Mondo Cane #MovieReview

Film 211 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1962’s “Mondo Cane”. Or as it’s known in English, “A Dog’s World”. This Paolo Cavara, Gualtiero Jacopetti and Franco Prosperi documentary consists of a series of travelogue vignettes that provide glimpses into cultural practices around the world with the intention to shock or surprise Western film audiences. Shock? Yes! What the fuck did I just watch? Women breastfeeding pigs, pigs being brutally killed (that was the part where I stopped watching) and overall confusion. One minute we’re watching a dog get killed by other dogs then we cut to US Marines waving at women in bikinis. Then we watch women throw fruit at men as it’s apparently a sport. Also, why are we shown clips from Southern Italy of a celebrity statue being unveiled? Why are women working at a clothes store tearing off a man’s shirt? Why? Why anything? Fuck this film! This is one of the worst films I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen some shit films in this challenge. Don’t watch this unless you really want to see animals get cruelly murdered. In 2011, The Guardian said this film is “The strangest commercially successful film in the history of cinema”. Fun Fact of the Film – The theme song for “Mondo Cane” entitled “More” won a Grammy Award as well as an Oscar nomination. If you have seen this movie and managed to watch more than 14 minutes of it, let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1962’s “Mondo Cane”

Film – Mondo Cane
Year – 1962
Director – Paolo Cavara, Gualtiero Jacopetti, Franco Prosperi
Written by – Gualtiero Jacopetti, Paolo Cavara
Staring – Rossano Brazzi, Stefano Sibaldi, Henning Skaarup
IMDb Rating – 6.4/10
Length – 107 min (1h 47min)
Genre – Documentary
We open with lots of barking dogs
One of the dogs is being dragged by the neck somewhere
Is this meant to be a prison for bad dogs?
“All the scenes are real”
And the dog is sent into the barking dogs and is killed
Meanwhile, a crowd rathers in Southern Italy to unveil a statue of an actor
Get that camera out of my face
That man looks like Gus Poyet
Does no one know how to blink?
A statue of Rodolfo Valentino has been unveiled
It looks unfinished… and why is it blue?
We’re now in New York
Rossano Brazzi arrives to show that all Italians are lovers
He gets mobbed by women who want to measure him for a shirt
Er… Ok… Now we’re in Kinuena with naked women swimming
No one works? Pretty sure that man carrying people on a boat is working
Once a male is captured he is taken away into the jungle
All the men are scared of the women that the climb up trees to hide
Doesn’t help that they’re throwing fruit at them
Wait… Chasing Men is a sport?
Meanwhile on a US Marine ship, a woman in a bikini walks towards camera
More women on a boat arrive to be dickteases
That woman is breastfeeding a pig
Back to Kinuena and the tribe are on the hunt for something
They’re about to feast on live pigs then have nothing to eat for three days

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