Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans #MovieReview

Film 212 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1927’s “Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans”. This F.W. Murnau romantic drama is based on Herman Sudermann’s short story entitled  “A Trip to Tilsit” and is about a bored farmer who is convinced to kill his wife and child after falling in love with another woman. If I could sum up this film in one word, it would be ‘depression’. All the main characters in this film are all depressed and miserable and hate life. There is roughly 40/50 minutes of the Farmer and his Wife being upset and crying in every scene. All I got out of this film was that you shouldn’t love someone because they have money. Overall this film, to me, wasn’t fun to watch and pretty much summed up my life… minus the attempted murder and love interests. Critic Todd Ludy had this to say about the film, “The motion picture camera, for so long tethered by sheer bulk and naivete, had with Sunrise finally learned to fly”. Fun Fact of the Film – It is rumoured that George O’Brien was made to wear lead boots in order to feel the weight of his character’s guilt. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1927’s “Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans”

Film – Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans
Year – 1927
Director – F.W. Murnau
Written by – Carl Mayer
Staring – George O’Brien, Janet Gaynor, Margaret Livingston
IMDb Rating – 8.4/10
My Rating – 4.8/10
Length – 94 min (1h 34min)
Genre – Drama, Romance
We start with reading
Summertime means vacation time
There goes a train through the countryside
There’s a boat
Meanwhile on a yatch, people arrive to a warm reception
Woman is getting ready for a night out
Her parents are watch her leave while eating porridge
Don’t go breaking curfew
He heads to Farmer’s house and whistles for his attention
Who dare interupt me while I’m slicing bread
Farmer doesn’t go to Woman as Wife is about to make dinner
Wife gets upset that Farmer left without dinner
Flashback to when Farmer and Wife were happy
Turns out Farmer had to sell all his animals for money
Two old women seem to know everything
Farmer finds Woman in a field and kisses her while Wife cries
Woman tells Farmer to sell his farm and kill his wife
She tells Farmer to drown Wife and make it look like an accident
“Come to the city!”
Why do all the building look like cardboard backdrops?
Farmer returns home with some large crops and hides them in the shed
I guess when times are tough when you’re married you sleep in seperate beds in the same room?
That morning, Farmer sees Wife feeding chickens
Should I kill my wife and leave everything behind?
Farmer proposes the idea to go on a boat trip and Wife is happy
The dog knows something isn’t right and chases after them
That or he wanted to come along for the trip
Farmer returns to the dock and takes the dog home
Now the trip can begin
Farmer sails far enough that no one can see them and stalks Wife
Before he can do anything, he gets upset and sails back as Wife cries
Wife runs away after realising what Farmer had planned
The two board a tram in the middle of the woods and head into the city
“Don’t be afraid of me”
Farmer takes Wife into a cafe and treats her to some bread
Lots of crying and depression
Even flowers makes Wife cry
The two then find a wedding and watch it
I didn’t realise weddings were open invitation
Both of them cry and leave
That’s clearly filmed in front of a green screen
Who has sex in the middle of the road during the day?
The two then look at photos of weddings and children
They then decide to get a haircut and a shave but leave before anything can happen.
Actually, Wife sits somewhere while Farmer gets a shave and a manicure
Someone tries forcing himself on Wife and even steals a flower
Farmer saw everything and pulls out a knife
Let’s go get out photo taken
Don’t touch anything… EVEN THE GRAPES!!!
Who broke the statue?
They pay for the photos and have a laugh
Meanwhile, Woman finds an advert for selling farmhouses
Farmer and Wife decide to have more fun at a theme park
Farmer’s won a pig!!!
The pig is loose and on the run
Inspiration for Babe?
The pig hides under a sheet while a chef gets drunk on wife
Now the pig is drinking the wine
Well… That pig is drunk
Farmer catches the pig and returns it to the theme park owner
Fancy a dance?
Seems like the two have found love again and have completely forgotten about what happened on the boat
Let’s sail home in the moonlight
Pretty sure it’s not safe to have a bonfire on a wooden barge in the river
All of a sudden… It got really windy
How do you break an oar?
Better use the crops as a makeshift raft incase we fall out of the boat
Woman leaves her house after seeing everyone run to Farmer rescue
Wife appears to have died
She did end up drowning after all
Don’t crash into us!
Farmer returns home and his servant cries while holding his child
Woman makes her way to Farmer’s house and he runs after her and attacks her
Good news!!!! Wife is alive!
And Woman leaves on the back of a cart mad about everything

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