The Lion King #MovieReview

Film 218 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1994’s “The Lion King”. This Roger Allers & Rob Minkoff animated adventure is about a young lion who is succeeding his father. I was going to put the rest in about Scar but I’ll save that for the stream of thoughts below. Speaking of that, before starting this review, I should note that I put Mustafa instead of Mufasa. Apologies. I blame the subtitles. Beside that, this is a film I first watched in my first year of primary school back in 1998. I get the feeling I watched this far at the wrong age as this film with deaths and talks about killing would make any kid crap their diaper. Now I’m older and can enjoy the film knowing everything that happens, I can say that I enjoyed this. Who hasn’t sung some of the songs in this film? Also, does it make me a bad person for cheering for Scar? I was told that if you didn’t cry when [SPOILER ALERT] Mufasa dies, then you aren’t human. This is a film I can recommend to anyone as it has something for everyone. Memorable scenes, songs to sing along to and characters to cheer/boo. There is only one Disney film left in this list. If anyone can guess it, I’ll be surprised. Fun Fact of the Film – This film spawned two hits from Elton John: “Circle of Life” and “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”. If you have seen this film, or the sequels, then let me know what you thought of them in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1994’s “The Lion King”


Film – The Lion King
Year – 1994
Director – Roger Allers & Rob Minkoff
Written by – Irene Mecchi, Jonathan Roberts, Linda Woolverton
Staring – Matthew Broderick, Jeremy Irons, James Earl Jones
IMDb Rating – 8.5/10
My Rating – 8.5
Length – 80 min (1h 20min)
Genre – Animation, Adventure, Drama

We open with a sunrise
Better follow the herd
Time to perform a christening with Simba
I can’t see this scene without being reminded of “that” toy
Zazu meets with Scar who wants to know why he missed the ceremony
The ceremony was today! I thought it was tomorrow
You can tell right away Scar is a heel
Meanwhile in a tree, Rafiki is painting
Someone’s excited to be awake today
“Everything the light touches is our kingdom” – Except that shadowy bit
I know we eat our friends but we are still friends
You’re practising your pouncing technique on me?!
Simba meets with Scar while Mustafa heads to Pride Lands
Oh no! I mentioned the elephant graveyard
Simba and Nala decide to visit the elephant graveyard
Holy poop! I just realised Rowan Atkinson is Zazu
Zazu thinks the two will get married when they are older
Simba then sings “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King”
With Zazu stuck under a rhino, Simba and Nala head to the elephant graveyard
This place would later become a skatepark in Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure
You just woke up the hyenas
You scratched me!
Here comes Mustafa to the rescue
He isn’t happy that Simba came here
Mustafa admits he was scared knowing he could lose Simba
All stars are made of past kings – Thought they were planets/moons
Scar pays a visit to the hyenas
“I’m surrounded by idiots” – I know that feeling
Scar wants Mustafa dead and sings about it
Where did all these other hyenas come from?
The next day Scar takes Simba for a walk


We’re back and Scar has left Simba behind on a rock
Scar has a gift “To die for”
Scar tells Mustafa what’s happening
Mustafa saves Simba but gets caught in the stampede
Here come’s the Scar heel turn
“Long live the king”
And Mustafa is dead
Scar blames Mustafa’s death on Simba and tells him to run away
Changed my mind… just let the hyenas kill him
Simba escapes through a thorn bush
Scar breaks the news to all the other lions and says he will be the new king
He then says lions and hyenas will be friends
Meanwhile in the desert
It’s Timon and Pumbaa
They take Simba away and is told to put the past behind him
“Hakuna Matata”
Meanwhile, Scar has Zazu locked up and wants him to sing
Zazu then sings about coconuts
Meanwhile, Simba, Timon & Pumbaa talk about stars
Timon thinks stars are fireflies
Let’s all laugh at what my dad told me abotut stars
I feel like I’m missing a scene
Meanwhile, Rafiki is mixing seeds in a turtle shell to realise Simba is alive
Back with Pumbaa whos about to pounce for food
Time for a lion fight
Turns out it’s Nala!
Timon is upset no one died
Simba says he doesn’t want to be king
Timon starts singing “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”
Nala tells Simba about everything under Scar
There goes that friendship
Meanwhile, Rafiki’s singing watching on
He reminds Simba about who he is and says Mustafa is still alive
Rafiki says Mustafa lives inside Simba
In the clouds, Mustafa tells Simba to remember who he is
Simba decides to head back home
Back with Nala, Timon & Pumbaa who get news about Simba’s return
Simba and Nala returns to see what has happened
Timon and Pumbaa are here to help as well
They provide a distraction by doing hula
Scar says everyone must die
Simba demands Scar to step down before admitting Mustafa’s death was his fault
This looks familiar
Scar admits he killed Mustafa causing a war to break out
Even Rafiki gets involved
Don’t call Pumbaa a pig
Back with Simba and Scar
Scar tells Simba that he can’t kill his own uncle
Time for a fight between Simba and Scar
Scar gets thrown off a cliff into the hyenas who attack him
That’s everything over with
Simba is king and shares a hug with Rafiki
Time passes and everything is back to normal
Oh, Hey Simba Jr


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