Forbidden Planet #MovieReview

Film 180 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1956’s “Forbidden Planet”. This Fred M. Wilcox sci-fi family adventure film is about a Commander John J. Adam’s mission to the planet Altair 4, to discover what became of an expedition from Earth of which nothing has been heard for decades. Good God I’m bored. I can’t tell if this is a film or if I’m back in high school and learning science. Apparently, biology is created by kissing and theory is created by…. kissing. And what’s the number one way to stay healthy on Altair 4? You guessed it… KISSING! I had a nightmare trying to figure out who was who. Everyone with the exception of Edward and Elda look exactly the same. The only crew member who looked different was The Chef because he had an apron. Also, throughout the entire film, I kept feeling like I was watching a really bad episode of “Star Trek” (Shatner era). Cheap looking sets, backgrounds that look dull to look at and some bad sound effects. Why does a blaster sound like a series of uncontrolled farts? I guess I will never know. Even the characters are dull and boring. None of them have any personality and all look like their waiting for the film to rap up so they can cash in their pay checks. I managed about 45 minutes before I started to nod off. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1956’s “Forbidden Planet”

Film – Forbidden Planet
Year – 1956
Director – Fred M. Wilcox
Written by – Cyril Hume
Staring – Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis, Leslie Nielsen, Robby the Robot
IMDb Rating – 7.7/10
My Rating – ZZzzz
Length – 85 min (1h 25min)
Genre – Adventure, Family, Sci-Fi
We open with someone telling us about the plot as a spaceship flies in Space
The crew are about to hit lightspeed in less than 3 minutes
Why do I get the impression that this is a pilot to what we now know as Star Trek?
So…. They got beamed somewhere and all of them have sore necks?
Are they flying toward the sun?
An eclipse! I actually get to see one!
The crew are heading to Altair 4 and are looking for survivors
All the chef wants is a woman… so he doesn’t have to shag cans?
How dare someone radar scan us!
Edward Morpheus is scanning them and tells them to leave
He says they don’t need any help but allows them to land on Altair 4
Is it me or their mics look like spoons?
How are they able to breath without any oxygen?
We’re being stalked by dust
Robby is here to take the crew to someone – I didn’t catch what he was saying
I heard the sound of seatbelts but I don’t see any
Robby takes John and two of the crew to Edward’s house for lunch
Why is this film so dark?
Robby is given a blaster and told to shoot John
He can’t kill humans! It’s results in him having a circuit meltdown
Edward shows off his security shutters
Edward tells the crew that he is the only person left on Altair 4
I’m slightly confused about what’s happening
Edward’s daughter, Elda, arrives and flirts with the crew
It wouldn’t be a family film without some form of sexual pun
Friends? There’s more than two people alive here?
Turns out that her friends are two deers and a tiger
John says he can’t leave until he gets his answers
Did Edward say he dug 19,000 graves in a day?
That night, back at the ship, the crew meet with Robby about 10 tons of lead
I can’t pay attention to you! Look! A woman!
The Chef and Robby have a chat about where they can get bourbon
Robby the Robot just drank an entire bottle of bourbon!
Meanwhile, Jeremy & Elda, talk about kissing
Aparantly kissing is good for you
I didn’t catch a word of what she said
Their lips are clearly not touching
Elda gets told to wear…. less next time
Elda tells everything to Edward
Since when did a kissing session turn into a lesson in biology
Hmm… Why won’t the shutters work for me?
“Oil job” – Sounds…. like something a robot would need
Elda orders Robby to make her a dress that covers everything except her eyes
Two moons? Are they on the set of Star Wars?
The cameraman gets bored of the conversation and sneaks onto the ship
Some of the ship was sabotaged last night and no one saw a thing
All they heard was breathing
Back at Edwards and Robby is decorating
John and Doc pay a visit but John is distracted when Elda is swimming in the pool
Is she swimming nude? – I thought this was a family film
Everyone? – Elda is a slut!!!!!
Is this film trying to teach me science
Now John is kissing Elda!
He just killed Elda’s tiger! What a bastard!
Who cares that you nearly died? Kiss me again!
Edward’s not even in his study! He’s clearly up to something
A hidden wall! Edward’s hiding behind that
He tells John & Doc about krells
He then plays a recording by shoving a pin in a lava lamp
That is a terrible sound effect for a blaster

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