The Lady Eve #MovieReview

Film 220 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1941’s “The Lady Eve”. Based on Monckton Hoffe’s novel, “Two Bad Hats”, this Preston Sturgis romantic comedy is about a mismatched couple who meet on board an ocean liner. Have you ever been listening to someone talk and all they do is bang on about the same thing every few seconds? That’s this film in a nutshell. All Pike wants to talk about is his ale business, “Pike’s Ales” and the fact that he’s spent a year in the jungle looking for a snake. And all the women, who appears to not have a name but I’m assuming from the title of the film that she’s called Eve since the film never told us, wants to talk about is marriage and money. That and she thinks short men have massive… you know! For a comedy, I didn’t laugh once which is bad considering that I watched another Sturgis film, “Unfaithfully Yours”, and I laughed throughout. This film’s message kind of comes across as sexist towards women. The film seems to think all men are rich and will support them once they’re married. That might’ve worked back in the 40’s but I’m not so sure nowadays. Correct me if I’m wrong. Overall, this was rather dull to watch, the comedy (if any) isn’t funny and main lead characters are really dull and boring to watch. At least the woman is trying but Pike’s overall expression can be summed up as, “Hmm”. This isn’t a film I can recommend. But I do recommend “Unfaithfully Yours”! If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1941′ “The Lady Eve”.

Film – The Lady Eve
Year – 1941
Director – Preston Sturges
Written by – Preston Sturges
Based On – “Two Bad Hats” by Monckton Hoffe
Staring – Barbara Stanwyck, Henry Fonda, Charles Coburn
IMDb Rating – 8/10
My Rating – ZZzz
Length – 94 min (1h 34min)
Genre – Comedy, Romance
What’s with the Disney’s snake in the opening credits?
A professor sells a snake at the end of an tour in the jungle
Charlie leaves on a boat and heads home
Time for a horn off
Charlie boards a cruise ship in the middle of the lake and everyone watches
A woman just threw an apple at his head…. Just because
We’re out of Pike’s Ale?!
Why is she spying on every woman trying to flirt with this man?
This woman is giving me a headache
And she just tripped him up as he was about to leave
The man everyone is looking at is Pike
So… She tripped him up just so she can take him to her cabin
You have a suitcase just for shoes?
Has Pike never put on a pair of shoes?
We get it! You like ales
How can you go cock-eyed with perfume?
Back at the dinner
Look! I can go card tricks
He isn’t a good magician! He just showed his tricks
No gambling on a cruise ship?!
Oh… No professional gambling?!
Pike just won $600
Bugger off Mugsy
“My dad’s a good card player” – Really? He just lost $500
We get it! You like perfume!
We get it! You’ve been in the jungle for a year
So… Are these two a couple now?
I don’t even know her name?
Oh no! The snake has escaped
Let’s just leave the snake loose while we get romantic in another cabin
Pike says he doesn’t care about marriage nor his ale business
You know the saying – Short men big ….
I’m bored now


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