The Ladies Man #MovieReview

Film 219 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1961’s “The Ladies Man”. This Jerry Lewis comedy is about a young man who loses his girlfriend and swears off romance only to takes a job at a women-only boarding house who help him with his fear of women. This is a comedy? Where’s the comedy? All I say was stupid thing followed by stupid thing. Why is Herbert running around at the start after graduating? When I graduated I didn’t run around screaming “MOM!” Also, just because the love of your life cheated on you doesn’t mean all women are like that. This also applies the other way when women think men are all the same. And I know that is clearly bullshit and I won’t get into why as it’ll take me forever to explain. As soon as I saw that scene, I knew right away from the way they shot it that it can’t be her new boyfriend. For all I know, it might be her dad giving her a congratulatory hug for graduating. The main character, Herbert (played by Jerry Lewis) just comes across as the type of guy you either want to punch for being annoying or call the police and file some form of insane claim. Was this where Don Knotts got the idea to get his comedic style? Also, you can clearly tell this is filmed in a studio as you can see all the holes for the cameras and they don’t even hide it. Overall, this film just annoyed me from start to the point where I switched it off after 20 minutes. I have one more Jerry Lewis film to watch for this challenge and I’m not looking forward to it. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1961’s “The Ladies Man”

Film – The Ladies Man
Year – 1961
Director – Jerry Lewis
Written by – Jerry Lewis, Bill Richmond
Staring – Jerry Lewis, Helen Traubel, Pat Stanley
IMDb Rating – 6.4/10
Length – 95 min (1h 35min)
Genre – Comedy
Poster - Ladies Man, The (1961)_01
Welcome to Milltown
Even though the roads are empty she still looks both ways before crossing
It’s to establish already that this place is full of dumbasses
Meanwhile, a graduation has just ended
Herbert likes to run a lot while shouting
I’m 5 minutes in and I hate everyone in this film
Herbert just got cheated on by his girlfriend… right in front of him!!!
Herbert says he now hates all women
Herbert’s mother is just Herbert in a dress only cross-eyed and lots of make up
Herbert then decides to look for a job in the paper
He rejects them all because the bosses are all women
They were quick to answer the door
So… If you’re a woman who is over the age of 40 then Herbert is okay around them
But… If you’re a woman who, for example, appeared in Page 3 in The Sun Herbert will run to the other side of the globe
Herbert applies for a job as a young bacholer
Don’t remind me of college! I get flashbacks about my ex
Flashback to what happened just 5 minutes ago
“That’s the sadest thing I’ve ever heard” – Really? I’ve seen sadder things about people on Facebook
So.. Herbert has a fit after being told to find faith
So.. You can get a job by having a fit
You can clearly tell this is filmed in a studio – I can see the camera holes in the walls
Catherine seems to be a right winker – She likes winking a lot
The bed broke! I saw that coming from a mile away
Why is someone playing a trombone to wake people up into a dance routine
Herbert either must be death or really sleepy as he isn’t awake
How to make the audience know a fat woman is on screen – Bang a loud drum
This film has annoyed me to the point of quitting

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