Grease #MovieReview

Film 270 in the “1001 Films to see before you die” challenge is 1978’s “Grease”. Based on Jim Jacobs & Warren Casey’s 1971 musical of the same name and voted best musical by Channel 4 in the UK, this Randal Kleiser romantic musical is about two lovers in a 1950’s high school. This is a film I probably saw one too many times while in high school (it was this, Mean Girls or old Tom & Jerry cartoons) so I pretty much knew what to expect from this film. Songs that everyone knows the lyrics to and characters that everyone knows and loves so much that they’ll dress like then for fancy dress parties or Halloween. I feel like this film didn’t really need the whole plot about the race on Thunder Road as it seemed like everyone forgot about it until they mentioned it in the scene before the race actually happened. I’m not a huge fans of musicals and this film isn’t exactly one of my favourites but if I was asked to watch it with someone else, I would consider it (don’t expect me to sing like Travolta). Overall, this film still holds up and worth watching especially if you really like musicals. Fun Fact of the Film – Several numbers from the Broadway show were cut for the film, but they can be heard as background music. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1978’s “Grease”


Film – Grease
Year – 1978
Director – Randal Kleiser
Written by – Bronte Woodard, Allan Carr
Based On – “Grease” by Jim Jacobs & Warren Casey
Staring – John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John, Stockard Channing
IMDb Rating – 7.2/10
My Rating – 7/10
Length – 104 min (1h 44min)
Genre – Musical, Romance

We open with kissing and romantic moments on a beach
Don’t you hate it when your lover has to move to another country
This cartoon is confusing in parts
Also, since when did cartoon Sandy turn into Snow White after that film ended
Well.. they don’t all come across as douchebags
So… How is sex on the beach – Better ask T-Spoon
She’s eating that Oreo wrong
Sorry I’m late! I just got back from Australia
Is anyone actually paying attention to her? – I’m not
Who the hell is she? She’s not wearing pink!
Oh sod off chatterbox
Don’t you hate it when your diamonds fall into your pasta
I’d rather not hear what Danny did on that beach
Don’t you hate it when your favourite team spends seven seasons in mid/bottom of the league table
Nice car! Seen better on bricks
How the hell is a water pistol gonna help in a fight
Hey greaser, found the girl you banged on the beach back in the summer
Sandy has never heard or had a split personality
“Men are rats. The only man a girl can depend on is her daddy”
Time to learn the art of smoking a cigarette
Twinkies and wine?
Who calls bathrooms “Powder Rooms”
Time to mock all blondes especially Sandy
Whoops! She saw everything
Don’t you hate it when your sleepover is interrupted by your horny boyfriend and his mates
“When a guy picks a chick over his buddies somethings wrong”
I look away for a few seconds and Sandy is outside singing about something – Probably Danny
Thanks to the sing-a-long book in the DVD, this is song 3 out of 10
Meanwhile, at Lover’s Lane
Erm… Who keeps a condom in their wallet from 7th grade to now
Don’t you hate it when your rivals crash into you in mid-sex
Now to find about repairing a car
Is it me or does John Travolta’s singing voice in this sound a little like Elvis Presley in this song
Wouldn’t be a dance number without backing dancers who no one’s seen until now
Stop jumping on the car! It’s just had a new coat of paint on it
What a waste of shrink wrap
Oh… That was all a dream
You’re driving on the wrong side of the road, asshole
Rizz likes sausages with relish
So… Danny had an out of body experience the night of the bonfire
Well… Better see how athletic Danny is
Erm.. Pretty sure you’re meant to dribble with the basketball
Also, who plays with a hairbrush in their shorts
Now for ameatur wrestling
And Danny lost 2-0
Well then… Better try Danny with baseball after seeing him hit someone
Foul ball my ass
Well… Better try cross country running
Don’t you hate it when you trip over a hurdle on the track
So… Sandy just dumped her new boyfriend for Danny
I’m not hungry but I’ll have a burger, fries and a ice cream
Don’t you hate it when your mates interrupt your date
Wait… They dance differently in America and Australia
French breaks the news to the waitress that she dropped out because she accidently dyed her hair the wrong colour
Who is this man and why is she calling French a “Beauty School Dropout”
Just realised that they are gonna cram 5 more songs in the next 35 or so minutes – Average one every 7 minutes
We don’t talk anymore
Rizz decides to join The Scorpions… Because fuck The T-Birds
Time for the dance
Why does Rizz look like a bumblebee?
And why does French look like a pineapple?
Also, who finds their school dance for national television
Don’t you hate it when you see your ex dancing with your partner’s ex
Well… That line was a little creepy
Again, who films their high school dance
There’s the camera! Everyone swear at it
Fast forward the dance a bit and Danny won… Without Sandy
Really? We’re dancing to “Blue Moon”
Don’t you hate it when people show their asses to the camera
The FBI has technology that can detect who’s ass is whos
Erm…Since when did Danny wear a wedding/engagement ring?
Oh… It’s to propose to Sandy
So… Rizz is pregnant and news makes it to Ken
And Sandy leaves Danny behind after he gropped her
Seriously! This is only song 6 out of 10! There’s 20 minutes left
Good thing there’s a swingset here so I can be alone with my thought
In case anyone forgot, there’s a race on Thunder Road in a few hours
Good thing we managed to get the car repaired in time
And there’s song 7 out of 10
Meanwhile, on Thunder Road
And Ken gets knocked out by his mate opening a door
Now Danny will be driving Greased Lightning
Fuck your lucky penny
Second bridge and back – No rules
Oh, hey Sandy… and the rest of Rydell
Nothing like having spikes on your wheels to destroy someone’s car
Also, is this the L.A. River they’re filming this race?
NO!!! WATER!! My car’s only weakness
And Danny wins both the race and The Scorpion’s car
Song 8 out of 10 and just over 10 minutes left
Someone’s a little excited playing that xylophone
Wait.. That was an entire year at school
How does one end their year at school…. With a carnvial on the sports field
Well… Rizzo easn’t pregnant after all
Also, Danny just turned into a jock
So… Once a greaser, always a greaser
Also, 9 out of 10 songs
Lets assume song 10 is in the credits
Since when were fun houses romantic places to have sex
Suprisingly, playing “No Reply at All” by Genesis fits with this scene
Now we get our last song
And we end with a flying car
No one going to question how or why the car is flying? Ok then
Thanks Barry Gibb for the song


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