laura has one weakness… She loves too many men

Aha! That’s Waldo’s shotgun in that clock!


Two shotgun bullets to the woman’s face! What a bastard

Wait… Is it Waldo or is it Laura? – Fuck it arrest them both

Nope! He’s arresting Waldo.. Otherwise why would he have just kissed Laura

You motherfucker! Waldo’s in the house!!!

Wait… All this because Waldo wanted Laura to himself

And Waldo has shot


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