Silver Lode #MovieReview

Film 197 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1954’s “Silver Lode”. This Allan Dwan western film-noir is about tells the story of Dan Ballard and Rose Evans who are about to be married when Marshal Fred McCarty and his deputies ride into town looking for Ballard. McCarty accuses Ballard of having murdered his brother and has come to arrest him. I have never seen so much wooden acting in one film. Everyone acted like they all couldn’t move their joints and would just stand still and stare. Not staring at someone they were talking to but just stare off camera as if they were reading a teleprompter. They threw all these characters on screen and didn’t bother explaining who anyone was or why they were there. I ended up missing out on so much of the plot that I had to switch the film off because I was trying to catch up on what had happened minutes ago. Overall, this is a bad film and I can’t recommend it to anyone. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1954’s “Silver Lode”

Film – Silver Lode
Year – 1954
Director – Allan Dwan
Staring – John Payne, Lizabeth Scott, Dan Duryea
IMDb Rating – 7.1/10
Length – 77 min (1h 17min)
Genre – Film-Noir, Western
The more and more I watch western films the more I DON’T want to play Red Dead Redemption
Welcome to Silver Lode’s Giant Picnic
It’s the Marshall! RUN AWAY!!
He’s looking for Dan Ballard
One woman refuses to tell Marshall where he is unless he shags her
Play the “Yankee Doodle”
Is everyone in Silver Lode Dan’s friend?
Sheriff Woolie chats with Marhsall
Inside the house, Dan is about to get married to Rose
You weren’t invited to the wedding!
Why is Dan acting like he can’t move his joints?
Marshall has come to arrest Dan for killing his brother two years ago
We’ll let you finish the wedding… then we’ll kill you
“It’s your wedding, Ballard. Or your funeral”
Rev tells Marshall off and Marshall doesn’t care
Dan’s friends are going everything to stop his arrest… even the sherriff
Everyone is against Marshall taking Dan away that they follow him
Sheriff has hired a team to help Marshall take Dan to Discovery
Rose wants answers and Dan says everything is true
Do we really need to be introduced to this many characters?
Dan’s gang and town folk listen to Dan and Marshall’s arguement
Let’s go have a word with the judge about taking Dan away
The lawyer talks to the judge saying Dan’s crime took place in a different state so he should be free
Marshall & Sheriff arrive to chat about Dan’s arrest
Why did you ride 200 miles on a horse when we have trains?
Judge decides to not allow Dan’s arrest unless it’s taken to court
Everyone returns to chat with Dan and his arrest still stands
All Dan wants is two hours to prepare
Now someone wants to buy Dan’s range for $10,000
Dan visits someone to write him a letter and a telegraph to San Francisco
That ain’t happening as the wire connection is cut
Dan and Rose are told they are needed at a school to be judges.
Dan refuses but Rose is told to go for her safety
Since we have less than two hours to kill… lets go for a drink
Here’s the bottle! Bottle your own shots
Dan and Dolly have a chat about Marshall and wants Dolly to take one and have “fun”
I’m assuming she said no
Dan is trying to bribe his way out but is told no

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