Straw Dogs #MovieReview

Film 222 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1971’s “Straw Dogs”. Based on Gordon M. Williams’ Novel, “The Siege of Trencher’s Farm” this Sam Peckinpah thriller is about a married couple moving to Cornwall where things take a turn for the worst. That’s the best way to explain it, I think. Well… I kinda knew what to expect going in. What I didn’t know was how everything would be laid out. This film does a really good job of keeping the audience hooked. All I was doing throughout the film was waiting for, what I called it, “that” scene and for David (played by Dustin Hoffman) to start kicking some ass. Watching “that” scene is a little hard to watch. What makes it more f-ed up is that Amy (played by Susan George) actually liked it by saying “hold me” but then when another man decides to get involved then bad things happen. The one question this film doesn’t answer is, what happened to Janice? She gets knocked out by Henry in what looks like a barn in the middle of the countryside and is completely forgotten about afterwards. Overall, this was fun but really tough to watch. My head still hurts from what I just say. In 2011, Simon Kinnear from Total Film had this to say about the film, “Nihilism leaches from every frame. Peckinpah’s Cornwall resembles the Old West reimagined as Hammer horror.” Fun Fact of the Film – Straw Dogs was banned in video and DVD in Britain from 1984 to 2002 due to its portrayal of rape. If you have seen this film or the 2011 remake then let me know what you thought of them in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1971’s “Straw Dogs”


Film – Straw Dogs
Year – 1971
Director – Sam Peckinpah
Written by – Sam Peckinpah, David Zelag Goodman
Based On – “The Siege of Trencher’s Farm” by Gordon M. Williams
Staring – Dustin Hoffman, Susan George, Peter Vaughan
IMDb Rating – 7.5/10
My Rating – 7.6/10
Length – 113 min (1h 53min)
Genre – Thriller

We open with kids playing in a graveyard
Is this the same village used in Hot Fuzz
Amy and David return to their car with shopping and a man trap
Fancy a trip to Trencher’s Farm?
You cleary ain’t from around here
It doesn’t usually take this long to get cigs
All that damage for £1
What’s with the reckless driving?
Don’t mind if I watch you two kiss while I build a roof
Who drinks water out of bottles?
The two men have stolen a pair of Amy’s knickers
Damn cat! Always hiding
So… This house used to belong to Amy’s dad
One shot of gin & tonic and she’s already drunk
She seems to be a bit flirty with all the men
Has no one from Cornwall ever met an American?
I demand lettece and a new toaster
David seems to think all men from Cornwall are perverts
Back in the pub and all the men question each others motives
Outside a couple spies on David
David just threw a tomato at the cat
I bet I can do my exercises before you make your next chess move
Stop humping the chess board
Let’s call it a draw and have sex under the bed sheets
Why are they spying on David?
The next day David tells Amy that she’s not being a good house wife
You just ruined my work!
And you stuck gum on the blackboard
Amy admits that she never wears bras
Who keeps guns as a mantle piece
All I’m doing is waiting for “those” scenes
Bath? What’s a bath?
32 minutes in and we have boobs
Just doing my work while sat on a swing
Forget about the cat! It’s distracting me
David’s car has stalled as all the helpers look on
Ok it hasn’t! David just can’t work a gear stick
Is Henry meant to be into underage girls?
And Henry’s being beaten up by his brother
This must be the only pub that allows underage drinking
Scotch? Who drinks scotch?
Is there a reason who John has his arm in a sling?
Back home and David meets with Rev
What’s with the loud bagpipe music?
So…David is a scientist who only works with numbers?
Did David just admit he wants to shag Rev’s wife?
Jesus! The cat’s hung itself
So now you lock all the doors and windows
Amy thinks Chris or Norman killed the cat
Your words have ruined my cereal
Better put that trap into use by hanging it on the wall
The men suggest David go hunting with them
What is so important about that garage
“Did I catch you off guard?”
Time for some duck hunting
Is this where Nintendo got the idea for “Duck Hunt”
It’s quite clear David can’t use a shotgun
Back at home and Amy gets visited by Charlie
Now why would he lock the front door
Oh… Now I see why
It’s “that” scene
Wait… She liked it?!
Back with David and he’s finally shot a duck
Charlie stops shagging Amy as his mate has a gun pointed at him
Turns out he wants some of Amy as well
He only lasted about 45 seconds
David decides to walk home
When he goes get home, he says Chris and Norman will be fired
David has decided to fire them all for being lazy
Time for a party at the social club
Looks like everyone from the village is here
So… party streamers remind Amy of the… thing
Time for Rev’s newspaper trick
Janice wants to go for a walk with Henry
Excuse us… Jus off outside for a cig
Great! Bloody car won’t start
And things between Henry & Janice just got creepy
Wait.. How did Henry knock her out
David accidently runs over Henry
David rings the pub and tells them Henry’s whereabouts
Things are heating up at home
That a good question – Where’s the police in all of this?
Don’t think words will threaten them
Nows a bad time to want the toilet
David’s the only one who cares about Henry’s safety
John eventually arrives and he wants Henry as well
How can a rat break a window
And Tom has killed John
“I’ll hold them off” – You’re not doing a good job at it
Amy refuses to do anything until Henry is released
Let’s just trash the greenhouse
Amy almost lets them in and then threatens to leave
When will Amy confess about what happened to her
David has one of them and wraps his hands around the window frame
Better put that man trap to use now
Henryy has broken free and now being locked in the attic
Oh! And the house is on fire
Boiling acid to the face
And now they’ve broken in
Lets annoy them with loud bagpipe music
Tom breaks in and shoots himself in the foot
And David has turned violent
And he gets beaten with a pipe
Now Charlie’s entered the house
And Amys being raped again
It’s a 3 way stand off
David has finally realised what Charlie did to Amy and the two brawl
Man trap to the head of Charlie
Well.. Better tidy up
Wait… There’s one left!!!
And she just killed the last of the bad guys
Now that everyone’s dead we can now let Henry leave
Just noticed that David has taped his glasses back together


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