Babe #MovieReview

Film 240 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1995’s “Babe”. Based on Dick King-Smith’s novel “The Sheep-Pig”, this Chris Noonan Australian comedy family drama is about a pig who wants to be a sheepdog. I haven’t seen this film in nearly 17 years since I was in primary school and I had no memory of this when watching it again. This was a really fun film to watch. The final scene at the Sheepdog Championship had me in stitches when the crowd went silent. I was half expecting Mr Hoggett to turn to the audience and shout “Who’s laughing now?” when he won. The rest of the film was great too. For a film rated U (or E in America), there was a lot of moments where animals were being/about to be killed. Especially when (SPOILER) Maa dies. There were even a moment when I almost shed a tear (feel free to call me a wuss) when Mr Hoggett sold the puppies! Was there any reason behind it? I don’t know. I was too busy sobbing into a Kleenex at the time. Overall, this is a really fun film to watch. When this film was released in 1995, Dann Gire from The Chicago Daily Herald had this to say about the film, “The Citizen Kane of talking pig movies”. Fun Fact of the Film – “Babe” was played by a combination of 48 real Yorkshire pigs and an animatronic double. If you have seen this film, or the sequel “Babe: Pig in the City” then let me know what you thought of them in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1995’s “Babe”

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Film – Babe
Year – 1995
Director – Chris Noonan
Written by – George Miller, Chris Noonan
Based On – “The Sheep-Pig” by Dick King-Smith
Staring – James Cromwell, Magda Szubanski, Christine Cavanaugh
IMDb Rating – 6.8/10
My Rating – 7/10
Length – 88 min (1h 28min)
Genre – Comedy, Drama, Family

Once upon a time….
Not shock treatment!
So…. They just killed all the parents
Meanwhile… At a fairground
“That’ll do, pig”
Eww! The pig urinated on him!
You seriously think you can get all that from a piglet
“Pigs are definately stupid”
Is this the same place where they filmed Lord of the Rings?
There’s always one that doesn’t like the new kid in town
“The way things are”
Talk about Chicken Run
That duck just stole the rooster’s gimmick!
He just walked right into a puppy
Another character in a film to remind me that I have manflu – Thanks Maa the Ewe
“Crime and punishment”
Today’s my day to wake the adults…. Wait… An alarm clock!!!!
The duck takes Babe to the alarm clock
Why is every animal except Babe & the dogs seem so depressed?
Well… We almost had an accident on our hands
Spoke too soon?!
Yeah.. Spoke too soon!
Animal court?!
Why so scared to enter here? Oh… It’s the slaugherhouse
Nice to see Alvin & The Chipmunks make a cameo
NO!!!! You can’t sell the puppies!!!! You bastard – 😥
“Port is a nice sweet meat”
It’s Christmas!
Wow! 240 films and I can now cross off “Toyota Family Carrier” off the bucket list
“Christmas means carnage”
You still want pork? I’ll lose out on another award
And… The Duck is dead
Wait… It was Rosanna they killed!
Ferdinard decides to leave and find a better life elsewhere
A fax machine! This really is the 90’s
There’s just no pleasing that girl
It’s too late! Poachers have taken the sheep
“A pig that think’s it’s a dog”
Time to gather us some sheep
Time to give these sheep a hair cut
Time to let Babe gave a go
Well… That didn’t work
So… If I work with the sheep then we’ll get along
Rex just attacked Fly and bit the farmer!
And Rex has been sedated
“The Sheep pig”
I think my husband’s on crazy pills
“A tragic day” – This can’t be good
And they’ve killed Maa
Wait… The farmer thought Babe killed Maa
Well… Time to re-create Old Yeller while Fly talks to the sheep for info on Maa’s death
“Pig of destiny”
How are you meant to remember all of this?
“The Rules of Sheepdog” – It has to be a dog
The cat just attacked Babe! Out in the rain
Ferdinard is back!
The cat managed to sneek back inside to see Babe and Fly inside watching TV
Damn power outage
The cat reminds Babe that he’s a pig
You will be Christmas Dinner 1996, Babe
And Babe has ran away meaning the cat gets his fireplace spot back
Better find Babe… in the cemetary… cold and wey from the rain
I know what will make you feel better! Watch me dance
Wait.. Dancing actually cures all wounds??!
Time for the sheepdog championship
Time to make the sheep obey Babe
Rex’s idea is to get the sheep from their farm
Wait… There’s no rule in what animal you use in the sheepdog challenge
Let’s hope Rex’s words to Babe worked
It does work and the crowd is silent
Who’s laughing now, f*ckers?
100 all around! Babe Wins!!!
“That’ll do, pig”

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