1957’s “12 Angry Men” #MovieReview

Film 173 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1957’s “12 Angry Men”. This Sidney Lumet drama tells the story of a jury made up of 12 men as they deliberate the guilt or acquittal of a defendant on the basis of reasonable doubt. In the United States, a verdict in most criminal trials by jury must be unanimous. If I had to describe this film in one word, it would be… “FANTASTIC”! Easily one of my favourite films I have watched in this challenge. I’m usually not a fan of dramas but this film did such a great job of keeping me hooked throughout. This was my first look at Lee J. Cobb and I thought he, as well as the other 11 men, did a great job. He really made you believe he wouldn’t vote for “not guilty”. It didn’t matter what evidence you threw at him, he would find his own reasons and stick to his opinions. I watched this film on YouTube and after reading a few of the comments after the film was over, I noticed that a few people claim that this film is sexist towards women as there isn’t one woman in the film. A “sausage fest” as some might call it. Would the film be better/worst with women in it? I can’t really say but I wouldn’t mind seeing a remake with an all female cast. The only thing I would complain about is that you never know anyone’s name. You have to refer to everyone as “#1/2” etc. Overall, I defiantly would recommend this if you have never seen it. In 1997, Sidney Lumet had this to say about the film, “We were going to be in one room. Let’s use it dramatically!” Fun Fact of the Film – The film lost all three of the Academy Awards for which it was nominated to “The Bridge Over the River Kwai”. If you have seen this film, or the 1997 television movie remake, or the theatre/play version, then let me know what you thought of them in the comments.  Here is what I had to say while watching 1957’s “12 Angry Men”

Film – 12 Angry Men
Year – 1957
Director – Sidney Lumet
Written by – Reginald Rose
Staring – Henry Fonda, Lee J. Cobb, Martin Balsam
IMDb Rating – 8.9/10
My Rating – 9/10
Length – 95 min (1h 35min)
Genre – Drama
Welcome to court
Someone has been charged for First Degree Murder
“The jury can now retire” – Does this mean we can leave?
He looks a little young to have commited murder
Great.. The fan doesn’t work. Looks like it’s gonna get sweaty in here
Why would they lock the door?
These 12 men have to decide the verdict
Let’s start this meeting with a 5 minute break
Don’t you hate getting a cold in the summer?
Let’s hurry this up! It’s New York vs Cleveland in baseball
Better sit in order of jury number
You support Baltimore? Well… Fuck you!
If they vote “Guilty” then they send the criminal to jail and everyone has to vote “Guilty”
It’s 11-1 for guilty
Turns out the criminal is 18 and killed his own father!
The one man who thinks he’s not guilty says he wants to talk rather than vote straight away
Let’s turn this from a 5 minute vote to a 60 minute vote
The criminal hasn’t had a mother since he was 9
One man got bored and designed a box of Rice Crispies
Why does one of these men remind me of Joey from “Friends”?
Let’s hear what everyone’s opinions are
Man #1 clearly hasn’t been on a jury
Man #2 talks about an eye witness report
Man #3 talks about what films influenced the criminal
Man #10 talks about something
Man #8 (The one who voted not guilty) asks #11 why he believes someone’s story
Man #5 has no comments
Man #6 also looks like Joey from “Friends”… If Joey was fat
He says the criminal had a motive to kill his dad
Man #8 says child abuse lead to him killing his dad
Man #7 agrees with everyone who voted guilty
He then brings up the criminals past – He’s been arrested for mugging
How does Man #8 know so much about the criminal
Man #2 says he called his dad “Sir”
Want to see a photo of my kid? He’s 22
22 minutes and I have no idea who anyone is
12 men with no names
So… If you grew up in a rough neighbourhood then you are already listed as a criminal?
Man #2 really likes his photo
Now let’s argue about who should lead this meeting
Man #8 says he voted not guilty because he doesn’t want to see an 18 year old “get sent to the chair”
Better blame the lawyer for doing a bad job
He then says the witnesses could be wrong
Now let’s talk about the switchblade knife
Better yet, let’s see the murder weapon
“There’s a difference between a slap and a punch”
Man #4 brings up… everything!!!!!
11:30pm movie that ends at 3:10am? What did he watch?
Man #8 had the exact same knife!!!
Man #7 says they better order food if they’re gonna be here for a while
Can we stop arguing and convince man #8
Man #8 wants another vote written in vote
Why do I get the feeling Man #8 is the murderer?
1 for guilty
Make it 2
Now 3
Not Guilty! Someone changed their mind
Now it’s 10-2 for guilty. Someone changed their mind
Man #2 thinks it Man #5 who changed his vote
It was Man #9 who changed his vote!!!
Let’s have a break while Man #7 takes a piss
Man #12 cares more about advertising than this jury
Don’t mind if I pitch my idea for a product
Man #2 apologises but Man #5 doesn’t accept
Man #7 & #8 have a chat in the gents
Why did he comb his hair if he put his hat back on?
Man #6 enters and chats with #8
Meeting restarts and Man #2 starts
Who cares what you have to say? We’re playing X’s & O’s
Let’s talk about how fast a train travels past someone – 10 seconds
What is with the real close-up shots of Man #9?
Man #6 tells Man #2 to shut up and show respect to the elders
I can see the massive bags under Man #9’s eyes
How many people do you know who says “I’m gonna kill you”
Who cares what Man #1 has to say? He’s a dork
Man #5 has now voted “Not Guilty” making it 9-3
Time for Man #7 to give his thoughts
Man #11 speaks (for the first time in this film) and asks how the police caught the criminal at 12 at the crime scene if he was in the cinema at the time
What is the true definition of panic?
Man #10 snaps and says the meeting needs more yelling
Another vote has been called for
It’s still 9-3 for guilty
Wait… It’s now 8-4. Man #11 has changed his mind
Man #2 demands answers for why he changed his mind
Ran! Walked! Same thing
Let’s have a look at a blueprint of the apartment
12 ft to the bedroom door then walk 43ft down the hallway takes 15 seconds
Man #8 recreates the blueprint
It was noted that the old man who say the murder is a stroke victim
The recreation took 41 seconds! Not 15!
Man #2 still thinks Man #8 is full of crap
Man #2 wants the criminal dead and would happily kill him himself
How dare you call me a sadist?
I’m assuming it’s now 11-1 for “NOT GUILTY” after that
Man #11 acts as the voice of reason and talks about reminds everyone about why they are there
It’s getting dark
What do you mean you don’t sweat?
Another vote has been called for – Open ballot
The room is split in half. It’s 6-6 for guilty
Let’s blame the warmth for everything
Great! It’s raining! Guess the baseball game is called off
The fan does work… if the lights are on
Man #2 & #4 chat about #8
Shall we vote for a “hung jury?”
Let’s talk about the movie the criminal say… which the criminal doesn’t remember
Where were you on Monday night?
“The Scarlett Circle” – Anyone remember that film? Man #4 doesn’t
What about “The Amazing Mrs Mainbridge”?
I can barely hear them because of the rain
Man #4 does sweat!!!!
Man #1 talks about the murder weapon and how the criminal stabbed his dad
Man #2 demonstrates how to stab someone 7 inches shorter them the victim
Man #5 shows the correct way and says you stab upwards if you know how to use a switchblade
Man #7 is now voted “not guilty” because he’s had enough
Man #11 confronts him to vote properly and with reason
That makes it 7-5 for Not Guilty
Time for another vote
It’s now 8-4!
Make that 9-3 for NOT GUILTY!!!
Man #10 says the criminal is guilty because all young men are idiots
Who cares what you have to say? These walls are more interesting
Man #8 says no one will never know the truth but everyone has their reason
Man #4 explains why he thinks the criminal is guilty
Why does Man #12 constantly take his glasses on and off?
Another vote is called
It’s now 8-4 for Not Guilty
If no one can decide on a decision, then we’ll vote for a hung jury at 7pm
Man #9 questions Man #4 for why he “rubbed his nose” the way he did
Don’t you hate it when your glasses leave tiny marks on your nose?
Don’t you hate it when your glasses make you look ugly and unattractive?
Now it’s back to 9-3 for Not Guilty
It’s now 11-1 for Not Guilty
Man #2 refuses to change
Everyone stares at him and isn’t convinced with Man #2’s arguements
Man #2 is so mad he threw his wallet on the floor
He just tore up the photo of him and his son!!
That made him change his mind! Everyone says he’s “NOT GUILTY”
That’s the jury over with. Better deliver our verdict to the judge
The case is over
It’s taken me the entire length of the film to know one of the men’s names!
Man #8 is called Davis

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