The Usual Suspects #MovieReview

Film 252 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1995’s “The Usual Suspects”. This Bryan Singer crime thriller follows the interrogation of Roger “Verbal” Kint, a small-time con man who is one of only two survivors of a massacre and fire on a ship docked at the Port of Los Angeles. “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” Is this one of the greatest lines in film history? Well the American Film Institue felt so. Enough to nominate it but that’s as far as it went. Instead they went with a line from “Apollo 13”. This film really had me gripped throughout. Who is Keyzor Soze? Does he actually exist? I guess at the end of the day, it all comes down to mind games. You may think you know everything, but there’s always someone lurking around the corner just to mess with you. I thought all the actors did a great job. Especially Kevin Spacey, who (I’m assuming) has to be one of the best actors/actresses to play villains in films. Just take his performance in this and in “Se7en” as evidence.  Even Chazz Palminteri impressed me. Especially for a role that had been penciled in for Robert De Niro and Christopher Walken, who both turned it down. Even Al Pacino was penciled in but changed his mind as he was already casted for “Heat”. Overall, this film is fantastic and a definite recommendation for anyone. A great and gripping story, great acting and a film that makes you think just as much as the detectives in this film. Fun Fact of the Film – Kevin Spacey had the fingers on his left hand glued together to make his character’s disability more realistic. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1995’s “The Usual Suspects”


Film – The Usual Suspects
Year – 1995
Director – Bryan Singer
Written by – Christopher McQuarrie
Staring – Kevin Spacey, Gabriel Byrne, Chazz Palminteri
IMDb Rating – 8.6/10
My Rating – 8.8/10
Length – 98 min (1h 38min)
Genre – Crime, Thriller

Welcome to San Pedro
Just piss on my fire will ya, Keysor
You’ve lost the use of your legs! Well… You’re no longer apart of my gang
At Roger Kint’s interrogation, he flashbacks to people getting arrested
How dare you interrupt my dinner to arrest me
This is a police line up! Not a acting audition
I didn’t know that going to jail x amount of times meant you could shag the detective’s dad in the showers
Have a shot everytime someone says “Cocksucker”
Never go clean in a gang of criminals
Why does Roger look like he’s come straight from working at Target?
Back at San Pedro, Jack Baer wants to know about any survivors – One’s in a coma and the other is Roger
Wait… $91 million worth of dope?!?
Just smoking a cigar in the burns unit
His last words before dying are “Keyzer Soze”
Meanwhile, Roger is in San Pedro for an interrogation
I can see why Roger gets the nickname “Verbal”
How long does it take to get a coffee
I guess it’s no longer a secret that I’m banging a lawyer
Don’t beat up a disabled person, Keaton
I don’t like that painting on the wall – If you can call it that
The plan – steal $3 million from a taxi company
So… The taxi company is actually ran by corrupt cops with police cars
Pretty sure punching a windscreen won’t rip it off the car
One stick up and all the corrupt cops are arrested
Better lay low in Los Angeles but first… Keaton has to say goodbye to Edie… Or not
How can Keaton be dead killed two years ago in an explosion if he’s alive today
Baer brings in an translator to speak Hungarian
So… Are we in California?
Remember Spook?
No one can really change who the really are
Now.. Who do I shoot? How about both
Guess we won’t be calling Saul anymore
So… Did Redfoot set them up
One mention of Keyzor and Roger’s fucked
Kobayashi meets the gang and says Keyzor has a deal on a boat worth $91 million – Now this story makes more sense
Aha – Hockney stole the truck in Queens
So… They all stole from Keyzor in the past and killed Saul that they now have to work for him
Keyzor has all their criminal records…. And proof that Keaton’s banging Edie
Wait… Does Keyzor actually exist?
Quick question – Does anyone actually know Roger’s disability? It just says “cripple” on Wikipedia
We mean business… by raping your wife and killing both your kids and our own men
Wait… Keyzor killed his own family!!!!
We get told that Fenster left the gang
And Fenster has been killed in a cave
McManus looks like a reject biker
Erm… Where did the desk go?
Time to kill Kobayashi
Wait… Kobayashi has links with Edie
Better spy on some Hungarians on the boat before the heist
Is now a real good time to sing Old MacDonald?
Now to claim something for Keyzor
And McManus has been killed
And there’s an old man who looks like his meditation has been interrupted
All that gun fire and that dog doesn’t bark like a madman
I feel like this is something GTA would use as a final mission for one of their games
I don’t who that old man was but he’s dead now
And McManus has been stabbed in the back of the neck and killed
And now Keaton’s been shot
Everyone’s afraid of Keyzor
How can I shoot someone if my fingers are numb
So… Roger saw the whole thing from the crates and ropes and say Keyzor blow up the boat
Thanks Detective for summing everything up
So… Keaton was Keyzor Soze?!?!
Oh.. Edie died now last night
All that and they got nothing
SHIT!!! Skokie, Illinois!!! Roger worked in a quartet in Skokie
My notice board had all the answers
Wait…. That disabiltity was all a lie
Wait…. Roger was working with Kobayashi the entire time – WTF!?!?!
“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”


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