A Throw of Dice #moviereview

Film 257 in the “1001 films to see before you die” challenge is 1929’s “A Throw of Dice”. Or as it’s known in Indian, “Prapancha Pash”. Based on an episode from “The Mahabharata”, this Franz Osten silent romantic adventure drama is about rival kings, both in love with the same woman, hold a fateful game of chance. Well… This film bored me to death. It felt like it wanted to really wanted to tell the audience watching a story but it’s one that people have seen for years. There’s a girl, two men love her, only one can have her, bad guy dies, good guy prevails and gets the girl. Did we really need to spend ages in a jungle hunting for a tiger? Also, who lures tigers out of their lair by playing dominos? The reason why this film was chosen to be in this list, according to the book I’m using, is for the shots of Indian landscapes and a certain kissing scene, which YouTube describes as “Very Hot”. Overall, this film was boring and hard to watch which did lead me to fast forwarding through a lot of it. Fun Fact of the Film – The movie’s huge cast included 10,000 extras, 1000 horses and scores of elephants and tigers. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1929’s “A Throw of Dice”.


Film – A Throw of Dice (Prapancha Pash)
Year – 1929
Director – Franz Osten
Written by – W.A. Burton, Max Jungk, Niranjan Pal
Staring – Seeta Devi, Himansu Rai, Charu Roy
IMDb Rating – 6.7/10
My Rating – 2/10
Length – 74 min (1h 14min)
Genre – Adventure, Drama, Romance

We open in an Indian jungle
Nice to see Tony the Tiger make a cameo
There’s a load of hunters… and a couple picking herbs
Gambling with animals?!?
So… They’re luring a tiger out of it’s lair by playing dominos?!
Wait…. He just shot his mate in the back with an arrow
Good thing there’s a doctor who lives in the woods that can help us
Just lay him on his back where the arrow is…. Smart
Does this film have more than tiger hunting and kings gambling?
So…. You’re saying that he’s faking being shot to see the daughter of the doctor
Do you really need all those hunters?
That is the worst dancing I’ve ever seen
How dare she reject my jewels!
I have no clue who anyone is except for Sunita
Sorry but I can’t let my daughter marry a gambler
Is this really the rest of the film – Two Kings fighting over a woman
Well… I guess this is one way to end a love triangle… by KILLING YOUR RIVAL
After boring me to death with crap I don’t care about, Sunita escapes her father’s home and rides on a camel to the city with one of the kings
This film is dragging
Not gonna lie, I did just fast forward through a huge chunk of the film
Fast forward more and Sunita has been kidnapped by the evil king
She doesn’t seem all that fussed about being kidnapped
We decide who gets Sunita with a throw of the dice
Evil King says “Na” and throws himself off a cliff killing himself
Good King says he will quit gambling and gets Sunita


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