Things to Come #MovieReview

Film 279 in the ‘1001 Films to see before you’ challenge is 1936’s “Things to Come”. Based on H.G. Wells’ novel “The Shape of Things to Come”, this William Cameron Menzies sci-fi drama is about a decades-long War which leaves plague and anarchy in Everytown, then a rational state rebuilds civilisation and attempts space travel. Sci-fi? What’s sci-fi about this? All I saw was a lot of war and a lot of characters who are there for the sake of having characters in a film. I lasted 45 minutes before I gave in. Throughout those 45 minutes I was constantly asking questions. Most of those questions were about who people were. If they had names, I didn’t catch them or they said the names so quick the sound operators failed to capture it. All I got out of this film was that Everytown likes having wars for the smallest of reasons. I got to a point where I just stopped caring and had to end it before I turned this review into a Q+A. Overall, this is a film that has aged badly and doesn’t hold up today. Fun Fact of the Film – This was the most costly British production of its time as it flopped at the box office. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I managed to say while watching 1936’s “Things to Come”


Film – Things to Come
Year – 1936
Director – William Cameron Menzies
Written by – H.G. Wells
Based On – “The Shape of Things to Come” by H.G. Wells
Staring – Raymond Massey, Edward Chapman, Ralph Richardson
IMDb Rating – 6.8/10
My Rating – BORING
Length – 92 min  (1h 32min)
Genre – Sci-Fi, Drama

It’s Christmas 1940 in Everytown and War is about to break out

Shout out to Sandersons

Seems like no one cares about all these war scares

Two men chat about war and what will happen to their chemical research

I probably should’ve watched this back in December – Too late now

In my day, we had simpler toys unlike these toy tractors

“The last war wasn’t as bad as people make it out to be” – Really?

“If we don’t end war, war will end us”

Sounds like Everytown is being bombed by air fighters

Well man with glasses, don’t you look stupid now

Message to everyone – Go home or live in the Underground

Everyone hide now!!!! The air raid is near

They… just blew up…. the cinema!


Well… That’s Everytown whipped off the map

Is this a sci-fi film or a war drama?

That’s a funny looking tank

Wait… What are we doing at the Cliffs of Dover? Where’s Eric Johnson when you need him

Time for a gun fight in the sky

Look I know I just shot you out of the sky but I’m gonna help you… and this random child

It’s 1955 and war is still happening

Still happening in 1960

Now it’s 1966 and war is  almost over

Now there’s a new problem – The Wandering Sickness

Iggy Pop? What are you doing here?

And they just killed Iggy

26 minutes in and I know no one’s name

Someone’s wife now has the sickness and she ends up getting shot

1967 and some tells us that only women get the wandering sickness

1970 and it’s Mayday

No Wandering Sickness for two months as the chief shot them all

Someone’s upset that no one can fly planes anymore

If the engine in that car works then why is it being dragged by two donkeys?

Look! Someone on a horse has returned with a marching band

It’s The Chief!

Is his name Gordon or Richard? Richard Gordon? Gordon Richard?

One woman who isn’t dressed in rags is angry for some reason

Look! Up in the sky! There’s a plane!

What the hell is he wearing on his head? Is it a helmet or half a fish bowl?

Wait? Why is be being arrested? All he did was arrive by plane?

Is everyone in this town 5ft tall? The four main characters all look 7ft tall

37 minutes and I still don’t know what’s happening or who anyone is

This man is from Wings Over the World and claims to be The Law

Also, who made this man Chief? Was it because he has a fur waistcoat?

Wait… They are off to war because Everytown is a independent sovereign state?!?

Are these two a couple?

Since when were pilots bus drivers?

And everyone’s at war… AGAIN!!!! Why? Just because



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