A Clockwork Orange #MovieReview

Film 277 in the ‘1001 Films to See Before You Die’ challenge is 1971’s “A Clockwork Orange”. Based on Anthony Burgess’ novel of the same name, this Stanley Kubrick dystopian crime is about a charismatic delinquent Alex DeLarge who is jailed and volunteers for an experimental aversion therapy developed by the government in an effort to solve society’s crime problem – but not all goes according to plan. What did I just watch? My mind! It’s been blown to bits. If you couldn’t tell, this was the first time I had seen this and I had no idea what to expect apart from two infamous scenes and the odd bit of ultra-violence. For the first 35 minutes, this was easily becoming one of my favourite films. Then the rest of the film confused the hell out of me. This film did a very good job of telling me that Alex is the hero in the film and everyone else is a bastard. One question I would ask is, where was Pete after Alex was released from prison? I’m glad I have finally watched this but I don’t think I want to watch it for a second time. Overall, this was fun to watch but it really messed up my gullivars (I think that’s what Alex called his brain). In 2009, Malcolm McDowell had this to say about the film, ‘I think it’d be impossible if you took that script into a studio and tried to pitch it today…’. Fun fact of the film – Alex’s snake was introduced to the story after Kubrick found out that McDowell had a fear of reptiles. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1971’s “A Clockwork Orange”


Film – Film – A Clockwork Orange
Year – 1971
Director – Stanley Kubrick
Written by – Stanley Kubrick
Based On – “A Clockwork Orange” by Anthony Burgess
Staring – Malcom McDowell, Patrick Magee, Michael Bates
IMDb Rating – 8.4/10
My Rating – 7.8/10
Length – 130 min (2h 10min)
Genre – Crime

Red screen is red

Is it me or this sound like a knock-off version to “The Final Countdown”?

Didn’t I see something similar to this in ‘Conker’s Bad Fur Day’?

What bar uses mannequins for tables?

Also, milk leads to violence?!?

Even in the future, hobos sleep under bridges

Alex hates drunken hobos singing

Meanwhile, Billy and his droogs are about to rape a woman in a wrecked theatre

Here comes Alex and his droogs to make the save

And Alex’s gang managed to win with moves only seen in Combat Zone Wrestling

Now we escape in our Durango 95


Did they just drive under a truck?

NO!!! They just ran Herbie off the road

Oh no! It’s that scene! You know the one

What an odd doorbell… and what odd furniture

For a house of the future they still use typewriters

Yes… It’s “Singin’ in the Rape”

Back at the milk bar

Wait…. Is the milk their drinking coming from… the mannequin’s breast?

Alex hates drunken hobo singing but he do like opera

When did everything get Shakespearian all of a sudden?

Alex heads home to a wrecked apartment building except for his flat

Let’s end the night with some Beethoven

That’s a…. unique poster?!

Er… What’s with all the stock footage?

Isn’t Alex a little too old for school

What is Alex’s mom wearing?

So… Mom brought a doctor over and gave him the spare keys?!

Turns out the doctor knows about what happened last night to Alex

YOU DON’T WATER THAT HAS SOMEONE’S DENTURES IN IT – This coming from someone who wears one

Oh, now you realise there were teeth in that cup

Alex then visits a record stall to collect a parcel

Meanwhile, two women suck on lollipops

Alex invites the women to listen to Beethoven at his flat

So… This is what it’s like to have a threesome at high speed

Meanwhile, the droogs are waiting for Alex

Turns out the droogs have new rules and plan tonight’s festivities

Slow motion kick in the balls sends Georgie and Dim into the river

And Alex just slit Dim’s hand

After all that, they’re still friends and have a drink at the pub

Georgie’s plan is to rape a woman who has lots of jewels… and cats

Well… If we can’t enter through the front door then well enter through the back door

Alex enters and spots the paintings and the sculpture of the cock and balls

And Alex kills the woman with the sculpture of cock and balls just as the police arrive

THEY’VE BETRAYED ALEX!!!! The droogs have blinded Alex with a bottle of milk

Wait… Alex’s lawyer is the doctor…. and betrays him by spitting on him

Alex gets 14 years in jail for murder

How’s he meant to do anything if he can’t reach the desk

Do I really need to see a policeman look up Alex’s…. butt?

Before we throw you in a cell, you will be shouted at by a priest

Starting to drag now

Two years into Alex’s sentence and he has to help with Sunday services

Erm… Did I accidentally put “The Passion of The Christ” on?

Time to fantasise about being a Roman being fed grapes by naked women

Turns out that there’s a new way to escape prison via Ludovico Technique

Ring around the Rosies….

Alex is taken to an office and told that he will take part in the Ludovico Treatment and be released within 14 days

Does this sergeant need to shout at everyone… including doctors

Oh no! It’s that other scene!

I hate anything that involves eyes being prided open

Also, why is he in a straightjacket?

Alex had turned into a film critic

We don’t call it sex. We call it “In Out In Out”

Wait…. They have to do it again

So… Did I accidentally put “Triumph of the Will” on?

Kubrick really did like using stock footage didn’t he?

Beethoven has driven Alex mad in the treatment

Alex has seen the light – Violence isn’t the answer

Two weeks later and Alex is cured

He will be released from prison tomorrow

That sergeant is one miserable bastard

Erm… What is happening

At least he cleaned his shoes before Alex licked them

Time for part two… Naked women

Turns out that Alex can’t even force himself onto this woman

Sounds like the priest wasn’t happy with how Alex was treated

Alex is free and returns home to find that that nothing has changed

I said this earlier but what is Alex’s mom wearing?

Wait…. Joe now lives in their house…. and in Alex’s bedroom

And all his things have been taken away…. Even his pet snake

Ok the snake died

Well… This took a dark turn

Alex decides to leave his parents with Joe, who is a massive c*nt

The drunken hobo from the start of the film finds Alex and takes him to be abused by other hobos

Oh Shit! The Droogs are cops!

Wait…. Where’s Pete?

Dim and Georgie drag Alex into the middle of the woods and drown him in a bathtub full of rain water

What is going on?

So…. They just left him in the middle of the woods

Alex finds himself at a house where he visited in the past looking for shelter

Two years later and he still has that typewritier

Wait… He ditched the wife for a buff version of Woody Allen

Even though I was drowned in one earlier, it’s nice to actually relax in a bath

Wait…. He’s humming “Singin’ in the Rain”

Didn’t need to see that face

That is a muscular Woody Allen!

Are they getting him drunk on wine and spaghetti bolognese

Turns out the old man’s wife died when Alex and his Droogs raped his wife

Who the hell are they?

Turns out the two are lawyers… I think

Don’t you hate it when you puke while listening to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony

That old man looks like he’s about to attack someone

Wait… Alex just fainted in his spag bol

What is going on?

NO!! Not Ninth Symphony?

I feel like I saw something similar in Trainspotting

Are these people trying to make Alex turn back to his old ways

Alex decides to kill himself by jumping out of the window

That failed and Alex had two broken legs, a neck brace and two broken wrists

News gets out that the treatment wasn’t good after all

Alex gets news from Mom and Dad that the government was wrong and so were they for letting Joe in

Alex gets a visit from a physiatrist

Wait… Alex is saying things he used to say before prison

The Minister arrives to pay a visit and apologises for the treatment

Minutes to go before the end of the film and The Minister tells us his name – It’s Frederick

Er…. What is happening

And we end wit Alex shagging a woman in the snow as people applaude



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