The Mad Masters #MovieReview

Film 158 in the “1001 Films to See Before You Die” challenge is 1955’s “The Mad Masters”. Or as it is known in France, “Les Maitres Fous”. This short documentary is about the Hauka movement. This film is not for everyone. I just watched a dog get it’s throat slit and eaten as part of a sacrifice. They didn’t have to show us that but they did. They even drink the blood and sell the remaining blood as perfume. I have never wanted to vomit more when watching this. I never understood why the Hauka did what they did. Why are they being possessed to the point that their mouths are covered in saliva, blood and/or what looked like semen? Why is it a sin to have a relationship with a woman? Why do they wash their sins in gin? Nothing made any sense. For the love of God, do not watch this unless you really want to see men brutally murder animals because they are “possessed”. This film has put me off not wanting any lunch. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1955’s “The Mad Masters”

Film – The Mad Masters (Les Maitres Fous)
Year – 1955
Director – Jean Rouch
Written by – Jean Rouch
Staring – Jean Rouch
IMDb Rating – 7/10
My Rating – Don’t watch unless you’re into animal cruelty
Length – 28 min
Genre – Documentary, Short
We start with a warning about this film’s violence
Not quite sure why is was necessary to put his Visa number in the opening credits
Priests requested this documentary be made?!?
Welcome to Accra
So… People steal cider?
Here’s a man herding cows
That man has wood
That man seems happy to be on camera before heading into the mines
On weekends we have parades for prostitutes
The Hauka’s head quarters are in a salt market
“The pretend to read the newspaper”
One day, the Hauka left Arccra to head into the jungle to find Union Jack
Don’t mind me, just took a piss in the bush
The new priest got his ass kicked
Part 2 of the ceremony it a public confession
“I have had sexual relations with a woman for two months” – That’s a sin?
Shout out to the old school Sunderland football shirt
Did they just kill a goat and eat it’s insides?
Part 2 of the ceremony is to wash all your sins in gin and goat blood
Time to dance
They have whips made of truck fan belts and wooden guns to dance with
Gerba is back but isn’t possessed yet and is asked to leave
Everyone is freaking out
He just asked for fire so he can burn himself
Gerba has been possessed
What the hell is going on?
Why is everyone foaming at the mouth when they are possessed?
“I hear you, but I haven’t arrived yet”
The Queen of the Prostitutes is made a wife of The Priest…. just because
The Hauka are inspired by The British Army?!?! – How?
I am confused about what is happening
A truck driver arrives with a tree
They just lit someone else on fire
They just killed and ate the dog
They drink the dog blood and then lick a stone
So much for dogs being prohibited from this
I just watched a dog get butchered to death
They just cooked the dog and they are now eating it
Let’s wrap then banana leaves
Why is his mouth covered in semen?
The next day the Hauka arrive back in Accra
And now they act as if nothing ever happened
The General is actually a soldier
Let watch others work for the water works

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