Trouble in Paradise #MovieReview

Film 261 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1932’s “Trouble in Paradise”. Based on László Aladár’s play “The Honest Finder”, this Ernst Lubitsch crime rom-com is about a gentleman thief and a lady pickpocket who join forces to con a beautiful perfume company owner. Question for women; what’s more important in a relationship? The man or the money? In this film, the answer is both…. I think. There were so many stories happening at once that I found it hard to keep track of them. Also, I had no clue which woman was which at one point? I later figured it out but they didn’t bother to tell you their names until the last half of the film. Also, who pays 125,000₣ for a purse? I don’t care if it has diamonds on it, that’s still a lot. One thing I want to bring up are the two men who hated each other. I don’t think the film explained why they hated each other. Was it over Colet? Also, both of them looked old enough to be Colet’s dad let alone her dates. Quick side note, it might be me hearing things wrong but I’m pretty sure they said in this film that Berlin is in Spain. Overall, this film was ok to watch but nothing interesting. There wasn’t any comedy. There was definitely romance and a lot of robbery but no funny moments. In 1933, critic Dwight Macdonald had this to say, “It comes as close to perfection as anything I have ever seen in the movies”. Fun Fact of the Film – Although Miriam Hopkins got top billing, she was actually paid the least of the three stars. Fun Fact #2 – This film would be the inspiration behind Wes Anderson’s 2014 film, “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. If you have seen this movie then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I  to say while watching 1932’s “Trouble in Paradise”.


Film – Trouble in Paradise
Year – 1932
Director – Ernst Lubitsch
Written by – Samson Raphaelson, Grover Jones, Ernst Lubitsch
Based On – “The Honest Finder” by Laszlo Aladar
Staring – Miriam Hopkins, Kay Francis, Herbert Marshall
IMDB Rating – 8.2/10
My Rating – 3.5/10
Length – 82 min (1h 22min)
Genre – Comedy, Crime, Romance

Why do I feel like I know this song?
We open wih a man emptying his bin while singing
Will someone answer that door?
I think he’s dead
Don’t you hate it when you don’t know what you want for a starter
“Moon in champagne” – Does he mean the reflection?
Panic stations everyone
What is she wearing?
Thanks for making supper. I don’t want any
The Duchess is on the phone? How did he know I was here?
Scandal? What scandal?
Why does he remind me of former late night host Craig Ferguson?
What doctor sees a patient during dinner about their tonsils?
I get the feeling the translator might not be saying what he’s saying
Wait… The Butler stole the money?!
Also, why does he keep calling him “Baron”? His name is Gaston
“Something’s changed. And it isn’t the champagne” – Is it in the neighbourhood? Better call Ghostbusters
Wait… Who really stole the wallet?
I won’t question where she had that wallet placed if it fell out of the bottom of her dress
Wait… Did he steal her pants?…. And sniff them?
You stole from me! Let’s have sex
I’m assuming this film is based in Paris after this news report
That is a very big microphone
Does spraying perfume on sleeping women really wake them up?
Don’t you just hate business meetings?
Wait…. You won’t buy the 300₣ purse but you will but the 115,000₣ purse?
What’s going on here?
Wait… Is that the same woman from earlier? How did she manage to dye her hair within 5 minutes?
Time for a trip to the opera
Look, I know we’re on a date but don’t touch me
Those pages just turned by themselves!
Why do they need to lock the boxes in theatres?
Someone’s lost their purse! The one worth 125,000₣
How does one steal a table from an opera in Munich?
20,000₣ to return the bag we stole
Wait… Their anniversary is in two days>
Seriously, all these people for a handbag?
This hobo speaks the truth about people over spending on things
Are you sure this is the right bag? I can’t have left it at the place you described
How does he know so much about women’s make-up? – Think he works in Macys
I really have no idea why those two hate each other
Was there a market crash in the early 1930’s
Gaston wants the 20,000₣ in cash
And now she’s lost the cheque book
Nice bed. Think them pillows are a bit flat?
You fired your secretary for being “too happy”?!?
A good thief always copies the person in front of them when they open a safe
Wait… Gaston just got hired to be a secretary?!?
Wait? What is going on?
Wait? Who does yoga in a turtleneck jumper?
So… Their plan is to bankrupt a perfume company owned by Colet
Cut her hair shorter and she looks like Year One Harry Potter
For a “millionaire” you really care about your belongings
Why does Gaston not want Colet to eat potatoes?
Cigarettes make you nervous?!?
At a dinner party now
Again, why do these two hate each other?
Don’t interrupt me while I do some accountting
We need to escape… TONIGHT
Erm… Berlin is not in Spain
We’ll meet up at the train station
Send 5000 roses to Colet by tomorrow morning
Yep… She’s wearing a dead skunk on her shoulders
You don’t like me but yet you hired me
We would leave but we need to make out first
He can’t be cheating on me?… Can he?
And… She’s drunk
So… They don’t hate each other now?!?
Meanwhile, Gaston argues with an old man and calls him Adolf
Now I’m alone, better steal everything…. SHIT! Lily is still here!
She just stole from the safe at the same time Colet returns home
“When a lady takes her jewellery off in a man’s room, where does she put them?” – What type of question is that?
Must… do everything… to not let her… open the safe
Wait… Who is Adolf? And why lie about who the burgular is?
Colet finds Lily after hearing about her stealing the money
Thanks for the advice… BUT FUCK OFF
I’m assuming their relationship is over… or is it?
Now I have no idea what’s happening
I stole your necklace…. Thanks and goodbye
And both Gaston and Lily leave and head to Berlin with 100,000₣ and jewels


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