Strangers on a Train #MovieReview

Film 279 in the ‘1001 Films to See Before You Die’ challenge is 1951’s “Strangers on a Train”. Based on Patricia Highsmith’s novel of the same name, this Alfred Hitchcock film noir crime thriller is about two strangers who meet on a train, a tennis player and a psychopath. Well… This is the first Hitchcock movie that I didn’t like. It was very boring to watch. There’s characters onscreen that I haven’t a clue whether I should like them or not. Now I think about it, there’s no one in this film that is likeable. You can’t really root for a psychopath. The tennis player is boring. His wife faked getting a divorce so she could steal his money. And everyone else in the film are people you won’t remember. Also, I thought this was a film taking place on a train. LIES!!!! Ok, strangers do meet on a train but the majority of what I saw took place in a record store and at a funfair. By the way, that funfair scene went on way longer than it needed to. Overall, I didn’t like this but I’m assuming others did. Maybe it’s a generation thing. I managed 29 minutes before falling asleep. Fun Fact of the Film – Hitchcock’s signature cameo (he boards a train with a double bass) was directed by his daughter, Patricia. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I managed to say while watching 1951’s “Strangers on a Train”.

Film – Strangers on a Train
Year – 1951
Director – Alfred Hitchcock
Written by – Raymond Chandler, Whitfield Cook, Czenzi Ormonde
Based On – “Strangers on a Train” by Patricia Highsmith
Staring – Farley Granger, Robert Walker, Ruth Roman
IMDb Rating – 8.1/10
My Rating – ZZZZzzz
Length – 95 min (1h 35min)
Genre – Crime, Thriller, Film-Noir

We open with a people getting out of taxis

Not even checking for tickets – Worlds laziest conductor

We then meet Guy and Bruno

Is there a Southampton in America?

Probably not a good thing for a tennis player to be smoking

How to cure nerves – Drink scotch

Bruno is clearly an over-excessive fan

Why would you want to drive blindfolded at 150 mph?

Bruno likes murder and won’t shut up about it

Just let the man get his connecting train

Bruno suggest that Guy kill his dad while he kills Guy’s wife

Guy then visits a music store and finds his wife behind the counter

Wait…. Miriam doesn’t want the divorce but wants Guy’s money for new dresses

Who is Anne Morton and why should I care?

I thought this film was taking place on a train – Not a record store

Oh, that’s Anne.

Who’s idea was it to put the phonebook next to the train station

Bruno reminds me of Piers Morgan

How did Guy get Bruno’s phone number

I’m already bored and I’m 19 minutes in

Bruno then stalks Miriam around Metcalf funfair

Nothing suspicious about a man stood in a field staring at you from a distance

This is turning into a stalker movie

I can’t tell if Bruno wants to kill or ask Miriam out for a date

Me? Steer the boat? No! I have popcorn to eat

FINALLY!!!! Bruno has killed Miriam by strangling her

Who gets their own cabin on a train?

I’m slowly falling asleep



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