An American Werewolf in London #MovieReview

Film 201 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1981’s “An American Werewolf in London”. This John Landis horror comedy is about two American college students who were backpacking through Britain before getting attacked by a wolf. I have never seen this film apart from the famous scene of David transforming into a werewolf. Overall, I found myself enjoying the film. The film has a lot of memorable scenes such as the one I just mentioned and the scene in the London Underground. Watching that scene really shows that the London Underground hasn’t changed all that much. I really found myself to be grossed out by the make-up on all the undead. Especially with Jack, the first time you see undead Jack, the first thing I saw were pieces of flesh flapping around as he was talking. The ending of the film… sort of just… ends. SPOILER – David gets killed and is seen naked bleeding from bullet holes in a dark alley. Then we jump straight into the credits. I would have liked to have seen a little bit of the reactions from everyone but nope. Straight to the credits. I did notice one thing, a cameo appearance of Rik Mayall. I did not know that he was in this film. Good timing watching this today as today marks one year since Rik passed away. Granted, he didn’t do much apart from look miserable playing chess. I would recommend giving this a watch. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1981’s “An American Werewolf in London”.

Film – An American Werewolf in London
Year – 1981
Director – John Landis
Written by – John Landis
Staring – David Naughton, Jenny Agutter, Joe Belcher
IMDb Rating – 7.6/10
My Rating – 7.5/10
Length – 93 min (1h 33min)
Genre – Horror, Comedy
We open with “Blue Moon” by The Marcels as we look at images of the countryside
A farmer lets two hitchhikers, Jack and David, out of his truck on their way to East Proctor
How dare you diss the woman I love
How you not know how “knock knock” jokes work
Let’s have food and beer at “The Slaughtered Lamb”
Don’t you hate it when everyone stares at you because you’re not local
Anyone remember John Wayne’s “The Alamo”
Rik Mayall? What are you doing here playing chess?
There’s a five-pointed star on the wall
Nice spit take Rik
Everyone tells Jack and David to stay on the road and keep their eye on the moon
Full moon
Damn! It’s raining! Wouldn’t be a hike without rain
Whoops! They’ve gone off the road
No one can hear that howling in pub
“There aren’t any coyotes in England”
They’ve both just realised they fucked up
Shit! We’re lost! And it’s the middle of the night
So… Are we in The Yorkshire Moors?
And Jack is dead
And David gets attacked but saved by farmers with shotguns
This must be Yorkshire… Everyone has a flat cap
In the hospital, a doctor and a nurse chat
So… All David sees is himself running as a wolf
How did I end up in a London hospital if I was attacked in Yorkshire?
He’s been out for three weeks!
Doctor and two detectives chat
One of these detectives isn’t very good
Everyone pretends wolves don’t exist and say they were attacked by a madman
Why is David naked running around the woods?
Did… he just… rip a deer’s head off and eat it?
We’re forcing you to eat so you can have some pills
Is their food fish, chips, peas and smashed potatoes?
Back to David running in the woods… this time he’s clothed
Back to the hospital and David chats to Doctor
We will believe you about wolves until it is shown in the news
This nurse looks like Carol Vorderman
Can you read me to sleep?
The Muppets Show? I’m ok with that
A gang of wolve with guns kill a family with machine guns in David’s dream
A nightmare within a nightmare!
Breakfast is eggs, bacon, porridge, orange juice & toast
It’s Jack! All torn up and eating David’s breakfast
Jack tells David about what happened to them on The Moors
He tells David to kill himself as he is the last werewolf
That is some really horrific make-up on Jack
Pieces of flesh flapping everytime he talks
Jack disappears before a nurse arrives
The nurse and David decide to kill by being with each other
Damn Underground Train is full of punk rockers!
Shout out to the Casablanca poster
So… Is David now living with the nurse?
7 lovers? 3 one night stands? SLUT!!!
Van Morrison’s “Moondance” plays
[insert sex scene]
After sex, a green man chats with David
Green man is Jack who tells David he will be a werewolf tomorrow night
“I will not be threatened by a talking meatloaf”
Anyone seen the 1940’s Were Wolf? – I have for this challenge
Back on The Moors and Doctor is looking for the pub in his MG
What’s a Campari Soda?
Doesn’t matter! I’ll have a Guinness
Doctor drops the news about David and Jack
All the people in the pub just blow off the story
One of them gets nervous that he has to “check on the dogs”
He decides to talk to Doctor about the werewolf attack
He says David will attack tonight!
How do doors work?
Good thing Nurse doesn’t lock her windows
If I am gonna be a werewolf, better practise my growls
The darts is on!
News of the World! – That was a thing
“I see a bad moon rising”
Don’t you hate it when you look in the fridge and can’t find anything to eat?
It’s night and the moon is full
David is sweating…
His hand…
Good God he got hairy
He is becoming a werewolf!!!!!
With 30 minutes left of the film, David is now a werewolf
A couple return home after a night out and get attacked by David
Doctor is back in London
He tells Nurse about everything he learnt at East Proctor
At a junkyard, three hobos are keeping warm by a fire
They’ve spotted David!!!
We don’t see the attack!
Instead we are shown a man leaving a Underground Tube and buying toffee
We’re at Tottenham Court Road
London Underground hasn’t changed that much in 34 years
David’s in the Underground!
Damn! I’ve left my umbrella behind
And I’ve fallen on the escalator
How did I end up in London Zoo?
Oh… David fell asleep in the zoo with the wolves
Back with Nurse who was on the phone
Back with David who is hiding from everyone
£2 to walk to you? OK
David just stole a little kid’s balloons
Eventually he finds a coat and decides to head home on the bus
David has no memory of his time as a werewolf
Better take David to the hospital
Stop pretending this is Fake Taxi
Taxi Driver says 6 people were murdered last night
David panics and says he’s wants to be arrested
I know just called our queen a man and her husband a cunt but we won’t arrest you
David tells Nurse to be alone from now in
The police say they will find David who is missing
David is in Piccadilly Circus ringing his sister in America
David then decides to slit his wrist but fails
Jack is spotted by David entering a porn theatre
This is a really bad porno
The man from the subway is in the cinema
He tells David to kill himself to lift the werewolf curse
All the dead victims from last night are here as well
They all suggest different ways to die
The full moon is back and David is turning into a werewolf again
Bad time to turn… in a porno theatre
Everyone in the theatre is dead
They’ve got David locked up in the theatre
David has escaped!!! And just caused a massive car crash
I’m expecting “White Riot” by The Clash to start with all these sirens
Here comes the riot squad along with Nurse and Doctor
Nurse breaks through the crowd and confronts David
David is shot and killed before he can attack Nurse
David has returned to his normal self

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