Withnail & I #MovieReview

Film 206 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1987’s “Withnail & I”. This Bruce Robinson comedy drama is about two out-of-work actors on holiday “by mistake” in the countryside. I wasn’t sure what to think of this going into it. All I knew going in was that one of the main characters is constantly drunk. Sitting here, I’m having a hard time trying to think of anything that happened. A lot of rambling and mumbling from Danny and Monty, Withnail being drunk and Marwood constantly making me think he looks like James Blunt. Speaking of Monty, he was one character in this film I constantly said, “Oh fuck off” anytime I say him. Especially when he’s in the cottage with Withnail and Marwood. If this film has taught me anything, it that countryside folk aren’t friendly and don’t lie about your sexuality. Overall, this is an fun film to watch. It has some great moments and two Jimi Hendrix songs in it’s soundtrack so the film gets bonus marks for that. Anytime a film has one of my favourite artists in it’s soundtrack, I will like the film a little bit more. Fun Fact of the Film – Much of the promotional art for “Withnail & I” was designed by British cartoonist Ralph Steadman. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1987’s “Withnail & I”

Film – Withnail and I
Year – 1987
Director – Bruce Robinson
Written by – Bruce Robinson
Staring – Richard E. Grant, Paul McGann, Richard Griffiths
IMDb Rating – 7.9/10
My Rating – 7.5/10
Length – 107 min (1h 47min)
Genre – Comedy, Drama
withnail and i
We open with a man smoking a cigarette listening to blues music
Think someone needs to do the washing up
Fancy a tea?
Fried egg sandwich for breakfast
“13 million Londoner wake up to news of murder, rape and other bad things”
Is he having a bowl of coffee?
Is this film inspiration for “Bottom”?
You can’t stop me from doing the washing up
Scrap that. Let’s go outside
Marwood proposes that they should go to the countryside
Back at home and Withnail has covered himself in something to keep himself warm
Lighter fluid! That’ll do! “Wankers won’t dare drink it”
Let’s get wrecked in the pub and finish with pork pie
I can’t even piss straight without going insane
“I fuck arses” – Who fucks arses?
Don’t hit me! I have a heart condition
Danny’s here! He can’t see us eating fish & chips in the bath
Better hide them in the toilet
Danny says he wants to work in the toy business
Good God Danny is boring
Pretty sure that Jaguar isn’t safe to drive
Withnail & Marwood arrive at Monty’s house for their week away
Why are we talking about veg?
I have no idea what Monty is rambling on about
Why have a cat if you threaten to kill it anytime you see it?
“All Along the Watchtower” by Jimi Hendrix – TUNE!!!!
To the countryside!
Withnail says he wants a child so he can steal his urine so he can’t get told off for drink driving
Bloody rain!
I can’t see a thing
Just burn everything made of wood
Nice view
Why walk with a cane if you don’t use it
Marwood heads to a random house for food, wood and coal
She refuses and slams the door in his face
She tells him to find a man on a mountain for wood
They find the farmer who says he’ll bring wood, coal and a chicken
He just burned his boots for fire
Better wear carrier bags on my feet to find potatoes
He’s brought a live chicken
How does one kill a chicken?
Where did he get a shotgun from?
That’s the chicken gutted – Pretty sure you need to remove it’s head and feet
Withnail then rings his agent who tells him to he hasn’t gotten any work in 3 months
Turns out they’re in Penrith
Rule 101 in the countryside – Always shut the gate
Damn! The bull is loose! Better shout at it while lobbing veg at it
At the pub, the two drink… again
Even the barman is getting drunk
Withnail tells him that he and Marwood are working on a piece for Country Life
If you ain’t being served, steal a glass and make your own pint
The man is carrying food on him
He threatens him with dead fish and then calls Withnail gay
Pretty sure this is how you don’t fish
They find the man from last night at their house
That night, Marwood is laughing in his sleep
This causes Withnail, with a shotgun, to sleep in Marwood’s bed
Marwood just threw the gun out of the window
Later that night, someone is making noise outside
He’s broken in!
Turns out it’s Monty
And he’s has food!
He then rambles on about God
“We live in a world shat on by tories and shovelled by labour”
Withnail leaves leaving Marwood with Monty to cook
Sign on? – They had Job Centre’s in the 80’s
Withnail arrives just in time before Monty could go something sexual to Marwood
You buy wellies while I get shaving foam and razors
Bollocks to the wellies… DRINK!!!
That’s the drinking over, let’s have cake
They enter a cafe which is closing
How can it be closing if the sign on the door says “open”
They leave as soon as Monty arrives
Back at the cottage, Monty thinks Marwood is up to something
Monty then forces Withnail to cook
They tell Monty about the man from the pub who threatened them
The three then go for a hike
Monty rambles on about someone called Norman who he met at Oxford
The man from the pub is back at the house and left them a note in a dead hare
Let’s play cards
Cards over. It’s time for a dance
Actually… We both need some sleep
Monty has locked Withnail in his room meaning Marwood sleeps on the couch
Monty asks Marwood if he wants to have sex with him
Also, is it me or Marwood looks a little like James Blunt?
So.. Monty’s sleeping on the sofa
For fuck sake, Monty! Leave Marwood alone
Monty calls Marwood gay and says he loves him
Marwood says he is…. but only for Withnail
Monty appears to have left and left a note behind
Someone with a telegram arrives
Marwood appears to have been accepted for a theatre role
We’re leaving… and I’m taking dinner with me
Marwood fell asleep with a drunk Withnail at the wheel
Oh no! You just drunkenly overtook a police van
I’m not drunk. I’ve only had a few ales
That is one angry officer
Withnail just got caught cheating the urine test
Back at home and Danny has taken over the house
Nice to see Danny didn’t bother cleaning up
How big is that joint?
Marwood returns and has the role as the lead actor in the theatre
Turns out their getting evicted
A black man with an afro sings rituals while spinning a globe
Danny even admits he drugged the rodents
Months later, Marwood got his hair cut and is moving out
Lets walk to the station while drinking our leaving drinks
Withnail says some drunken words to a group of wolves as Marwood leaves

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