Beverly Hills Cop #MovieReview

Film 229 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1984’s “Beverly Hills Cop”. This Martin Brest action crime comedy is about a street-smart Detroit cop named Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy) who heads to Beverly Hills, California to solve the murder of his best friend. Yes, long before the days of playing a Doctor Dolittle, a talking donkey, Pluto Nash and Norbit, we have the Eddie Murphy who looked like his career was going places. Fresh of Saturday Night Live to the big screen. I thought he was great in this as well as everyone else. The comedy still holds up and and overall fun film to watch. About time I watched a good film since the last few have been utter crap. I don’t know why but I was rooting for Rosewood (Judge Reinhold) towards the end of the film. I was expecting him to be the hero of the film but I guess I was wrong. Like I said, this film is fun to watch and it has an awesome soundtrack. A soundtrack that topped the Billboard charts back in 1984. Who hasn’t sang “Axel F”? Even if a certain blue frog wearing a leather vest exposing his penis while riding an invisible bike ruined it, you still sang it! This is a film I can recommend. My question to everyone is, should I watch the sequels? And should I watch the upcoming “Beverly Hills Cop 4” slated for a 2016 release. Let me know that and your thoughts on this film in the comments. Here is what I said while watching 1984’s “Beverly Hills Cop”


Film – Beverly Hills Cop
Year – 1984
Director – Martin Brest
Written by – Daniel Petrie Jr.
Staring – Eddie Murphy, Judge Reinhold, John Ashton
IMDb Rating – 7.3/10
My Rating – 7.5/10
Length – 100 min (1h 40min)
Genre – Action, Comedy, Crime

We start with men building cars in Detroit to Glenn Frey’s “The Heat is On”
I can’t tell what’s more red – His pants or the wall?
Meanwhile, in a truck in an alley, Axel and his friends are about to sell cigarettes
How dare I get shifted out of my money?
Nice to now cars back in the 80s crumble when they get smashed into
Fuck your bananas and watermelons
Wait… “Neutron Dance”?!?
So.. The police are thanking Axel for helping them
Someone isn’t happy
Is Axel wearing his vest inside out?
There’s Axel F
Rule 101 when parking – HANDBRAKE!
Axel’s friend, Mike, plays him a visit with 10,000 Deutchmarks
Fancy stealing a car?
Mike ends up being confronted by two men about the money he stole and ends up getting shot in the head
Axel asks to have his vacation now…. in Beverly Hills
*cue “Beverly Hills” by Weezer
Wait… Did Axel drive to Beverly Hills from Detroit?
I’m not a cop, I’m a reporter for Rolling Stones about to interview Michael Jackson
$235 a night?
Nice to know Michael Jackson’s Thriller jacket was in fashion back then
What art museum offers cocktails?
Axel meets with Jenny and talk about Mike
Axel then meets with Victor to talk about Mike
That’s a bit harsh throwing him through the window
And now he’s getting arrested
“Disturbing the peace? I was thrown out of a fucking window”
That’s the nicest police station I’ve ever seen
What police cell has it’s own phone
Wait… I can file charges on another cop?
Axel is released on bail by Jenny
Taggart and Rosewood are following Axel to his room for some reason
Pretty sure hotel servants don’t send food to people in cars across the road
Does shoving bananas in the exhaust to anything to the car?
I guess so as the car has stalled
Jenny and Axel then visit the art warehouse where Mike worked
Axel follows the van to another warehouse and demands to see a supervisor
He demands the supervisor search through all the crates
Police with Dunkin’ Donuts – Sterotype
Axel then finds Taggart and Rosewood and takes then to a strip club
You check that shady guy out, me and Rosewood will stare at boobs
Bit late on the mark Rosewood
Clearly no one from Beverly Hills likes Axel
Taggart and Rosewood are off the case – Here comes Foster and McCabe
Do these cops not want Axel to solve this case?
Axel follows Victor to the Harrow Hotel
I’ve been defeated by a fruit stall
And once again, Axel is arrested
Better explain everything to everyone at the station
Are coffee grounds really a drug?
Oh, they hide drugs in them in coffee to hide the drug scent
Some old man arrives and demands to speak to the Lieutenant
He’s been told that Axel needs to return to Detroit
Meanwhile, Victor visits Jenny and asks her about Axel
Axel and Rosewood decide to visit Jenny and visit the warehouse
They’ve found cocaine in the crates but get caught by Victor
That line sounded like Victor wants to rape Jenny
Come on Rosewood, be the hero!
One of Victor’s goons admits he killed Mikea
Go on Rosewood!
Lets break in and save Jenny
If we’re searching for someone, better get bring the shotgun
Damn! I’m too fat to get over this wall
Can’t we just walk around?
This feels like a mission from GTA: Vice City
Don’t think showing your badge will stop them from shooting you
Meanwhile, Axel has broken into the house
Don’t shoot the art!!!
This is the worst game of peek-a-boo ever
Thanks for spoiling Butch Cassidy for me Rosewood
And Axel gets his revenge on the goon who killed Mike
And now Axel’s been shot by Victor
How many cops?
Speaking of which, wheres Rand in all this? Wasn’t this meant to be his case?
And Victor is dead!
80kg of cocaine!
Wait? You don’t believe what he just said?
I don’t like Detroit anymore! Can I join the force in Beverly Hills?
Thanks for saving me Rosewood and Taggart, here’s a bathrobe. I already have three that I stole
Fancy one last drink before I leave?

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