Todo sobre mi madre #MovieReview

Film 210 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1999’s “Todo sobre mi madre”. Or as it’s known in English “All About My Mother”. This Pedro Almodovar Spanish drama is about a mother who works in the organ transplant section of the hospital who loses her son on his birthday after getting ran over. Quite honestly, I was bored watching this. I think the film wanted the audience to be in tears through the entire film like the mother but, in my opinion, it doesn’t do that. To me, the mother came across as someone who didn’t really show any emotions when her son died. She cries for a few seconds, stops and pretends she wasn’t crying. All I got out of the film was that if you die, your organs get donated to someone else. Honestly, I felt like I was watching a crappy Spanish version of Casualty. Or Scrubs if they decided to remove all the comedy. Overall, I didn’t enjoy this film. In 2006, director Pedro Almodovar had this to say about the film, “I read about a bunch of nuns who lived in a house and worked with transvestites and prostitutes and drug addicts, trying to help them to establish new lives for themselves.” Fun Fact of the Film – A stage version of the movie opened at London’s Old Vic theatre in 2007 starring Diana Rigg. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1999’s “All About My Mother”. Now excuse me while I watch Grey’s Anatomy

Film – All About My Mother (Todo sobre mi madre)
Year – 1999
Director – Pedro Almodovar
Written by – Pedro Almodovar
Staring – Cecilia Roth, Marisa Paredes, Candela Pena
IMDb Rating – 7.9/10
My Rating – ZZZzzzz
Length – 96 min (1h 36min)
Genre – Drama
We open the film with shots of IV bags in hospitals
Manuela calls someone about an organ donor
At home, she cooks food while her son watches “All About Eve”
Her son says her mom needs “a big dick to suck on”
So.. I’m watching a film in a film
And… Her son wants to be a writer for Hollywood
Here son, here’s my modelling photo
It’s Esteban’s birthday and he wants to be read to sleep
Esteban says he’s writing a piece about his mom working as a organ donor
We get told about how organ donations work
That night, Esteban nearly gets hit by a car on his way to meeting his mom at the theatre
I’m bored
Is this a stage show about an abusive father beating his wife and child?
Two actors Esteban likes ignore him
And Esteban has been ran over and killed in a hit and run
“Boys who live alone with their mothers have a special face”
The doctors confirmed Esteban’s death and is already listed for organ doning
It’s taken 16 minutes for me to know where I am – We’re in Coruna, Spain
Time for a heart transplant
3 weeks later and the operation was a success
So… Esteban is dead but is cutting monolagues
Where did the talk about Argentina come from?
Manuela says she wants to quit her job at the hosptial and leave Spain
And she does just that as shes heading for Barcelona

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