1933’s King Kong #MovieReview

Film 176 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1933’s “King Kong”. This Merian C. Cooper & Ernest B. Schoedsack adventure fantasy horror film is about a gigantic, prehistoric, island-dwelling ape called Kong who dies in an attempt to possess a beautiful young woman. I had never seen this version of the film prior to seeing it. I remember seeing Peter Jackson’s 2005 remake which I can’t really remember much about it apart from that Jack Black is the main actor, but after finally getting to watch the original, I rather enjoyed it. The animation, to me, doesn’t look that bad considering that there wasn’t anything like that in the early 30’s. Nowadays, you see animation anywhere. The only thing I can remember doing that style of animation today is “Robot Chicken”. Granted, there are a few things I did notice. One thing is that any time someone dies, you can clearly tell that the actors have suddenly transformed into rag dolls. Another thing I noticed was how clear it was when they were filming in front of a green screen. But they weren’t big things that put me off. Overall, I would recommend giving this a watch. I haven’t watched the 1976 version. Is it any good? Fun Fact of the Film – Kong’s roar was created by combining the roars of a lion and a tiger, then running them backwards. If you have seen this film, or the 1976 or 2005 remakes, then let me know what you thought of them in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1933’s “King Kong”.

Film – King Kong
Year – 1933
Director – Merian C. Cooper & Ernest B. Schoedsack
Written by – James Ashmore Creelman, Ruth Rose
Staring – Fay Wray, Robert Armstrong, Bruce Cabot
IMDb Rating – 8/10
My Rating – 8/10
Length – 96 min  (1h 36min)
Genre – Adventure, Fantasy, Horror
Welcome to New York
Two men meet about Carl’s “crazy” adventure
One of the men, Weston, board the ship to chat with Carl
Those are some big grenades
Weston and Carl chat about finding the right girl for the film
Carl won’t tell anyone where he’s planning on filming his film
The public demands women!
Better find us a girl before sunrise
Carl decides to visit a womans homeless shelter before finding a girl at a fruit stand
The woman, Ann, is hired by Carl after having a cup of coffee
Ships aren’t the type of place for women!
And off they sail… somewhere unknown
Ann kills time by asking Charlie about peeling potatoes
Carl’s planning on filming some test footage
Jack is clearly sexist
“Women are made to be nothing but a bother”
Where did the monkey come from?
Even out at sea Carl isn’t telling anyone where’s he’s going – Surely he told the man sailing the ship
Now he reveals where he’s heading – an unknown island not found on any map
Carl brings up Kong to Jack and another sailor and says no one has ever seen him
He says he’s gonna film him… with help from the grenades
Time for the test footage
Carl says he both the director and cameraman as all cameramen are cowards
Is this what it was like to film silent films?
Can’t thing a thing through this fog
Drums? Someone’s on the island
Those must be some loud drums if they can hear it 50 miles away
Carl, Ann, Jack and a group of sailors arrive on the island and begin their walk towards the wall
Looks like a tribe is in the middle of their ritual where a woman is sacrificed to Kong
Shit! We’ve been spotted
This doesn’t look like it’s end well
How does The Skipper know their language?
The Chief wants Ann… for Kong!
You can have 6 of my women for Ann
Jack takes Ann away followed by the rest of them back to the ship
Are Ann and Jack in a relationship?
So… Jack hates women…. but not ladies?!?
The tribe have taken Ann!!!! And no one heard a thing
Jack has noticed that Ann is gone
So has Charlie as he’s found a tribe’s bracelet on deck
The entire ship can’t find Ann and realise that the only place she can be is on the island
Let Charlie go! He’s armed with a meat knife!
Ann is the new bride for Kong
They’ve open the gates and are taking Ann through them to be Kong’s wife
Does anyone know what tribe these men are?
Here comes’s Kong!
Only took him 41 minutes for him to arrive!!!
I will say, the animation for Kong still holds up pretty well
However you can clearly tell that this is filmed on a green screen
Everyone from the ship arrives but are too late
They’re breaking into Kong’s area to get Ann back
That doesn’t settle well and the tribe are after them
Follow the giant hand prints
They’ve spotted a dinosaur! Better throw a grenade at it
They just killed a dinosaur with a grenade and 3 shotgun shots
He’s still alive!
Again, this is clearly filmed on a green screen
This dinosaur great at tricking them into thinking he’s dead – Playing possum
More exploring and they’ve found Kong hiding in the fog
They made that raft rather quick
How did they make it with no rope?
There’s something in the water
He’s dead
They are clearly rag dolls!
I’m protected by this tree! Nothing can stop me!
Too late! He’s also dead
Meanwhile, Kong is wondering around with Ann who must have screamed so much she fell asleep from exhaustion
More sailors are killed after falling down a cliff
Those aren’t even rag dolls! They’re scarecrows! I can see the stuffing!
Is that Jack or Carl? I can’t tell
He just stabbed Kong in the hand
Damn lizard gave away my position
Ann awakes to see a T.Rex approaching her
FIGHT!!!!!! – It’s Kong vs T.Rex
How did Ann not die when that tree fell on top of her?
Kong wins by breaking T.Rex’s jaw
Jack and Carl are the only one’s alive
Jack is off to find Kong on his own while Carl is off to get more grenades
Carl returns to the ship and tells The Skipper everything
Jack follows Kong into a cave and leaves Ann alone
FIGHT – It’s now Kong vs a snake
Kong appears to be losing as the snake is wrapped around his neck
Kong reverses the choke and slams the snake down killing it in the progress
Once again, Ann faints while Kong starts tearing off her dress
Why did I suddenly think that somewhere online is a King Kong porn spoof with Kong & Ann in one scene
Kong’s time with Ann is cut short when Jack starts making noise
Kong gets into a fight with a dinosaur with wings as Jack rescues Ann and escapes with her down a vine
How is she holding onto Jack?
Jack and Ann both let go and fall into the ocean below nearly hitting the mountain on the way down
Carl and the sailors are waiting by the gate
Thanks for getting girl back Jack, have some booze
Carl has decided he wants to capture Kong and take him back to New York
Also, when did Carl and Co. become friends with the tribe?
Kong has broken free!
Kong kills two tribe men with a hut
Who left their baby in the middle of the road in Kong’s way?
Your spears are nothing compared to my strength
More tribe men die either by being eaten or by getting stepped on
Carl throws a grenade at Kong knocking him out… eventually
Carl will show Kong to everyone on Broadway and share his millions with everyone
$20 for tickets! – Seems average nowadays
What do you mean this isn’t a moving picture?
“Haven’t we got enough gorillas in New York?”
They’ve made $10,000 in one night at the box office
Here comes the press
Carl shows Kong to everyone in attendance before introducing Ann & John
Carl then calls the press out to take the first photos of Kong
All the flashing from the cameras is making Kong angry
Wait.. Ann and Jack are getting married tomorrow?
Shit! Kong is loose!!!!
Ann and Jack hide in a hotel while Kong kills everyone in sight
Kong starts climbing up a tower and takes a sleeping woman with him before dropping her and pretty much killing her
Kong’s now found Ann and Jack
Jack manages to knock himself out by whacking Kong with a chair
Kong takes Ann on top off the hotel before climbing back down before Jack gets there
Kong then decides to destroy train tracks killing everyone inside
A report tells us that Kong is climbing up The Empire State Building
Jack suggests using planes to stop Kong and re-rescue Ann
When did Carl decide to change clothes in the middle of all this?
Kong is on top of The Empire State Building with Ann
Here come the planes to shoot Kong down
These much me terrible gunmen as they’ve missed every shot at Kong
There goes one plane
One bullet gets Kong in the chest which he no sells
But after a while Kong begins to feel faint
Another shot get Kong
The third one gets Kong causing him to fall of The Empire State Building
Jack reunited with Ann
Meanwhile on the ground, Carl is being questioned
“It wasn’t the aeroplanes. It was beauty that killed the beast”

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