Pasazerka #MovieReview

Film 175 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1963’s “Pasazerka”. Or as it’s known in English, “Passenger”. This Andrzej Munk and Witold Lesiewicz unfinished Polish war documentary is about one female SS officer (Slaska) at the Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II and her relationship with an inmate, Marta, whose life she manages to save on occasion. And once again, I come across a problem where I have no idea what’s happening in the film. Why? Because there is no translation/subtitles telling me what the narrator is saying. Why are we shown people on a cruise ship having fun? Why does that woman already hate this other woman just for boarding the ship? Even though the film the lasts a little under an hour, I couldn’t manage 13 minutes because I had no idea what was happening. If you have have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I to say while watching 1963’s “Pasazerka”.

Film – Passenger (Pasazerka)
Year – 1963
Director – Andrzej Munk, Witold Lesiewicz
Written by – Andrzej Munk, Zofia Posmysz-Piasceka
Staring – Aleksandra Slaska, Anna Ciepielewska, Janusz Bylczynski
IMDb Rating – 7.7/10
My Rating – Zzz
Length – 58 min
Genre – Drama, History, War
That is a face no one can love
Damn! No subtitles!
This man looks like an entrupener
Here are photos of a cruise ship
One woman on the ship isn’t happy about another woman boarding the ship
The film has had enough of the photos and is now showing footage of life in Auschwitz
Back to the photos of an old man eyeing up the woman from the ship
Since I have no idea what’s happening and with no subtitles to help, I’m already wanting to quit after 6 and a half minutes
Insert random shot of a building because we need to make this film longer
We are shown the place where they made the clothes for everyone
Stop looking at me!
I’m assuming the female we’re following/listening to is Slaska
Looks like we’ve found Marta
Damn! I’ve been spotted! Better play checkers with this man who now loves me
I heard the word “medicine” and we are shown a woman dying on a death bed

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