Saturday Night Fever #MovieReview

Film 273 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1977’s “Saturday Night Fever”. Based on Nik Cohn’s novel entitled “Tribal Rites of the New Saturday Night”, this John Badham music drama sees Tony Manero (John Travolta), a Brooklyn teenager who feels his only chance to succeed in life is as the king of the disco floor. His carefree youth and weekend dancing help him to forget the reality of his bleak life. This film felt bleak to me. And I don’t know why? Was it because the main character doesn’t have dreams? Or if he does, they’re so unformed that he can’t figure out what they are? All Tony cares about throughout this film is dancing. Not sex, not women, not drugs, dancing. Except at the end of the movie where he realises everything is full of BS. Obviously this film is more remembered for it’s dancing and soundtrack more than it’s plot by many people. I feel the same as the story is just there. All you want to see is Travolta shake his hips to Bee Gees songs. Overall, this film was fine but not something I would rush to rewatch again. Fun Fact of the Film #1 – Originally rated R, the film was edited and re-released as a PG rated film in 1979 to cash in on Travolta’s youth-based “Grease” fame. Fun Fact of the Film #2 – The film opened in the United States on December 14, 1977 at the height of the disco era. Less than two years later, July 12 1979, the disco era ended with people destroying records in Comiskey Park in Chicago during a Chicago White Soxs/Detroit Tigers baseball game. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1977’s “Saturday Night Fever”

Film – Saturday Night Fever
Year – 1977
Director – John Badham
Written by – Norman Wexler
Based On – “Tribal Rites of the New Saturday Night” by Nik Cohn
Staring – John Travolta, Karen Lynn Gorney, Barry Miller
IMDb Rating – 6.8/10
My Rating – 6/10
Length – 113 min (1h 53min)
Genre – Drama, Music

Welcome to Brooklyn
And cue the first of The Bee Gees songs – “Stayin’ Alive”
Is he eating two slices of pizza at once?
Pretty sure they just flipped that last shot
I know I’m on my way to work but I need to chat up that woman
Tony works as a paint salesman – Or as it’s known here in England “B&Q”
“You can’t fuck the future, the future fucks you”
Did not need a close up of Travolta’s crotch there
Nice to know this film has posters promoting other films and Baywatch
Pork chops and pasta
You’re making God you’re phone operator?
Pretty sure that’s listed as dangerous driving by the police
Well… That’s one way to avoid traffic
Welcome to 2001 Odyssey
A Fifth of Beethoven – TUNE!!!!
Time for the king of the dancfloor to reclaim his throne… Right after drinks
Now I dance… To “Disco Inferno”
What disco DJ compliments people’s hair & attire?
Wait… You’re job is to clean people’s foreheads?
I’ll do the dancing… You guys just sit there and take speed
Whenever there’s a shit song on, everyone leaves and heads for the bar
What disco has a strip club in the next room
Excuse me while I kick my friend out of the car for shagging for too long
So… This is what sex in a car sounds like
“I just kissed Al Pacino” – No you didn’t
EVERYONE! Dance to “Night Fever”
Shout out to the Serpico poster
Who cares about the new Bruce Lee film? He’s dead
Wait.. How much raise is Tony getting?
Time for dance practise
65% steady?
Better visit that girl I say the other night
Frankie returns home with news that he’s left the priesthood
Wait… Being a priest means you only wear one uniform for life or until you quit
Wait… The parents made Frankie become a priest
Bastard stole my apple!!!
You do ballet to this music?
Tony clearly staring at her ass
How does someone practise to be a bitch?
Where’s worst – Manhattan or Brooklyn?
Tony question of the film – Why did Romeo take the poison so quickly after seeing Juliet “dead”?
“That’s the way they took the poison those days”
Is Laurence Olivier the best actor ever?
Is Stephanie trying to explain Tony’s life to Tony?
Now Tony got news that Gus got attacked by The Barons
Worst part – Gus spilt all his groceries
What car has three people sitting in the front
Feels like Tony’s life is falling apart
Now for more dance practises with “More Than a Woman”
Is there a level in bullshit?
Damn camera trickery! Thought camera was spinning but it was just out of focus
Does this club only have one stripper?
Time to take Frankie dancing at 2001 Odyssey
“Are you as good in bed as you are on the dancefloor?” – Well… That’s one way to chat someone up into dancing
Bobby tells Frankie that his girlfriend is pregnant and asks if the Pope could give her an abortion
Is it me or I don’t care about Annette?
No pills? No sex!
Better take Annette and the guys to the Staten Island Bridge
The next day and Frankie’s moving out of the house
You left your priest bib as a souvenior?
White Castle!!!!
Is David Bowie bisexual?
Well… That’s one way to get kicked out
Is this the only thing Bobby wants to talk about
Did Tony just leave his job because they wouldn’t give him a day off
Tony then helps Stephanie move into her new apartment
So… Is Jay Stephanie’s boyfriend? Or dad? Or…. a friend?
I feel like I saw this shot in “Manhattan”
Thanks for the info on the bridge Tony
Tony then gets the news that he’s rehired as a paint salesman
Pete! How dare you steal my dance partner?
Meanwhile, Annette arrives with condoms
Well… Time to take on The Barons at their bar
When in doubt, crash through the window to take everyone out
Tony just punched a woman
Now we visit Gus in the hospital
Gus says it “probably was” The Barons who jumped him
Now for the dance contest at 2001 Odyssey
Who shaves next to their eyeball?
No suprise on who the winners are – It’s Tony & Stephanie
It’s not a proper disco until someone spills their drink on the dancefloor
Tony is the unhappiest 1st price winner because he thinks the contest was rigged
Wait… The Puerto Rican couple are now the winners… and keep their 2nd price awards?!?
And Tony just tried forcing himself on Stephanie but got kicked in the balls for his troubles
Eyes on the road! Not on the sex on the back seat
This just sounds wrong on so many levels
Wait… A woman gets raped by her mates in the car while you watch and you call her a “C*nt”?!?
And… Bobby just fell off the bridge too his death
Tony has had enough of life and takes a trip on the subway
Better visit Stephanie in Manhattan and apologise for everything
Wait… Did Tony just move into Stephanie’s apartment?


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