1956’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers #MovieReview

Film 172 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1956’s “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. This Don Siegel horror sci-fi depicts an extraterrestrial invasion that begins in the small fictional California town of Santa Mira. This film is also based on Jack Finney’s novel “The Body Snatchers”. Finally! A film I actually liked! 8 films in a row where I’ve either fallen asleep from boredom or watched all the way through to not enjoy it. This, however, is a film I really enjoyed. The fear of believing that when we’re asleep our bodies could potentially be taken over by creatures from another planet. I bet that made a lot of people in 1956 crap themselves. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that a lot of people, after seeing this film, suffered from insomnia for days after this. Who wants to live in a world where no one has any emotions? Who wants to live in a world where love and sex is no longer a thing? Certainly not Doctor Miles. At the end of the film, it felt like Miles had lost the toughest battle he has ever face. Overall, this is a film I would recommend. A plot that will have you on the edge of your seat, great acting and it’s only 69 minutes long. My only question to those reading this, should I watch the remake? Fun Fact of the Film – Director Don Siegel makes a cameo as a taxi driver in the 1978 remake of the film, staring Donald Sutherland. If you have seen this film, or the 1978 remake, then let me know what you thought of them in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1956’s “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”

Film – Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Year – 1956
Director – Don Siegel
Written by – Daniel Mainwaring
Based On – “The Body Snatchers” by Jack Finney
Staring – Kevin McCarthy, Dana Wynter, Larry Gates
IMDb Rating – 7.8/10
My Rating – 8/10
Length – 69 min (1h 9min)
Genre – Horror, Sci-Fi
The special effects were done by Milt Rice?!?
We open with the police arriving at a hospital to address a crazy man
Flashback to last Thursday in Santa Mira
Doc meets with Sally and is told to go straight to work on his patients
Don’t run in front of my car!
The kid doesn’t want to go to school! – Can’t blame him
What’s with the people of Santa Mira not wanting to see the replacement doctor?
Becky arrives at Doc’s office and reminist
Becky then talks about her cousin, Wilma, and says she’s hilusinating
Reno? Isn’t that the horrible version of Las Vegas?
Doc was about to leave but Jimmy and his mum arrive
Jimmy thinks her mother isn’t actually her mother
I’m not going home now! I’m off to see Wilma and Becky
So… People are acting weird but no one can prove it
What is spoon bread?
Don’t mind Uncle Ira, he’s just mowing the lawn
Doc asks Becky if she’s up for a dinner date
Watch where you’re going! Use your mirrors
Doc bumps into Danny who says people have been acting hysterical
Looks like this restraunt is going bust! No customers in three weeks
No more date! I have an emergency to attend to
No one is sick! So why did they invite the doctor?
Who is it? I can’t tell the picture quality is bad
It’s not a dead human! I can tell as it has no facial expressions
No fingerprints!
How did he cut himself drinking whisky?
Let’s leave this… thing… on the pool table
What is Becky’s dad doing in the basement?
The thing is turning into Jack. It even has Jack’s cut on his hand
Hold up… How did they know Doc was at Becky’s house?
Also, why is Doc sleeping at Becky’s?
Wait… They weren’t at Beckys?!?
Doc clearly can’t park under pressure
Doc decides to enter Becky’s basement (no pun intended) to see what her dad was doing
There’s an alien version of Becky in the besement! It’s in what look like a Biffa bin
Don’t mind me. Just stealing the woman I love while she’s asleep
Doc takes Danny and Jack to his to find that the alien anymore
Danny thinks Jack was hiding a murder victim while Doc was hilusinating when he say Becky’s
The body in Becky’s basement is also gone
The police arrive to say that Jack’s alien body is in the morge
Have your orange juice before you kiss me
Why is Charlie in the basement?
Doc says he’s single because “He was never there when food was on the table”
Doc visits Wilma and tells her to call Becky
What are Wilma and Becky’s dad working together
Jimmy’s in Doc’s office and seems to be alright
COMMERCIAL – Damn YouTube making me watch a Cornetto advert with Rixton
We’re back and Doc is at Wilma’s BBQ
Pretty sure cabbages arent meant to hatch like that
They look nasty and have just put me off wanting any food
Doc and the gang say they have to destroy all of them
But first… A phone call to the newspapers
“If the newspapers can believe Area 51 then they’ll believe this”
What do you mean the newspapers are busy
One of the aliens has hatched and it looks like Wilma
“All the Los Angeles circuits are dead and Sacramento is busy”
Doc tells Jack and Wilma to leave
He then puts Becky on phone duty
Doc just killed the alien version of himself before leaving
Why stop for fuel if you don’t want any
There’s two alien pods in Doc’s car boot
Better light them on fire in the middle of the street
Doc drove out of town to see Sally
Looks like Doc and Becky are wanted by the police – No idea why
If you’re on the run, hide your car in a used car dealership
They’re back in Doc’s office and hide in the cupboard
I know we are in danger but kiss me
Looks like a normal Saturday morning to us… but why is it so busy at 7:45am?
This can’t be good
A public town meeting is being held and farmers have arrived with supplies
They’re giving away those alien pods
So… Doc and Becky are wanted for refusing to be taken over
Looks like Jack and Danny have been taken over by the aliens
Danny explains that the pods are creating copies of everyone
COMMERCIAL –  Now YouTube to telling me how to sell a boat on Gumtree
We’re back and Danny says the aliens are here because they don’t need love or emotions to live
“I don’t want a world without love or greed or beauty”
Doc comes up with an idea to drug everyone but rejects the idea
Instead he decides to inject himself and Becky with knockout drugs
Better escape onto the highway… but first… how do we get to a car
Let’s act like we’re aliens and blend in
Becky nearly ruins it when she screams when a dog nearly gets ran over by a truck
They have a siren alerting everyone that they’ve escaped
So…. All the police and everyone living in Santa Mira wants Doc and Becky
How did they end up in what looks like a hilly countryside
Becky collapses from exhaustion and her and Doc hide under some floorboards in a tunnel
Who’s playing that music in the distance?
Doc leaves Becky behind to see where the music is coming from
Becky decides to fall asleep in a puddle of water in a tunnel
Doc has found a farmland where they’re gathering the pods
Becky is now an alien!!!!!!
Doc just kissed an alien
How did he get down a hill that steep so quick?
Everyone in Santa Mira decides to no longer follow Doc onto the highway knowing no one outside the town will believe him
Flashback over and Doc still fells like no one believes him
Doc was telling the truth!

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