Ringu #MovieReview

Film 187 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1998’s “Ringu”. Or as it’s known in English “Ring”. This Hideo Nakata Japanese horror mystery is about a TV-reporter, who gets caught up in a series of deaths surrounding a cursed video tape. This film is based on Koji Suzuki’s novel of the same name. Is it me or any time I hear the title of this film in Japanese, I think of Pingu, the animated children’s TV penguin? This is one of those film I was told would make me crap myself in fear. I watched the entire film and at no point was I scared. In fact, I didn’t really find anything that made it a horror film. Yes, there is mystery elements in the film but nothing that’ll make people be scared. Maybe if I was watching this when the film came out in 1998, then maybe I would have a different opinion. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good film but not scary. However, now that I’m trying to think of anything that stood out to talk about as I type this, nothing is springing to mind. The one thing thing this film did do was leave the audience with a cliffhanger ending. Did she save her son from the curse? We never knew…. Unless they answer that in the sequel… Or the American remakes. Overall, this is an alright film with nothing special to note. If you have seen this film, or the sequel “Ringu Two” or the American remakes, then let me know what you thought of them in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1998’s “Ringu”.

Film – Ring (Ringu)
Year – 1998
Director – Hideo Nakata
Written by – Hiroshi Takahashi, Koji Suzuki
Based On – “Ring” by Koji Suzuki
Staring – Nanako Matsushima, Miki Nakatani, Yuko Takeuchi
IMDb Rating – 7.3/10
My Rating – 6.2/10
Length – 90 min (1h 30min)
Genre – Horror, Mystery
This music is unsettling
Its Sunday September 5th
Nothing like a game of Major League Baseball
A girl tells her mate about watching a tape and dying a week later
Who could be ringing at this hour? It’s 9:40pm
Masami heads to the phone and answers! It’s her mom! Everything’s fine
Who switched the TV on? There’s no one in the living room
Pretend the camera isn’t here
The news are reporting on the ‘video curse’
At the news offices, the reporter and cameraman chat about people dying
Before I head home, better have a read of the paper about the couple who died in a parked car
I thought she was gonna drive into wall
The news reporter and her son head to a funeral
Closed casket funeral?
Is that child wearing pants? I can’t tell
He is! He has very short shorts on
Yoichi wonders into the dead girls bedroom
Turns out the cause of death was from ‘the video curse’
“Their hearts just stopped” – Wouldn’t that mean they died of a heart attack?
The news reporter then visits someone before visiting the kid’s bedroom
Seems like everyone’s dying with shocked expressions on their faces
Yoichi tells her mum that Tomoko saw the video
It’s Monday September 13
Better visit Izu Park to investigate
She’s found the hut the people in the photo were stood in front of
Is she looking for the video tape?
Looks like she can’t find any clues towards her report
Better ask the owner if he remembers these people
The owner has the tape!!!
Why would you want to watch it? You know what happens when you do watch it
Remember TVs that you had to tune in to avoid static?
The tape starts with a woman combing her hair
Wait… If I’m watching this… Does this mean I die next week? SHIT!!!!!
Well that tape wasn’t exciting
Shit! The phone’s ringing! Better answer it
You’re doomed! You will die next week at 7:05pm
Meanwhile, Yoichi heads to school in the rain
Ryuji heads to the news reporters house and has a look around
“This photo makes me look bad! Take it again!” – A quote all girls say about having their photo taken
The hell happen to her face in the photo?
Ryuji decides to watch the tape so he can analyse it
At the news office, she decides to watch the tape again
Meanwhile Ryuji is writing!
So… He saw someone’s feet and thinks he is being haunted
So… No one knows where this tape came from?
Time to note out the edit in the tape
Takano arrives
It’s taken me 38 minutes to know the news reporters name – It’s Asakawa
Wait… Asakawa & Ryuji were married, got divorced but still meet each other on occasion
So… We need to fear a man wearing a towel on his head with alien eyes?
Playing the tape really slowly reveals a hidden message
It’s about brine and goblins
Better visit the library to figure this out
Asakawa thinks she has found a link involving an erupting mountain
Better take Yoichi to stay with Grandpa over the weekend
Do they sleep on the floor?
So the girl in the tape threw herself into a volcano causing the eruption and curse
Flashing images!
Also, where did Yoichi go?
SHIT!!! He watched the tape!!!
Where did he get it from?
Yoichi says Tomoko told her to watch it – I thought she was dead
Ryuji says it isn’t Tomoko speaking to Yoichi
Asakawa and Ryuji decide to visit the volcano while taking about the girl in the tape
Ryuji has found the mirror that was used in the tape!
An old man seems to know something about what happened but refuses to talk
Ryuji says he, Asakawa and Yoichi should all die together before saying he never wanted a kid
The owner of the hotel shows a photo of the girl in the photo and starts shaking
Better visit the old man we say yesterday about the girl
The old man says the girl sat on the rocks by the sea and stared at it all day
Ryuji just realised that the old man was with the girl the day she died
Looks like Dr Ikuma is embarrising her before dying
Sadako? It’s all her fault
The hunt for Sadako is on
But how do you defeat someone who can kill you without you even knowing
Ryuji is pissed that he can’t go home because of the typhoon! So he takes a fishing boat
No one can find her! No one with that name exists
The old man agrees to take Ryuji and Asakawa to Izu in the typhoon
So… Their plan is to find Sadako within 24 hours otherwise everyone dies
It’s now Monday September 20! A week has passed! They only have 12 hours left
Good thing Yoichi is alright! He’s bored at Grandpa’s
The two return to the cabin in search for Sadako
Better start by heading under the cabin to look for a casket
A well!
Wait… Sadako was thrown into the well by her dad, Dr Ikumo
Ryuji climbs down the well to get some water… and Sadako’s guts
Time is ticking! It’s 6pm! Only an hour left before she dies
And Asakawa has fainted
Bloody hell! Ryuji climbed out of that well quick
Better trade places and send Asakawa down
So… Their plan was to empty the well of water to find Sadako?
Looks like she’s found her… What’s left of her!
It’s 7:10pm! She’s alive! Everyone is safe
Finally she can relax and Ryuji can finish his work before the deadline
Ryuji’s TV has just switched itself on! It’s showing the well.
Sadako is crawling out of the well and stalking Ryuji
She just crawled out of the TV and into Ryuji’s room
Ew! She has no fingernails!
And Ryuji is dead!
That means the curse still exists! Yoichi is next to die!
Takamo tells Asakawa what she saw before entering his apartment
It’s the man with the towel on his head! He’s in Asakawa’s apartment pointing at her handbag
SHIT! I watched the copy! Yoichi watched the real thing!
Asakawa’s idea is to show those cursed the copy within a week to save them
Wednesday September 22
What’s with the techno/rave music during the credits?

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