Jaws #MovieReview

Film 185 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1975’s “Jaws”. This Steven Spielberg thriller is based on Peter Benchley’s novel of the same name and is about a giant man-eating great white shark attacks beach-goers on Amity Island prompting the local police chief to hunt it with the help of a marine biologist and a professional shark hunter. This was my first time seeing this film and I loved it. Who hasn’t sung/hummed the music? Who hasn’t quoted the line “you’re gonna need a bigger boat”? This is a film that still holds up after 40 years. This film turns 40 on December 25. Yes, this film was released on Christmas Day 1975 in cinemas… in England at least. It turns 40 in American on June 20. If this film has taught me anything, it that I’m not cut out to be a fisherman. I would defiantly recommend this film to anyone. Whether you’ve seen it or not, you will enjoy it. My only question I have, to those who have seen them, should I watch the sequels that followed or not? In 2011, Steven Spielberg had this to say about the film, “I was too young to know I was being foolhardy when I demanded that we shoot the film in the Atlantic Ocean and not in a North Hollywood tank.” Fun Fact of the Film – The shark was never tested in water before filming, and the first time it was put in the ocean it sank. If you have seen this film, or the sequels, then let me know what you thought of them in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1975’s “Jaws”

Film – Jaws
Year – 1975
Director – Steven Spielberg
Written by – Peter Benchley, Carl Gottlieb
Based on – “Jaws” by Peter Benchley
Staring – Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, Richard Dreyfuss
IMDb Rating – 8.1/10
My Rating – 8/10
Length – 118 min (1h 58min)
Genre – Thriller
We start with a first-person view of the bottom of the ocean before being sent to a camp
Why does everyone in the 1970’s have the same hairstyle?
3 minutes and we already see boob
Someone’s a little drunk I think
And she’s dead… and he’s asleep on the beach and didn’t hear a thing
And off goes the chief of police to work
Looks like we’ve found her body…. what’s left of it
All that remains are a hand being eaten by crabs
What do you mean we’ve never had “Beach Closed” signs
Meanwhile, a bunch of scouts are swimming for their merit badges
The mayor and his mates think it was a boating accident
We then kill time by watching people play/relax on the beach while Brody looks on
It wouldn’t be a Spielberg movie without some form of product placement in the background
And that kid is dead!
$3000 for anyone who can get the shark dead or alive
Time for a town meeting
Brody tells everyone that the beach is closed for 24 hours
“24 hours is like 3 weeks”
How to shut up an entire room of people – scrap your nails across a chalkboard
One fisherman, Mr Quint, says he’ll kill him for $10000
Brody decides to do some research on sharks before bed
Brody gets mad that his kids are sat on a boat by the docks
Two fisherman decide to catch the shark by throwing meat into the ocean attached to a hook
Thanks for showing up photos of people being eaten by sharks
The shark has got the meat…and knocked the fishermen in the ocean
Thankfully he survived and acts like nothing happened
Here come more fisherman
One fisherman has dynamite
Matt Hooper arrives and meets Brody and asks to see the remains of the first victim
Everyone throws meet, bombs and anything else in the ocean to lure the shark
Meanwhile, Matt looks at the remains of the first victim
How dare you smoke in the morgue?
Matt is furious that people think this is a boating accident
Someone’s brought a shark to the harbor
Mr Quint laughs as it isn’t the right shark
The Mayor arrives
Matt tells Brody that there are more than one shark and they caught the wrong shark
The parents of the little boy arrive to slap Brody because he knew they were sharks in the ocean
Matt arrives at Brody’s house to chat and eat Brody’s food
So… Brody has a fear of boats and water because he doesn’t want to drown
Brody and Matt decide to cut open the shark that was caught so see what he had eaten
Fish, tin can, license plate but no child
Matt decides to take Brody on a boat to look for a shark
They’ve found something SSW 100 yards away
It’s Ben Gardner’s boat…. all banged up
Matt decides to swim to the boat to have a closer look
Looks like the shark lost a tooth biting through the boat
Brody and Matt tell The Mayor that the shark they are looking for is a great white shark
Someone has vandalised their sign
The Mayor think Matt is only here so he can be in National Geographic
He then says the beaches will be open over the weekend
Brody and Matt make many phonecalls while everyone arrives for 4th of July festival
The Mayor is forcing people to go in the water because no one is in
This causes everyone to get in
Shout out to Coca-Cola
Everyone panics as they see a shark fin in the ocean
Turns out its two kids messing around
A painter sees a shark in the pond… Where Brody’s son and his mates are
He’s dead
Brody’s son is alive but in shock
Isn’t he a little young to be asking for coffee?
The Mayor appolgises but says he wants the beach open for another month
Brody forces him to sign a paper so Mr Quint can catch it
Both Brody and Matt chat with Mr Quint
Matt has brough a anti-shark cage which leads to Mr Quint singing about Spanish ladies
Brody says goodbye to his wife who runs away in tears
In the middle of the ocean, Brody has thrown 5 miles of meat to lure the shark
Looks like Mr Quint might have caught something
Meanwhile, Brody is learning how to tie knots in rope
Matt thinks Mr Quint hasn’t caught the shark
I think Matt has lost his mind
Matt got bored of sailing so he’s playing solitare
“You’re gonna need a bigger boat”
Better get my DIY shotgun out
Matt wants photos of it and pulls out a shark dart
Lets shoot at it and tie barrels to the bullet
All Brody wants is a bigger boat
Lets show off our battle scars
Matt shows us is best scar…. his broken heart
Mr Quint then talks about his time on USS Indianapolis
Somehow he turned a story about war into sharks
The three of are singing until the shark attacks the ship
How did a fire start?
Does Mr Quint think he’s Enrico Caruso?
That morning, Matt & Mr Quint repair the boat only for Brody to spot the barrel
Well… There goes the the radio as Mr Quint destroys it
Follow that shark!
The shark nearly took out a cameraman
Even Brody has a go shooting at it
The sharks swimming towards them
Damn barrel knocked my glasses off
Eventually they cut the line before the shark attacks the boat
Great! We’ve lost him
Found him again! He swam under the boat
Mr Quint says they are returning to shore so hopefully the shark will drown in shallow water
Full throttle and the engine is smoking… badly
There goes the engine! Good thing I have a fire extinguisher
Looks like their stuck out at sea
Time to put the cage into use so Matt can shoot the shark in the mouth with a arrow
How is this shark still alive after being shot and stabbed at multiple times?
The shark hits the cage causing a hole and causing Matt to drop his arrow
That is one poorly built cage as this shark destroyed it easily
Matt escapes the cage while the shark is stuck to the cage
The shark is now attacking the ship
And Mr Quint has been eaten and killed
Brody decides to throw a gas canister in the sharks mouth before grabbing a shotgun and climbing to higher ground
“Smile, you son of a bitch”
Brody shoots the gas canister killing the shark causing a massive explosion
Matt returns to what’s left of the ship to find Brody is still alive
Let’s swim to shore on the remaining barrels and bits of wood

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