O Pagador de Promessas #MovieReview

Film 259 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1962’s “O Pagador de Promessas”. Or as it’s known in English, “The Payer of Promises”. Based on Dias Gomes’ stage play of the same name, this Anselmo Duarte Brazilian drama is about a man who becomes friends with a donkey that soon becomes ill causing the man to swears an oath that if his donkey recovers, he will carry a cross across the country and give his land to the poor. Again, another foreign film with no subtitles except in Portuguese. Also, I had no clue who was who except for the married couple. Was the guy in the white suit the priest? If he is, why does he have a part-time job as a pimp? From reading the plot on Wikipedia, it makes it sound like the film started in the middle leaving me really confused. What they should have done at the start is show the man with his donkey, the donkey gets ill and then he goes hiking to Salvador with his cross. Instead, we got a random festival for a few seconds before cutting to him walking away from a building on fire with his cross. WHERE’S THE DONKEY? Overall, this film left me confused and I quickly lost interest. I lasted 18 minutes before giving in. 5 of those minutes were just the opening credits alone. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1962’s “O Pagador de Promessas”

Film – The Payer of Promises (O Pagador de Promessas)
Year – 1962
Director – Anselmo Duarte
Written by – Anselmo Duarte
Based On – “O Pagador de Promessas” by Dias Gomes
Staring – Leonardo Villar, Gloria Menezes, Dionisio Azevedo
IMDb Rating – 8.3/10
Length – 91 min (1h 31min)
Genre – Drama

We open at a festival
This music has already given me a headache
Random explosion as we see Ze and Rosa carry a cross through the countryside and the desert
I’m bored already
Still carrying the cross
This has been going now for nearly 5 minutes
He eventually finds a town who are quick to laugh at him
After reading the plot, the start of the film is actually half way through
By the way, we’re now in Salvador
I have no idea what’s happening
Well… We’e a little late. Better see the priest in the morning
So… Is she a prostitute?
Did he just slap her with money?
Look I know you slapped me and I make money by shagging random men but…. Fancy a shag?
How can you sleep on a set of stairs like that
All I can see is this guy’s white suit
Wait… He’s a priest! And a pimp!
Ok he isn’t the priest. He’s “Handsome” – No really. That’s his name
Do you mind chatting up my wife?
I still have no idea what’s happening

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