Deep End #MovieReview

Film 178 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1970’s “Deep End”. This Jerzy Skolimowski British/West-German romanctic comedy is about a relationship between two young co-workers, Mike and Susan, at a suburban bath house and swimming pool. So… Where do I begin with this one? First of all, I had no idea what was going on. One minute Mike is wondering around doing his job and the next he’s being molested by a woman who thinks he’s George Best scoring six goals against Northampton Town. Two, how am I meant to like any of the characters when they all come across as assholes. The customers treat Mike like crap, one customer pretty much masturbates over Mike at one point, the school teacher is clearly a pervert by the way he clearly wanted to look at an under age girl’s boobs, and the bullies… well at least they did their job of making the audience not like them. Even Mike is unlike-able, he refuses to take tips from people and he clearly comes across as snobbish when it turns out Susan has a fiancée rather than leaving their friendship as nothing more than that. I managed to watch 30 minutes before throwing in the towel and quitting on the film! If there is one thing that I like about the film, it’s that me and Mike have one thing in common, we are uncomfortable around women! Basically meaning relationships are thrown out of the window before anything even happens. Overall, don’t watch this unless you want to make yourself feel uncomfortable. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1970’s “Deep End”.

Film – Deep End
Year – 1970
Director – Jerzy Skolimowski
Written by – Jane Asher, John Moulder Brown
Staring – Jane Asher, John Moulder-Brown, Karl Michael Vogler
IMDb Rating – 7.2/10
My Rating – Threw in the towel
Length – 87 min (1h 27min)
Genre – Comedy, Drama, Romance
We open with the opening credits showing a close up of a red bike
All music by Cat Stevens & The Can?!? – I’m interested
Mike is having a job interview and has got a job at a swimming centre
What school in England finishes at Christmas?
Why did Mike just jump into the pool?
I know you’re soaking wet but you have to scrub the ladies toilets
“Wipe the masterpieces of the wall” – What masterpieces? She means the graffiti
A mumbling man argues with Mike over a room
Why can’t he call people “Gov”?
What’s with every woman here flirting with Mike?
Also, is it me or Mike looks a little like Zach Braff?
Undress me, young man! Even the bra!
What? He refused a tip!
Time for the all girls swimming lesson to commence
Mr Pervy is clearly sexually abusing these girls – He tried staring at one girls boobs and slapped another on the ass
Back with the woman flirting with Mike who calls Mike to help her out of the bath
This is really uncomfortable to watch
Why is she taking about George Best scoring 6 goals against Northampton Town?
Does she think he’s George Best?
Later that day, Mike finds a bird nest on the roof
He just turned down £10 tip!
Mike’s parents have arrived for their turn in the pool
“Your mum is a cow!” – HOW DARE YOU!!!!!
Mike takes has anger out by ripping out all the stuffing in Susan’s teddy bear
Is anyone was wondering, Newford Baths doesn’t exist! It is the name of a rugby team in Bath
Leave me alone, I’m reading Woman’s Weekly
Is there such a thing as medicated shampoo?
Mr Pervy arrives and chats with Mike
Time for some water football
Mike starts a fight with two kids because they asked Mike if he’s shagged Susan
Why is there a naked woman swimming at the bottom of the pool
At this point, I would quit and look for another job
That night, Mike helps a man push his car
Pregnant man?
Mike is quick to point out that the poster is fake and look for any evidence of Photoshop
Does this film actually have a plot?
Mike admits he’s a virgin and doesn’t want Susan to be his first
Susan suggest he shags the cashier. Mike rejects the idea
Let’s have fish & chips by the pool with orange juice
Wait… Susan is engaged?!?! Since when?
Screw this I Quit! I’ve thrown in the towel

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