Pink Flamingos #MovieReview

Film 228 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1972’s “Pink Flamingos”. This John Waters transgressive black exploitation comedy is about a bizarre fat woman (Divine) and her misfit family compete with a Baltimore couple (David Lochary & Mink Stole) to be named the filthiest people alive. What the hell did I just watch? The fact that I managed to watch 30 minutes of this before I threw in the towel is an achievement alone. First of, we have Divine and her wacky family which includes Mama (Edith Massey), or Edie as she’s known but everyone called her Mama, wearing underwear sat in a cot who has an obsession with eggs, Crackers (Danny Mills) who has an obsession with chickens, Mrs Cotton (Mary Vivian Pearce) who… I’m not entirely sure. Then we have Divine who is a man in drag. This film is all sorts of fucked up. I saw a couple who torture women and sell their babies to lesbian couples. I saw Raymond (David Lochary) perving on two schoolgirls and showing them his penis which has a sausage attached to it. I eventually gave in when Crackers and Cookie (Cookie Mueller) having sex with chickens including a part where Crackers shoves a chicken up Cookie’s…. You get the point. I did read on Wikipedia that if I had made it to the end, I would have seen Divine eat real dog poo. I am glad I never have to see this film again. If I am going to watch this again, I am going to be drunk and off my face on cocaine and LSD. Everyone in this film did a terrible job at acting. The only ones who looked like actual actors/actresses were the two schoolgirls. Overall, this is a really bad film and I cannot recommend this to anyone unless you are really into gross and disgusting things. If you managed to survive watching all of this film, then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I managed to say while watching 1972’s “Pink Flamingos”. Now excuse me while I clear my head of what I just watched.


Film – Pink Flamingos
Year – 1972
Director – John Waters
Written by – John Waters
Staring – Divine, David Lochary, Mary Vivian Pearce
IMDb Rating – 6.1/10
My Rating – A dog shit soon to be eaten by Divine
Length – 92 min (1h 32min)
Genre – Comedy, CrimeWe open with a shot of a trailer
That is a fat woman in a baby cot
Someone give this woman some eggs
Wait.. that’s Divine’s mom in that cot?
Meanwhile, across town, a couple are jealous of Divine
This woman looks like a mix of Harley Quinn and the lead singer of Paramore
So… She didn’t get the job because she doesn’t know Divine
228 films and I finally get the word “cunt”
Also, calling your potential boss a cunt clearly won’t get you a job
Back with the Divine family and Crackers has a real interest in chickens
Mama doesn’t know about Humpty Dumpty
Mama really has an obsession with eggs
Divine leaves and chats with Crackers
He is clearly staring at her boobs
So… are these two in a relationship?
Fuck you hitchhiker
Erm… why are there two women locked in a basement?
One is pregnant and one is dead
Fuck the women! I only care about the baby
So… Her business is to give newborn babies to new owners?!?
Who is Tex Watson?
“I’m Not a Juvenile Delinquent” by Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers is currently playing
Divine runs errands in town
Did she just shove a dead animal between her legs
Time for Little Richard as we watch Divine walk through a park
We then watch Divine take a shit in the woods
Back with Mrs Marble who wants Raymond to come home
Cut to Raymond spying on two schoolgirls
He scares them by showing them his penis which has a sausage attached to it so he can steal their purses
Rob Zombie? What are you doing here as a cab driver?
Cookie meets with Raymond and Mrs Marble
Cookie has been hired to spy on Divine by dating Crackers
Wait… You sell heroine to kids in primary schools?
Back with Crackers on her date with Cookie in the trailer
Is Crackers dating Mrs Cotton as well as Cookie?
Mama tells Cookie everything about the party
Cookie and Crackers have sex in the chicken shack… with a chicken
Did he just shove that chicken up her…. area?
And Mrs Cotton likes to watch this?
This does look like rape


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