King of New York #MovieReview

Film 269 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1990’s “King of New York”. This Abel Ferrera crime thriller is about a former drug lord who returns from prison determined to wipe out all his competition and distribute the profits of his operations to New York’s poor and lower classes in this stylish and ultra violent modern twist on Robin Hood. This didn’t feel like a film at all. There wasn’t a whole lot of dialogue leaving me confused as to what was going on and who anyone was. Also, you know a film is bad when you only know one of the character’s names and have to refer to the characters either by their real name or by their hair colour. I actually found a copy of the script online and the entire film is about 15 or so pages long. Overall, this wasn’t a good film. A film that seemed to be more focused on leaving an impression on the audience rather than give an narrative. And I’m guessing no one was a fan of this film at the time as during the film’s premiere at the New York Film Festival, many members of the audience including the director’s wife walked out of the theatre. At the Q&A held after the screening, the first question asked was, “This film is an abomination. Why aren’t you giving the proceeds to some drug rehab program?” At a second showing of the film the next day, Larry Fishburne and Nicholas St. John were booed off the stage. I managed one hour before I gave up. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I managed to say while watching 1990’s “King of New York”


Film – King of New York
Year – 1990
Director – Abel Ferrera
Written by – Nicholas St. John
Staring – Christopher Walken, David Caruso, Laurence Fishburne
IMDb Rating – 7/10
My Rating – MEH
Length – 97 min (1h 37min)
Genre – Crime, Thriller

Welcome to prison
And Walken (sorry Frank White) has just been released from prison
Meanwhile… A horny man wants sex with all his women
Instead, he leaves and heads for a payphone
Welll… He’s dead
Time to go women hunting
Look, everyone! A limo!
I get the feeling the limo driver is lost
Welcome to Travelodge
And we just got a lesson in snorting cocaine
10%? Fuck it! Why not?
No dead until I get my Coca-Cola?
Well…. That’s one way to way to end a drug deal
Meanwhile, Frank takes a shower
And there’s the shot used in all the posters
Well… Anyone gonna say hi?
Pretty sure I was Walken do that same dance in a Fatboy Slim music video?
So… You don’t visit friends locked up in cages?!
Why head downstairs if you’re going back upstairs 10 seconds later
Frank wants to be mayor and everyone laughs at him
Why does the blonde woman always look confused?
Frank admits he likes subways – The train not the sandwich shop
a restraunt that’s also a secret poker ring
Did he just piss on his leg
Meanwhile, Frank has sex on a subway – Good thing it’s empty… Or not
Looks like someone needs a new pair of jeans
Don’t steal her purse, take my money and get a job on the side
Don’t think this is how you play poker
Well… He’s dead
Spelt “Parole” wrong on the computer
Well… That play was boring
How the hell can you make $16million in 3 months
I think Frank just got arrested
What police driver drives the wrong way down a one-way street?
And Frank just kicked Wesley Snipes ass
What is going on?
Wait… Who’s wedding is this?
Why are we at a wedding?
Who has a wedding in a pub?
Wait… This is an Irish wedding
I ditched the wedding party so I can work
Meanwhile, we watch Nosferatu
Here’s some money
$57 of chicken
Erm… What is going on?
Meanwhile, Frank visits a hospital as he wants to build a new one/improve the old one
Sounds like Larry doesn’t know the true price of dope
Also, who discusses drug deals in front of kids
46 minutes in and I’m not entirely sure what’s happening
Blonde still looks confused
You just spat on a Laurence Fishburne – The ginger is a racist
Wait… Blonde is a counsellor
Erm… Why are we fighting with Larry’s gang?
8 barrels of dope!
Erm… Why is Larry hanging like a bat on the ceiling?
I seriously don’t know what’s happening
Meanwhile, the cops want to kill Frank
Since when was Ginger in charge
By the way I’m 57 minutes in and still only know Frank’s name
Wanna move that boom mic closer to the actors so I can hear them?
Don’t show me photos of dead people while I’m eating my orange


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