Notorious #MovieReview

A quarter of the way through this challenge already! And it’s only taken me nearly a year and a half to do it. Woohoo! Anyway, film 250 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1946’s “Notorious”. This Alfred Hitchcock romantic film-noir is about three people whose lives become intimately entangled during an espionage operation. It really took forever for the plot of this film to take effect but once it got going, it became an interesting story. The one gripe that I would have is that the film could have explained things a little better at the beginning. The fact that I had to look at a Wikipedia article to find out Alicia’s name and why they are off to Brazil tells you that I had no idea what was happening. Also, coffee is bad for you. Overall, this was a good film but not one of my favourites Hitchcock did. That’s just my opinion. In 1983, Francois Truffaut had this to say about the film, “This is truly my favourite Hitchcock picture… In my opinion, Notorious is the very quintessence of Hitchcock”. Fun Fact of the Film – Leopoldine (“Madame”) Konstantin was just four years older than Claude Rains, who played her onscreen son. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1946’s “Notorious”


Film – Notorious
Year – 1946
Director – Alfred Hitchcock
Written by – Ben Hecht
Staring – Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, Claude Rains
IMDb Rating – 8.1/10
My Rating – 6.6/10
Length – 96 min (1h 36min)
Genre – Drama, Romance, Film-Noir

We’re in Miami
The paparazzi arrives at a court hearing
20 years for working for the Germans against America
Oh joy, no subtitles
Let’s celebrate the court trial with a party
Oh… And we’re leaving America in the morning for Havana
You laugh at love songs?
Fancy a “picnic” in the garden tonight? Na, let drink drive
I don’t think wrapping a bandana around your waist keeps you warm
Yep… You’re clearly drunk
“I don’t like gentleman who grin at me”
That’s clearly a green screen
So… She got away with drink driving because he showed him his police badge
How to silence drunk women with Devlin – punch them in the face
Friends? – You punched her and demand answers about something no one will talk about
What is patriotism?
So… Devlin has a recording from 3 months ago about her father and plays it
By the way, I have no idea what this woman’s name is
Go to Havana and spend my husband’s money or go to Brazil for… something
Can someone explain why we’re off to Brazil
BREAKING NEWS – Her father just killed himself one day into his jail sentence
I had to look up the plot on Wikipedia – Devlin’s taken Alicia (Bergman) to locate Nazis in Brazil
I have no idea what they’re talking about
You took her to a mountain to kiss her to shut her up
Some men in an office have a plan – Use Alicia to seduce Alex Sebastian to help find Nazis
Wait… They’re in love! SINCE WHEN?!?
“Chicken in the ice box” – That sounds like a innudendo
I would pay attention to your message but Alicia wants to kiss me every two seconds
Wine to celebrate what?
Devlin gets the news about the plan
You left the champagne behind
Pretty sure that’s not how you cut a chicken
Devlin tells Alicia about the job
So… This relationship was bogus


And I’m back after 31 minute mark
What a waste of a chicken dinner
Time to go to a horse riding club
Hello ex lover. How lovely to see you. Fancy a dinner date?
Alex, you want to remove those marbles out of your mouth
“I’m alergic to American agents” – LIES!!! You are on a date to get info for them
Fancy another dinner date tomorrow… at my house?
Wear this necklace and remember everyone’s names and nationalities… Especially the Germans
Time for dinner at Alex’s house
Well… This is one way to remember everyone’s names
Why so concerned about the wine bottles?
Who is Amele? Oh, he is
At the horse races, Alex and his Ma chat
Also there are Devlin and Alicia
Better report everything to Devlin
“You can add Sebastian’s name to my list of playmates”
Whoops! Alex watched the whole thing through his binoculars
Alicia visits the office and tells everyone that Alex has proposed to him
The wedding’s next week and it’s private
Why lock the spare room?
What’s the deal with the keys that Ma has them
All these keys and I don’t have one for the wine cellar
You get the keys, I’m off to Bel-Air
Just hide the key under the table where no one will see it
Time for the party
Devlin got invited and Alex isn’t happy despite being invited
HITCHCOCK!!!! I found you
Can’t two friends just get along without the husband watching my every move
Time to sneak into the wine cellar and see what the deal with the wine is
Wait.. Who hides black sand in champagne bottles
Bag it and take it to the office
Oh.. We’re out of champagne
Wait… You didn’t lock the wine cellar
So… You kissed her to make Alex mad – Make sense
Who needs champagne when we have wine and whiskey
Wait… A married couple who sleep in seperate beds?
Hmm…. That key wasn’t there last night
Wait… Am I missing a bottle? Don’t think so
Wait…Who put a bottle of 1940 with the 1934s?
SHIT! Someone knows about the black sand
Better asks Ma if she knows anything
“I am married to an American agent”
Wait… Ma knew all about this
Did Alex admit that his men got Amele killed the night of the dinner?
Ma’s idea is to make Alicia ill with cups of coffee
So… The black sand is uranium ore
Alicia gets news that Devlin’s being transfered to Spain
Now to find Devlin and see what’s happening
Oh… You can have your bandana back that you gave me in Miami
Turns out Alicia is sick
Clearly that coffee is making her more sick
Hmm… Why would they be that alert about my coffee
Devlin gets suspicious about Alicia
Who haves a hangover for five days?
And now Alicia is bed ridden
All the Germans get suspicious about everything
Meanwhile, Devlin wanders into the bedroom to find Alicia
Alicia says she’s been poisoned since the party
I have no idea what they are saying
Better get her out of bed and in a hospital
Oh hey, just popping in to say hello
Don’t… say a thing… to the Nazis
No room in this car – It’s a two seater


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