Onibaba #MovieReview

Film 275 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1964’s ‘Onibaba’. Or as it’s known in English, ‘Demon Hag’. This Kaneto Shindo Japanese historical horror is about two women who kill soldiers to steal their possessions. I’m not gonna lie and say that this film was really hard to watch. There was little to no dialogue to tell me what was happening. All I gathered was that two women are killing soldiers and stealing their things so they can sell them for bags of millets just so they might have a chance to see their husband and son. Also, there’s a war taking place and Kyoto has been burned to the ground. And another thing, if I don’t know the names of the main characters within the first 10/15 minutes then you know something is wrong with this film. The only name I got was Hachi. I have no idea who these women are or this old man who wanders around in a cave wearing a bathrobe and nothing else. Apart from that, I can’t remember anything else from this film. The only thing I like about the film is the poster. I managed 31 minutes before I started to fall asleep. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I managed to say while watching 1964’s ‘Onibaba’.


Film – Onibaba

Year – 1964

Director – Kaneto Shindo

Written by – Kaneto Shindo

Staring – Nobuko Otowa, Jitsuko Yoshimura, Kei Sato

IMDb Rating – 8/10

My Rating – ZZZzzzz

Length – 97 min (1h 37min)

Genre – Horror

We open with a dark hole

I don’t what is giving me a headache more – This music or the neighbour banging his hammer

Two men on horses are riding through some tall grass as two other men walk away wounded

And the wounded men have been stabbed and killed by…. Someone

Turns out the killers are two women

How to check if someone is dead – Kick them in the head

Well… I guess you won’t be needing all this clothing if you’re dead

Wait… They took all their clothes off the dead men so they can drag them away and throw them in the hole

So… This is what it’s like to live as a killer

The women then visit their husbands who live in a cave

So… They are selling all the stuff they took for bags of millets?!?

So… I’m guessing they aren’t married if she refused to sleep with him

Meanwhile, Hachi arrives at their home looking for food

I have no idea what’s happening

So… These women are killing people in order to get their husband and son back?!?

So… Is there a civil war taking place?

Wait… You’re telling me that a group of soldiers all got beaten up by 20 farmer in his 70’s carrying a stick?!?

This conversation does not help me with what is happening

Turns out that all of Kyoto has been burned to the ground

Hachi leaves and visits his home for some sleep

Well… That’s a brings a different meaning to battered fish

24 minutes in and out of five characters I’ve seen I only know one name

Pretty sure that fish is battered now

Two men on horses decide to have a fight in the river for no reason

Both men are then killed by Hachi and the two women

Who is this old man and why is he offering food for stolen things

Dear Old Man, can you please put a shirt on? Or at least cover yourself?



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